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					Harvard International 2010:
Good Guys, Bad Guys, and Explosions

Packet by Bruce Arthur, Ted Gioia, Shantanu Jha, Dallas Simons, Andy Watkins


1. This man’s father was a royal advisor who was appointed military governor of the region surrounding the village
of Hampi. This man came to power by exploiting a power vacuum created when Emperor Veera Ballala III was
killed in battle against the Sultan of Madurai. This member of the Sangama dynasty was succeeded by his son
Bukka I. Under the leadership of future rulers such as Krishnadevaraya, the polity that this man established would
hold off the attacks of the Deccan Sultanates and become the most powerful state in south India since the preceding
Hoysala dynasty. For ten points, name this founder of the Vijaynagara Empire.
ANSWER: Harihara I

2. Early in this book, the three sons of Anak are expelled, the city of Luz is renamed, and an angel brings a message
of warning to Bochim. The Jebusites appear in this book and are expelled from their home city. Using an ox goad,
Shamgar slays six hundred men in this book, while another character in this book climbs Mount Tabor before an
important battle against Jabin, whose champion Sisera is slain. Elgon, an obese king of Moab, is killed in this book
when a dagger is thrust into his belly. For ten points, name this book of the Hebrew Bible that tells the story of
Ehud, Deborah, Samson, and other non-royal early Israelite leaders.
ANSWER: Book of Judges [accept: Sefer Shoftim]

3. This character wrote a joking letter to pay back a loan to Madame Mollie Arlington in which he suggests she
should take advantage of a bargain deal on baby carriages for her brothel. After this character exits in the first act
one man attributes his behavior to “overwork” before telling a story about a quack doctor who claimed work was
“the deadliest habit known to science” and sold rattlesnake oil as a medicine. This character gave Hugo Kalmar the
nickname “De old Foolosopher” and he tries to convince another character to go outside and take a walk for the first
time in twenty years. In the fourth act this character says he felt so guilty because his wife forgave all of his faults
that he shot his wife Evelyn while she was sleeping. The policeman Lieb and Moran arrest this character after he
confesses to murder, which drives Don Parritt to admit he betrayed his Anarchist mother to Larry Slade. This
character announces he has given up drinking and that he plans to make people give up their “pipe dreams” when he
enters Harry Hope’s saloon. For 10 points, name this salesman who is the title character of Eugene O’Neil’s Iceman
ANSWER: Hickey or Theodore Hickman

4. The magnetization of the free layer of a ferromagnet is given as the sum of four forms of this quantity, including
the Slonczewski form and the Landau-Lifshitz form. The measurement of this quantity allowed R. A. Beth to
conclude that Laguerre-Gaussian lasers conferred a related quantity to light. The maximum of this quantity over
field strength gives the magnetic moment in the Kennelly approach, and Liouville's generalization of Euler's
equations to nonrigid motion gives this quantity for each of three axes. Its presence in a system can induce
precession. For 10 points, name this quantity, equal to the cross product of force and lever arm, which is the time
derivative of angular momentum and the rotational analogue of force.
ANSWER: torque

5. This thinker discussed non-humans and super-humans in an essay with a frame story about Robert Fox’s group
and a door in La Villette. This author of “Where Are the Missing Masses?” discussed the “shilly-shallying in the
seventies” prior to a 1984 decision to halt the construction of a personal rapid transit system. In addition to Aramis,
this thinker partnered with Steve Woolgar to discuss the selenium content of water and the presence of peptide
TRF(H) as components in an anthropological study of Roger Guillemin’s lab at the Salk Institute. Aside from
authoring Laboratory Life, We Have Never Been Modern, and Science in Action, this thinker joins John Law and
Michel Callon as the foremost developer of action-network theory. For 10 points, identify this French sociologist of
science and technology studies.
ANSWER: Bruno Latour
6. This compound's total synthesis involves the cyclization of methionine to create alpha-corrnorsterone, which
contains this compound's D-ring. Katzung showed that the step that employs this compound to activate methionine
synthase is the rate-limiting step of methionine synthesis. This compound is a cofactor in the conversion by
methylmalonyl coenzyme A mutase of methylmalonic acid to succinate. This compound can reverse
dexamethasone-induced cleft palate in rodent embryos. Its synthesis was made more intimidating by its nine chiral
centers, six of which are consecutive; that synthesis was achieved by Woodward and Eschenmoser. Vitamers of this
vitamin include one that includes an adenosyl ligand, which is sometimes called dibencozide. This vitamin is
lacking in pernicious anemia. This vitamin's forms all possess a cobalt center chelated by a porphyrin-like system
with three L-type bonds and one X-type bond. For 10 points, name this vitamin whose most air-stable form is
cyanocobalamin, a B vitamin intimately involved in metabolism.
ANSWER: vitamin B12 [prompt on cobalamins before mention; accept methylcobalamin before mention; accept
cyanocobalamin before mention]
NOTE: the author is aware that vitamin B12 is not precisely a compound, etc. etc., but he challenges anyone to
discover a formulation that modulates between “set of compounds” and “compound” properly without giving away
“these are all vitamers of a vitamin”

