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                      Information on the University Credit framework

Key principles All courses leading to a qualification will be credit rated.

                 Credit is given for the achievement of the learning outcomes associated with a
                 particular unit of learning. It is awarded at the point when that learning is assessed.

                 A unit of learning is an assessed course element as defined in the assessment
                 regulations for a course. Depending on the type of course, a unit of study may be
                 described as a module, a unit, a stage, a subject (eg studio practice) or
                 exceptionally, as a year of study.

                 A unit of learning is uniquely defined at one level of credit by its learning outcomes.

Credit tariff    1 credit = 10 notional learning hours
                 10 credits = minimum size of a unit of study
                 Unit sizes normally to be in multiples of 10

                 Units of learning at different levels can be combined to lead to a qualification. The
                 credit requirements are set out below.

 Leve    Award                 Credits Required                                       Notional
 l                                                                                    Learning Hours
 M       MA                    180 credits (at least 150 at M)                        1800
 M       PgDip                 120 credits (at least 90 at M)                         1200
 M       PgCert                60 credits (at least 40 at M)                          600
 HE3     BA (Hons)             360 credits (200 at HE2 or above, and at least         3600
                               100 at HE3 or above)
 HE3     Grad Dip              120 credits at HE3                                     1200
 HE3     Grad Cert             60 credits at HE3                                      600
 HE2     DipHE/FdA             240 credits (at least100 at HE2 or above)              2400
 HE1     Cert HE               120 credits at HE 1 or above                           1200
Level Descriptors - Learning accredited at each level will reflect the ability to:

HE Level 1       acquire a broad knowledge base, incorporating theoretical concepts and employing
                 a range of specialised skills: evaluate information using it to plan and develop
                 investigative strategies and to determine solutions to a variety of unpredictable
                 problems; and operate in a range of varied and specific contexts, taking
                 responsibility for the nature and quality of outputs.

HE Level 2       generate ideas through the analysis of concepts at an abstract level, with a
                 command of specialised skills and the formulation of responses to concrete and
                 abstract problems; analyse and evaluate information; exercise significant
                 judgement across a broad range of functions; and accept responsibility for
                 determining and achieving personal and/or group outcomes.

HE Level 3       critically review, consolidate and extend a systematic and coherent body of
                 knowledge, utilising specialised skills across a discipline; critically evaluate new
                 concepts and evidence from a range of sources; transfer and apply diagnostic and
                 creative skills and exercise significant judgement in a range of situations; and
                 accept complete accountability for determining and achieving personal and/or
                 group outcomes.

HE Level M       display mastery of a complex and specialised area of knowledge and skills,
                 employing advanced skills to conduct research, or advanced technical or
                 professional activity, accepting full accountability for all related decision making.

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Updated May 2004
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