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									Industrial Technology
       Professional Practice

         Cathy McKay
Professional Practice Coordinator
    Turner 210      438-2665
     Presentation Last Updated 11/7/06
    Professional Practice Purpose

• Provides an opportunity to gain
  professionally supervised work experience
  in industry, business or government while
  earning college credit.
     Professional Practice Method
• Students work in a career-related
  professional setting.
• Student work duties are planned and
• Students are supervised by site supervisors
  and monitored by TEC faculty.
• Students perform management oriented
  work duties.
                        Student Benefits

• Provides an opportunity to apply knowledge
  and skills obtained in the classroom to real
  life situations.
• Gain first-hand experiences associated with
  management roles in an industrial setting.
              Student Benefits (Cont.)

• Gives an orientation to the
  business/industrial environment, operations
  and procedures.
• Gain insights into career options.
• Assists in the transition from student status
  to professional status.
     Professional Practice Options
• Internship                  • Co-op
   – One work term              – Three or more work
   – Eight week minimum           terms
     duration                   – Work terms are in
   – 40 hrs worked = 1            different functional
     credit hour                  areas of company
   – Culminating                – 40 hrs worked = 1
     educational experience       credit hour
                                – Ongoing educational
                    Professional Practice
• Internship                  • Co-op
   – 30 hours of college        – 2.5 cumulative and
     coursework complete          major GPA
   – 12 hours at ISU            – Have completed TEC
   – 2.5 cumulative and           100 series courses
     major GPA
   – Three hours of 200/300
     level courses in your
       Professional Practice Credit

• Professional Practice is a variable credit
  hour course
  – Hours are Senior Hour Electives
  – May be repeated for a total of 16 hours
  – A credit/no credit grade is earned
              Professional Practice
             Application Procedures

• Review a copy of the Professional Practice
  Manual (TEC398)
  – On-Line ( Information for
    Current Students – Student Share Drive -
    Professional Practice folder)
             Professional Practice
   Application Procedures (Cont.)
• Submit resume and Application form to Cathy McKay
• Obtain two TEC faculty recommendations using forms
  found in manual
   – One must be from your sequence
• Attend mandatory professional practice meeting
• Complete Health Insurance Certification Form
• Complete Release Form
• Complete Contact Information Form
  Academic Requirements During
           Professional Practice

• Training Plan and other forms submitted
  during first week of work
• Written log sent to Professional Practice
  Coordinator every week
• Supervisor and Student Evaluations
• Site visit by TEC faculty member
• Summary report
            Registration Procedures

• Professional Practice site must be “firm”
• Obtain registration override from Cathy
• Register for TEC 398.02 or TEC 398.52

• Weekly logs
  – Are the logs of sufficient quality, detail and
  – Were the logs mailed each week?
• Met training plan Objectives
• Did the site supervisor give the student an
  excellent rating?
                      Evaluation (Cont.)

• Summary Paper
  – Content - sufficient completeness, quality,
  – Professional Appearance
  – Grammar and spelling
                     Evaluation (Cont.)

• Did the student comply with all of the
  responsibilities of the student as enumerated
  in the Technology Professional Practice
      Answers to Commonly Asked

• Is Professional Practice required for
  – No.
• Are Internships/Co-ops paid?
  – Usually TEC internships and Co-ops are paid
    between $8-$10 per hour. (Average)
      Answers to Commonly Asked
                Questions (Cont.)

• Can I get Professional Practice credit at my
  current job?
  – You may not earn college credit for work duties
    you are already performing.
• Can I get Professional Practice credit for
  previous work experience?
  – No.
      Answers to Commonly Asked
                Questions (Cont.)

• How do I find an employer?
  – It is the student’s responsibility to locate a
    Professional Practice employer by using
    standard job-hunt techniques.
• What should I do if an employer has
  questions about Professional Practice?
  – I work with both students and industry
    representatives to help answer questions and
    resolve problems relating to Professional
      Answers to Commonly Asked
                Questions (Cont.)

• Can I participate in Professional Practice if
  my GPA is too low?
  – GPA waiver request are evaluated on a case-by-
    case basis by the TEC Dept. Chairperson
  – Do not apply for a waiver if your GPA is below
• How do I request a GPA waiver?
  – See Cathy McKay individually for advisement

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