7. This protégé of Johnny Torrio was once embroiled in a conflict with the O’Donnell brothers. The opposition of
William Emmett Dever forced this man to relocate to the city of Cicero, but this man later formed a relationship
with Big Bill Thompson that allowed him to return and form a headquarters at the Lexington Hotel. This man’s top
lieutenants include Jack McGurn, and his rivals include Hymie Weiss. This enemy of Buggs Moran was eventually
sent to Alcatraz for tax evasion, but not before wiping out his opponents at the St. Valentines Day Massacre. For ten
points, name this gangster who, like Seth Teitler, controlled the south side of Chicago.
ANSWER: Al Capone [accept: Alphonse Gabriel Capone]

8. This country controls the Bazaruto Archipelago which contains the city of Vilanculos, and this nation is the site og
Gorongosa National Park. The capital city of this nation is indented by Delagoa Bay, and its Central Railway Station
was designed by Gustave Eiffel. This nation's Tete province contains Lake Cahora Bassa, and the southern Gaza
Province contains the port of Xai-Xai. Bounded on the north by the Ruvuma River, this nation is the site of the
mouths of both the Limpopo and Zambezi Rivers, and its second most populous city is the port city of Beira.
Containing Matola and formerly known as Portuguese East Africa, for 10 points, name this Southern African nation
with capital at Maputo, which has a namesake Channel that separates the African mainland from Madagascar.
ANSWER: Mozambique

9. This philosopher called pictorial symbol systems “syntactically and semantically dense” and elucidated two
categories of works of art, based on whether it could be said that they were forged, allographic and autographic, and
contrasts the relationships of “resemblance” and “representation.” The doctoral thesis of this author of Languages of
Art was reworked into The Structure of Appearance and outlined a calculus of individuals that did not invoke set
theory. He did, however, use set theory in a work written with Leonard that has provided the starting point for much
of American mereology; that decision reflects his work with Lesniewski in founding contemporary nominalism. This
philosopher is best known for an argument given contra Hempel's confirmation theory that introduced two concepts
that were lacking in projectibility, but otherwise seemed as natural as other qualifiers. For 10 points, name this
philosopher who addressed a “new riddle of induction” in Fact, Fiction, and Forecast and introduced the
hypothetical colors “grue” and “bleen.”
ANSWER: Nelson Goodman

10. A natural analogue of this process features the reaction between olivine, water, and carbonic acid to give
serpentine, magnetite, and the products of this process. A variation of this process that employs water gives highly
branched products and is named for Kölbel and Engelhardt. The mechanism proposed by Ponec for this reaction
explains the deviations of its products from a Schulz-Flory distribution. The commonly accepted mechanism for this
reaction was proposed by Cheryl Rofer-DePoorter and, unlike the earlier Pichler-Schulz mechanism, includes chain
growth steps besides alkyl migration to carbonyl. Nickel is avoided for this procedure because of its tendency to
favor the formation of methyl, which is the source of one of its starting materials through steam reforming. The
distribution of chain length for the products of this reaction is given by the weight fraction of n-length chains over n
equals the square of one minus chain growth probability alpha, all times alpha to the n-1. For 10 points, name this
process by which carbon monoxide and hydrogen are converted to hydrocarbons.
ANSWER: Fischer-Tropsch
11. This band sings “Golden soldiers born much older than they’ll ever live to be.” In a video for this band, a black
radio DJ says that his radio station is named after “the last American hero to whom speed means freedom of the
soul.” That song begins “And with the early dawn moving right along” and continues “Is this a cure, or is this a
disease?” This band also sings “In your house, I long to be, room by room, patiently” and “Go and save
yourself//Take it out on me.” For 10 points, identify this rock group, comprised of the musical members of Rage
Against the Machine and Chris Cornell, with hits like “Show Me How to Live,” “Doesn’t Remind Me,” and “Like a
ANSWER: Audioslave

