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									                                                  Military Ministry

Mission and Values
Our mission and values provide a strong foundation for the work we do. This framework expresses our priorities in what
we will achieve and how we will achieve them. Most of the group is made up of parents of service members but we
welcome anyone who supports our Troops. We meet on the second Wednesday of each month at 5:00 pm to pack care
packages and pray – “Pack and Pray.” We have a pitch-in dinner on the third Saturday of each month at 5:00 pm to
fellowship. We are committed to supporting and praying for our Military Men and Women stateside and overseas, their
units and their families.

This value affirms that we demonstrate a special commitment to those who Serve Our Country. The following examples
show how we exemplify this:
     Mail care packages monthly to deployed Military Men and Women
     Mail monthly newsletters to stateside Military Men and Women and care packages or gift cards 2-3 times a year
     Support the spouse and/or family of a service member by sending cards, letters or care packages throughout the
      service member’s deployment

This value affirms that each person has a special value, unique talent and varied gifts. We show respect and compassion
for the dignity and diversity of life. The following shows how we attempt to do this:
     Be empathic by listening, reflecting and accepting people and where they are in life
     Appreciate the uniqueness of people and their viewpoints
     Say the Pledge to the Allegiance at each pitch-in gathering
     Form a prayer circle when all the care packages are packed to pray for the safety of that service member, his/her
      unit and their families
     Participate in the Cornerstone Christian Church Prayer request e-mail list
     Update our prayer list on a monthly basis

This value affirms that we demonstrate a special commitment to serving service members and their families. We bring
this to life by giving of ourselves generously and without hesitation. The following examples show how we attempt to do
     Have monthly pitch-in dinners where we talk and comfort each other in a safe environment where we can voice our
      concerns and/or fears
     Build relationships and collaborations for a common good
     Reach out to those in need without hesitation or judgment
     Send out birthday cards to our service members. If possible, we have a pitch-in for our Military Men and Women
      when they are home
     Meet at the airport or home to “Welcome Home” service members coming from boot camp and deployments
This value affirms our commitment to willingly seek and try new approaches. The following are the ways we attempt to
do so:
        Work with several groups such as Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts, schools and the church congregation
        Work with groups and/or Sunday School Classes to “sponsor” a month of sending care packages
        Cornerstone Christian Church has several pitch-ins throughout the year and we set up tables for the congregation
         to write note cards to our service men and women
        Always open to new ideas and/or suggestions

This value affirms the meaning of the work we do and the fact that we share and are committed to a common vision -
and depend on one another to further our mission. Our ministry offers hope and joy to both giver and receiver and can
be seen when we:
        Discover the joy of service through optimism, inspiration, humor and hope
        Have a “Wall of Honor” for the Military Men and Women we support
        Have bulletin boards with our Veteran’s pictures and where we post current thank you letters, notes, pictures, etc.
        Engage in the struggle to stay dedicated when our mission and values are challenged
        Encourage others to go “above and beyond,” to persevere and give from the heart

Contributions and/or donations are greatly appreciated.

Donations for the care package can be made by dropping off items (a list of items can be provided) at Cornerstone
Christian Church (317.852.2411) office Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. See below for a complete list
of the items suggested for packing each month.

Tax deductible contributions can be made by writing a check to:
         Cornerstone Christian Church
         Military Ministry
         8930 North State Road 267
         Brownsburg, IN 46112

    If you have any questions, please feel free to ask or contact one of the following:
         Violet Feaster (605.0283) or (
                          Military Ministry Care Package Items Needed
                      Contact Violet if your group would like to pack (605-0283)

 Beef Jerky / summer sausage                               Mouthwash
 Candy, Gum, Lifesavers, Mints –                           Nail Clippers / Nail Files
  individually wrapped                                      Note pads – pocket size
 Cereal Bars; Power Bars, Rice Crispy                      Paper; Pens / Pencils
  Treats                                                    Q-Tips
 Chex Mix / Trail Mix and/or bars                          Saline Spray/Drops for sensitive nasal
 Dry Cereal – individual boxes                              passages
 Dried Fruit; Raisins – individual boxes                   Socks (cotton – tan olive or black)
 Instant Soup; Soup at Hand or canned                      Bandanas (to cover face from sand
  w/pull top to open                                         storms)
 Nuts – individual packets                                 Baseball caps
 “On the Go” flavor packets (add to                        Board games, Card games, Deck of
  bottle water), Energy Drink Mixes,                         cards
  Powered Gatorade Mix                                      Crossword puzzles; Sudoku Books;
 Snack crackers, Cheese & Crackers;                         Word Search Books
  Peanut Butter Crackers                                    Devotional Books
 Tuna Lunch Kits and Chicken Lunch Kits                    Disposable cameras
 Advil – Motrin – Tylenol                                  Frisbees
 Baby Wipes (alcohol free) Lots of them                    Funnies – from the newspaper
 Blistex, Chapstick, Carmex – stick-tubes                  Hacky Sacks
 Bootlaces 72” – brown or tan                              Hand Made items
 Cotton Socks – tan or green preferred                     Nerf Footballs / basketballs
 Cotton Balls/Swabs                                        Batteries (AA is most requested)
 Dental Floss                                              Duct Tape – military green, tan or black
 Eye Drops (to relieve dry eye)                            Super Glue
 Liquid Hand Sanitizer – travel size                       Trash Bags (they put their boots in
 Lotrimin AF or Tinactin – cream or                         them overnight)
  ointment                                                  Ziploc Plastic bags – quart sizes
 Medicated Powder

                 Tax deductible donations may also be made by writing a check to:
                        Cornerstone Christian Church – Military Ministry

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