ALGEBRA ONE
Curriculum includes work and application in all of the California State Standards for Algebra.

------------------CLASSROOM PROCEDURES------------------
1.   Students will complete their Chapter Notes Handout during class. Students and parents
     may also refer to the class website to view the PowerPoints presented in class or to
     download a new blank copy, if needed.
2.   Homework is due at the beginning of the period the day after it is assigned.
3.   Homework is to remain in a spiral notebook, until placed in the portfolio, and will be
     checked daily for:
      Completeness with all work shown (not just answers)
      Work completed in pencil only and is in the proper format
      Problems accurately corrected with all mistakes fixed
4.   Students will correct all odd answers when finished with an assignment and the even
     answers will be read aloud in class for the student to self-correct the following day.
     Students will correct all mistakes before an assignment is given full credit.
5.   Quizzes, Tests and Cumulative Exams will be given during class. Cheating will not be
     tolerated and will result in a score of zero on the exam or assignment.
6.   Students should place ALL work for the course in an Algebra Portfolio at the conclusion
     of each chapter.

--------------------HOMEWORK CALENDAR-------------------
To ensure your student is completing and turning in his/her assignments please check your
student's homework calendar daily for green “OK” stamps. This means the work was
completed on time. If there is a red "DUE" stamp on the calendar, then that assignment is
still missing. If there is an “OK” stamp covering a “DUE” stamp, then that assignment was
turned in late and was completed for half credit. Extra calendars may also be printed from
the class website, if needed.

---------------------LATE WORK POLICY---------------------
1. It is the student's responsibility to show the teacher any make-up work for credit and
   to refer to the class website for notes when absent.
2. Absent work that is received before the Chapter Test will be given full credit.
3. Late work that is received before the Chapter Test will be given half credit.

--------------------GRADE INFORMATION-------------------
Current grades may always be accessed online at Snapgrades.net. Grades will be weighted to
reflect an accurate depiction of student progress: Test 50%, Quizzes 20%, Homework 30%,
and will be based on the following:
1. Daily Homework - See chapter calendars, parent signature is required before the test
2. Quizzes – 2 quizzes per chapter
3. Chapter Tests – If a student does poorly, the test may be retaken once a review
    assignment is completed and a permission slip is signed.
4. Cumulative Exams – Comprehensive tests will be given after every few chapters.
5. Algebra Portfolio – Portfolio of ALL WORK will be kept throughout the year and
    collected for a grade.
6. Letter of Appeal – may be submitted at the conclusion of each grading period
-----------------IMPORTANT NOTE TO PARENTS--------------
How can you help?
   Check the Homework Calendar daily to ensure students are completing their work.
   Check the assignments for completeness and corrections. Every problem should be
    attempted. Even if the student does not know how to work it out, the problem should be
    written down and any facts and unknowns should also be written. Basically, they need to
    show that they processed the problem and really thought about it before moving on. A
    problem should never be left blank.
   Use “Homework Help”
       There is a link on the class website for “Homework Help” that provides an online
        tutorial complete with videos, interactive practice problems, and even step-by step
        solutions for the more challenging homework problems. The tutorial is designed
        specifically for our textbook and is a fantastic resource for both students and
   Check the Notes Handout
     To ensure students are taking complete and accurate notes (or to help refresh your
       memory of Algebra), please refer to the “Algebra Notes” section on the class
       website to view the PowerPoints presented in class.
     Notes should have example problems from class lessons and the problems should be
       diagramed with step-by-step explanations
   Ask students to explain randomly selected problems
     Play "dumb" and ask lots of "Why?" questions… Make sure they can explain step-by-
       step reasons for every part of the problem.
   Ask questions like:
     Have you turned in all of your homework? May I see your calendar?
     Is all of your absent work turned into your teacher? May I see your calendar?
     Have you been studying your notes? May I see your notes?

We will continually update the class website, Snapgrades, and the Homework Hotline (714-
596-7070 ext. 2914) so the lines of communication between us will be open and our
expectations for this course will be as clear as possible.

The more the students and parents get involved in their Algebra experience, the more
successful their year will be. We are looking forward to another fantastic year. If you
have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email or call (714-846-2891 ext. 2914)
and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


                                              Christy Mack                  Trina Trace
                                              cmack@ovsd.org                ttrace@ovsd.org

                                                Print Student’s Name

Please sign and return this form after reading the Algebra packet and completing the
contact information section below:

Parent/Guardian Contact Information        (To be completed by a parent/guardian please)

Home Phone Number

1. Name________________________________            Relation______________________

 Work/Cell Phone # (___)___________________ Email ________________________

2. Name________________________________            Relation______________________

 Work/Cell Phone # (___)___________________ Email ________________________

Who is the best person to contact?

________________________ at _____________between the hours of____________

Does the contact person speak English? Circle: Yes or No ______________(language)

Have you used Snapgrades before to access online student grades?         Yes      No
Do you already have a password to access grades on Snapgrades?           Yes      No

Comments, Questions, Concerns?

I have read the Algebra packet including:
 Classroom Procedures, Homework Calendar, Late Work Policy, Grade Information,
    Important Note to Parents, Calendar for Chapter 1, Supply List

__________________________________ __________________________
Student Signature                        Date

__________________________________ __________________________
Parent/Guardian Signature                Date
To be Completed by the Student . . .              __________________________
1. How do you feel about math?

2. What do you like to do in your spare time?

3. What kind of a student are you?

4. Tell me one thing that you think we should know about you . . .

Period                     Class                               Teacher
     0                   Advisement


   1.    What elementary school did you attend?

   2. Do you have any siblings that we may know? Circle: YES         NO
      If yes, tell me about them (unless you don’t want to claim them as family ):
              Name                    Grade                     School

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