12. This novel's protagonist had a childhood vision of an elastic ball turning into a round fat man who would recite
“Pepp... Pepp” before exploding. Another character makes a pun about how anyone who grew up on a farm must
have had a “harrowing” experience. This novel's section “Squares, Parallelopipeds, Cubes” sees a major character
appreciating the rectilinear streets of the city while driving in a carriage. One character in this book is found next to
the body of the man, who he had murdered the previous night with a pair of scissors and mounted. That character
kills the double agent Lippanchenko, shrieks in a falsetto whenever he sees a mouse, and has a woman's neck. The
character Dudkin appears in this novel in which Apollon Ableukhov is killed by a time bomb in a sardine can by his
son. In this novel Nikolai Apollonovich has ears that are large and greenish and is followed by the hooves of an
equestrian statue. For 10 points, name this Symbolist masterpiece set in the title city in 1905, written by Andrei Bely.
ANSWER: St. Petersburg

13. Some figures in this painting were partially based on the artist’s earlier study Orphan Girl at the Cemetery and a
man wearing a red fez on the left was based on sketches the artist drew of men wearing Suliots. The artist repainted
the dark cloudy background after seeing Constable’s The Haywain and on the bottom right hand corner a baby grabs
the nipple of the corpse of a dead woman. In the center of this work a shadowed figure holding a rifle looms over an
embracing couple. This painting was exhibited in the Salon opposite The Oath of Louis XIII, which triggered a
rivalry between two artists and Antoine-Jean Gros was so offended by how it borrowed from his piece The Plague of
Jaffa that he dubbed this work “The Massacre of Painting.” On the right side of this painting a nude woman is tied to
the horse of a turbaned soldier who participates in the title event. For 10 points, name this painting depicting
Ottoman soldiers slaughtering Greek civilians, created by Eugene Delacroix.
ANSWER: The Massacre at Chios

14. The Ashbourne Act, also called the Purchase of Land Act, was an attempt to get this man to switch political
affiliation. This man was released from prison after signing the so-called “Kilmainham Treaty”. This man authored
the No Rent Manifesto and the Tenant’s Relief Bill, and at the height of his power he was a coalition partner of
William Gladstone. The Piggott forgeries attempted to link this man to extremists. This man was driven from
politics because of his scandalous affair with Kitty O’Shea. For ten points, name this leader of the Home Rule
League, who represented Ireland in Parliament in the late 19th century.
ANSWER: Charles Parnell

15. According to Apollonius of Rhodes, the only person who was immune to the effects of this place was a son of
Hermes of Eupolemia named Aethalides, who was the herald of the Argonauts. In Valerius Flaccus’s Argonatuica,
Medea uses a bough from this place to incapacitate the guardian of the Golden Fleece. This place was allegedly
surrounded by its namesake poppies and was located near the mountain Cimmeria, the home of Hypnos. Just beyond
this place was the “second” Elysium, a resting place for souls that the Fates had decided to reincarnate. According to
Plato, the effects of this place were only felt if one consumed more than a measured amount. In order to be
reincarnated, these souls were required to drink the waters of this place so that they would not remember their prior
life. For ten points, name this river of forgetfulness in the underworld.
16. When this character arrives at a tea party he graciously gives the collar stud of his shirt to another man who
broke his button. He delivers ointment to the brother-in-law of a former friend who is injured after entering the
Shrine of the Head, which is full of beehives. This character skips the “Bridge Party” organized by Mr. Turton
because it was held on the anniversary of his wife’s death. After his bike wheel deflates he rents a “tonga” to answer
an emergency summons, only to find Major Callendar’s bungalow empty. Mr. Amritrao represents this character in a
trial presided over by Mr. Das after he is arrested by Mr. McBryde. At the end of the novel in which appears, he
crashes his rowboat into the boat of Cyril Fielding, who he scorned for supporting Adela Quested who falsely
accused him of rape after a trip to the Marabar Caves. For 10 points, name this Indian doctor from E. M. Forster’s A
Passage to India.
ANSWER: Doctor Aziz

