Feng Shui the Classroom by k55qTC


									Work in groups to research the ancient philosophy of Feng Shui. There are plenty of books
at your disposal. As a group, you will create a large poster about the aspects of Feng Shui
that you would incorporate into this classroom. Each group will specifically deal with one
of the essential elements: water, fire, earth, metal, wood. Incorporate the design tips or
recommendations given specific to your element for the room on your poster. You will
present these to the class and be graded on your presentation and on the attractiveness of
your poster. This is design, after all! Address the problems in this room regarding your
element and how you would fix them.

Extra credit to actually make one of the changes (especially if you buy something).

Some ideas:
   Yin-yang mobile
   Crystals                                  Grades: 40 points in project grade
   Statues
   Real plants/flowers                       Extra Credit: up to 10 points in your
   Art                                       desired section
   Lighting
   Mirrors
   Sounds

   Your group’s element:

   Your group members:

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