17. Matveev developed a two-parameter model to predict which type of these objects will form. One model of the
formation of these objects has been extended to organic seeds by Pandis, and they may form in response to
orographic uplift. One process that occurs in these objects is named for Bergeron. The formation of these objects are
studied in Köhler theory. Ice caps are a type of this object that form over nuclear detonations. These objects may
have “overshooting tops” that, if they are present continuously, indicate that these objects are part of a supercell.
Noctilucent examples may contain thin sodium and iron coats, leading to their unusually high tendency to reflect
radar. Large-scale organizations of these entities include actinoform, open-cell, and closed-cell. Nacreous ones
sequester nitric acid, altering nitrogen and chlorine cycles and damaging the ozone layer. For 10 points, name these
objects studied in nephology, which come in forms like cirrus and cumulus.
ANSWER: clouds

18. According to Herodotus, the general of the winning side of this battle held his troops until he could get a
favorable omen for a goat sacrifice, wich occurred just as his Tegean troops came under arrow fire. According to one
story, the one side was persuaded to forsake a festival to Hyacinthus and fight in this battle by a persuasive speech of
a dinner guest. One force in this battle was led by the general Amompharetus, and one side in this battle camped
near the River Asopus. The opposing force waited near Mount Cithaeron, and the general Artabazus retreated from
this battle with all of his Bactrian forces. Often paired with the later Battle of Mycale, the winning side was led into
battle by the half-blind Aristodemus, who was the sole survivor of the earlier Battle of Thermopylae. For 10 points,
identify this battle which saw the death of Mardonius, a victory for the Greek Pausanias which was the final land
battle of the Persian Wars.
ANSWER: Battle of Plataea

19. In this opera’s second act one character sings the aria “In a moment” right before stealing another woman’s
newborn child and running away from a cabin. The tenor demands musicians play the song “Far and Wide” so he
can dance scandalously with the soprano, but is interrupted by the local sacristan who forbids him from marrying
main character until he goes one year without getting drunk. This opera’s first act begins with the chorus waiting to
hear who has been drafted in the annual army conscription ceremony and it ends when one admirer slashes the “rosy
cheeks” of the protagonist. At the end of this opera the corpse of a baby is discovered in the river next to the mill,
and Kostelnicka confesses to murdering the illegitimate child so Laca would marry the title character, who was
impregnated by her cousin Steva. For 10 points, name this Janacek opera about a Moravian village girl.
ANSWER: Jenufa (accept Její Pastorkyna)

20. In one scene from this work two men exchange gifts of a knotweed cigarette and a dark pipe after one of them
fixed the other character’s artificial leg. The narrator is annoyed that one official calls him “Frog” and at the
beginning of this work one character describes how he put a leather belt around his neck to protect himself while he
snuck into a wolf’s den to steal a puppy. At the end of this work Clerk dies in a sledding accident in which an
airplane tail was used in place of a sled. The protagonist’s hand is maimed when his father hacks through his palm
with a hatchet to kill a man who was holding him hostage. In this story Harelip envies the narrator who has the
responsibility of bringing food to a man who is being held captive in the basement of the town storehouse. For 10
points, name this story in which a Japanese village holds prisoner a black soldier whose plane crashed in the
countryside, written by Kenzaburo Oe.
ANSWER: “Prize Stock” (accept “The Catch”)
Harvard International 2010:
Good Guys, Bad Guys, and Explosions

Packet by Bruce Arthur, Ted Gioia, Shantanu Jha, Dallas Simons, Andy Watkins


1. Bust a 30 on this bonus about union busting FTPE.
[10] This US President sent federal troops to shut down the Pullman Strike in Chicago.
ANSWER: Grover Cleveland
[10] This industrialist successfully opposed the Homestead Strike in Pennsylvania with the help of the Pinkertons.
Alexander Berkman and Emma Goldman vainly tried to assassinate him.
ANSWER: Henry Clay Frick
[10] This 1908 Supreme Court case held that the Sherman Anti-Trust Act can be applied to unions, basically making
strikes illegal. It was overturned by the Clayton Anti-Trust Act.
ANSWER: Loewe v. Lawlor [accept either; also accept Danbury Hatters Case]

2. This figure lives alone in the middle of a forest, and this second strongest member of the Aesir was often referred
to as “the wide-ruling one.” For 10 points each:
[10] Name this son of Odin, a god of vengeance who kills Fenrir and survives Ragnarok.
ANSWER: Vidar [accept Vidarr or Vithar]
[10] Vidar uses this item to defeat Fenrir at Ragnarok. It was fashioned by his mother, the giantess Gridr, and was
made up of pieces of leather which had been collecting over time.
ANSWER: Vidar's thick shoe [accept equivalents]
[10] This son of Odin and Rindr survives Ragnarok alongside his half-brother Vidar. He killed Hoder and grew into
adulthood in one day.

3. This artist established his reputation with the statue Jason with the Golden Fleece based on Polykleitos’
Doryphoros. For 10 points each:
[10] Name this Neoclassical sculptor who created a monument to the poet Byron and designed the tomb of Pius VIII
in St. Peter’s.
ANSWER: Bertel Thorvaldsen
[10] Bertel Thorvaldsen was hired to create this monument on the wall of a lime stone mine to allegorically
commemorate the massacre of the Swiss Guard during the French Revolution.
ANSWER: The Lion of Lucerne (accept The Lion Monument)
[10] Thorvaldsen’s sculptures are often compared to this other Neoclassical sculptor who created Venus Victrix and
Psyche Revived by Love’s Kiss.
ANSWER: Antonio Canova

4. Identify the following Caribbean authors, for 10 points each.
[10] This author wrote “before dying I want to share the verses of my soul” in his poem “Guantanamera.” This
Cuban patriot also wrote Versos Sencillos and Versos Libres.
ANSWER: Jose Marti
[10] This Barbadian wrote a version of Antigone set in Africa called Odale's Choice. His trilogy The Arrivants
contains the poem “Caliban” about eh Cuban Revolution and is comprised of the novels Rights of Passage, Masks,
and Islands.
ANSWER: Kamau Brathwaite
[10] This author wrote about Creighton's Village, the home of G. and Mr. Slime, in his novel In the Castle of My
Skin. He also wrote about the voyage of the slave vessel Reconnaissance in Natives of My Person.
ANSWER: George Lamming
5. This law is a primary principle in its field, alongside the laws of closure and symmetry. For 10 points each:
[10] Name this law, which Abraham Luchins related to “figural after effects.”
ANSWER: pragnanz
[10] Pragnanz is a fundamental law of this psychological theory, which asserts a psychophysical isomorphism and
was propagated by Max Wertheimer.
ANSWER: Gestalt psychology
[10] This film theorist and author of works like The Power of the Center and Art and Visual Perception studied with
Wertheimer and the Gestalt psychologists.
ANSWER: Rudolf Arnheim

6. The accepted kinetic model for this process in biology is named for Lowe and Throneley. For 10 points each:
[10] Name this biological process, difficult to accomplish in the laboratory because of the strong, totally nonpolar
bond that must be broken.
ANSWER: nitrogen fixation
[10] This model for nitrogen fixation is extrapolated from mechanisms involving inorganic molybdenum complexes.
The distal nitrogen is hydrogenated three times as bond order between the proximal nitrogen and metal increases;
then the remaining nitrogen is hydrogenated.
ANSWER: Chatt cycle
[10] Nitrogen fixation is carried out industrially in this process, which won its namesakes a Nobel Prize each.
ANSWER: Haber-Bosch process

7. This philosopher found the artistic experience provided salvation, a path apart from the struggle of the Will. For
10 points each:
[10] Name this author of The World as Will and Representation.
ANSWER: Arthur Schopenhauer
attacked Hume's criticism of metaphysics
[10] Schopenhauer praised this philosopher's claim that the senses are inadequate to perceive things. This
philosopher of An Inquiry Into the Human Mind was the driving force behind the Scottish school of Common sense.
ANSWER: Thomas Reid
[10] This French philosopher spread Reid's thought to the Continent. He was roundly criticized by William Hamilton
as the most prominent French Absolute Idealist in “The Philosophy of the Unconditioned,” and he translated Plato
with Jules Simon.
ANSWER: Victor Cousin

8. Assorted Korean history FTPE.
[10] This great Korean admiral defeated the naval invasion of Toyotomi Hideyoshi at the Battle of Noryang Point,
famously using “turtle ships.”
ANSWER: Yi Sun-sin
[10] The Three Kingdoms period of Korean history ended when this kingdom, based in southeastern Korea, defeated
the northern Goguryeo kingdom.
[10] In 1897, this king of the Choseon dynasty declared himself Emperor of Korea and led a brief period of reform.
Under his successor, Korea was conquered by Japan.
ANSWER: Gojong [accept: Gwangmu]

9. This character is given the nickname “The King” after arranging for a magnificent funeral for Joseph Muginstein,
who is accidentally shot during a robbery of Tartakovsky’s store. For 10 points each:
[10] Name this character who runs the neighborhood of Moldavanka and marries Tsilya Eichbaum. He protects
himself from a planned police raid at his sister’s wedding by setting fire to the station.
ANSWER: Benya Krik
[10] The gangster Benya Krik appears in this short story collection examining on the Jewish community of the
titular town and includes the stories “The End of the Old Folks Home.”
ANSWER: The Odessa Tales
[10] This Russian wrote The Odessa Tales and the included the story “My First Goose” in Red Cavalry.
ANSWER: Isaac Babel
10. Stefan George wrote a poem about this building’s most famous equestrian statue, which may show Henry II,
whose tomb is located here. For 10 points each:
[10] Name this Gothic German cathedral, which features Veit Stoss’ Nativity Altar, the grave of Pope Clement II,
and the marble tomb of Empress Cunigonde.
ANSWER: Bamberg Cathedral
[10] The Bamberg Cathedral contains the marble tomb of Empress Cunigonde, a work of this master of limewood
and stone, who created Saint Barbara and the Holy Blood Altarpiece.
ANSWER: Tilman Riemanschneider
[10] This French Gothic cathedral is where the King of France has been crowned since Clovis.
ANSWER: Reims Cathedral

11. For 10 points each, answer these questions about bosons.
[10] These particles are generally far apart, as the energy that binds them is overcome by electrostatic repulsion at
distances less than a few hundred nanometers. Typically their formation is attributed to interactions with the lattice.
ANSWER: Cooper pairs
[10] Bosons are defined by this property, which means that the Pauli exclusion principle does not apply to them.
ANSWER: integer spin [accept equivalents]
[10] Majorons are a proposed mechanism for the neutrino mass violation of lepton number, a phenomenon searched
for in this process, which theoretically can occur without the emission of neutrinos.
ANSWER: double beta decay

12. The losing commander at this battle was General Ritucci, and it was followed by the siege of Gaeta. FTPE,
[10] Name this 1860 battle of the Italian unification, which occurred after Garibaldi took Naples and resulted in the
destruction of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies.
ANSWER: Battle of the Volturnus River [accept: Battle of Volturno]
[10] After winning the Battle of Volturnus, Garibaldi and Victor Emanuel ceremoniously shook hands in this city,
signifying the unification of northern and southern Italy under one king. This event is known as the “handshake of
[this city]”.
[10] After Italy was unified, it was ruled by this royal house, which had previously been the royal house of
Piedmont-Sardinia. Its last ruler abdicated after WWII.
ANSWER: House of Savoy

13. The second step of this reaction is a cyclization in which sulfur attacks an amide carbonyl, giving a five-
membered ring. For 10 points each:
[10] Name this reaction.
ANSWER: Edman degradation
[10] The Edman degradation features the reaction of the N-terminal amino acid of a polypeptide with the phenyl
example of this functionality. Sulforaphane, another example, is a powerful anti-cancer agent found in broccoli
ANSWER: isothiocyanates
[10] Edman degradation must be preceded by the breaking of all of these “bridges” in a protein. These form from
cysteine residues bonding to each other.
ANSWER: disulfide bridges [accept anything indicating that it's two sulfur atoms bonded to each other in some

14. This man averaged 5.5 points per game for Lottomatica Roma. FTPE,
[10] Name this Milwaukee Bucks point guard who caused controversy by playing professional basketball in Europe
rather than going to college.
ANSWER: Brandon Jennings
[10] On the Milwaukee Bucks, Jennings is teammates with this 7 foot tall Australian and former Utah standout, the
first Australian to be drafted #1 overall.
ANSWER: Andrew Bogut
[10] The decision to skip college went less well for this player, who recently resigned from Maccabi Haifa after
seeing only limited playing time.
ANSWER: Jeremy Tyler
15. Identify these plays of Harold Pinter, for 10 points each.
[10] In this play, Mick and Aston offer the tramp Davies the title position. However, Davies threatens to stab Aston
and is kicked out.
ANSWER: The Caretaker
[10] In this play, Deborah wakes up from a coma but doesn't realize any of the changes made in the world. She is
aided by her sister Pauline and Pauline's husband, Dr. Hornby.
ANSWER: A Kind of Alaska
[10] This radio play consists of a series of monologues from a mother, son, and husband. The son has moved away
from town and doesn't speak to the mother, and the husband speaks his monologue from the grave.
ANSWER: Family Voices

16. Lakes in this prove include Lake Mistassini and Lake St. Jean, and its northwest lies on the of James Bay. For 10
points each:
[10] Identify this Canadian province which surrounds which contains the cities of Saint Hyacinth, Trois-Rivieres,
and Montreal.
ANSWER: Quebec
[10] This piece of land in Quebec is home to Fortillon National Park in its North. This home of the Chic-Choc
Moutains is located south of the entrance to the St. Lawrence Seaway and Chaleur Bay separates it from New
ANSWER: Gaspe Peninsula
[10] Much of Northern Quebec lies on this barren peninsula located south of Baffin Island. It is located west of its
namesake bay, and its northernmost point can be found at Cape Wolstenholme on the Hudson Strait.
ANSWER: Ungava Peninsula

17. Name these contemporary conductors, for 10 points each.
[10] This American became the music director of the Metropolitan Opera in 1976, which position he know holds
while also working as the music director of the Boston Symphony Orchestra.
ANSWER: James Levine
[10] This Italian was just appointed as music director of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. He was ousted from his
position as conductor at La Scala in 2005.
ANSWER: Riccardo Muti
[10] This conductor renowned for his Mahler recordings served as the conductor for the London Symphony
Orchestra for seven years. He now works as the music director for the San Francisco Symphony.
ANSWER: Michael Tilson Thomas

18. Name these wars that took place largely on the British isles FTPE.
[10] The Pacification of Berwick and the Treaty of Ripon ended these conflicts between Scotland and England over
whether the titular officers should be elected or appointed. They came right before the English Civil War.
ANSWER: Bishops War
[10] The Mise of Amiens and the Dictum of Kenilworth ended the second war with this name. The losing side in this
war was led by Simon de Montfort and sought decreased royal power.
ANSWER: Barons’ War
[10] The Battle of Pinkie Cleugh was a decisive English victory in this Anglo-Scottish war, which was started by
Henry VIII and ended under Edward VI. The English objective was to obtain a Scottish wife for Edward.
ANSWER: War of the Rough Wooing

19. This statement holds that the order of a group equals the order of its center plus the sum of the orders of all its
orbits. For 10 points each:
[10] Name this statement of group theory.
ANSWER: conjugacy class equation
[10] The center of a group is all those elements a such that the group operation has this property.
ANSWER: commutative [or ab = ba; accept clear-knowledge equivalents]
[10] Subgroups of a group are called this if they are the conjugacy class of each element therein.
ANSWER: normal
20. The protagonist becomes the title type of person to combat “everydayness” and project a “heightened reality”
and he later becomes involved with Sharon Kincaid. For 10 points each:
[10] Identify this novel set in New Orleans in which Binx Bolling becomes involved with his cousin Kate Cutrer.
ANSWER: The Moviegoer
[10] This author of The Moviegoer wrote about Tom More and Lucy Lipscomb investigating the title disease in his
novel The Thanatos Syndrome.
ANSWER: Walker Percy
[10] In this Walker Percy novel the Mississippian Williston Barret moves to New York and becomes a janitor. He is
later introduced to the Vaught family and falls in love with the daughter, Kitty.
ANSWER: The Last Gentleman

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