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					                                                 ENCLOSURE 2 TO ACSC 8 -
                                                 COURSE INFORMATION – INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS
         HARD           SOFT                  SCAN                      SUD                         J1                FILE

                                JSCSC PERSONAL PARTICULARS PROFORMA (ACSC 8)

The information supplied in this form is intended for use in managing the business and related social activities of the JSCSC. It may also be used
at the discretion of JSCSC Staff to provide statistical information in answer to questions on the performance of the JSCSC. The information will
be treated as personal on under the terms of the Data Protection Act 1988.
                                          Please complete in black ink and block capitals
    1. Personal Details

    Title/Rank                                                                          Date of Current Rank                   /    /
    Surname (to be used in all
    College records)
                                                                                        Other Post
    Nationality                                       Service/Personal No
    Name or Nickname by which you
    wish to be addressed socially
    Religion                                                                       Ethnic Origin

    Service (Tick Box)                     Navy              Marines               Army                  Air Force            Civ
                                                             Maritime                                                        Air

    Date of Birth (DD/MM/YY)                      /      /             Age at Start of course
                                                                       Dietary Restrictions
                                                                       (i.e. Vegetarian, vegan,
    Married or Single?
                                                                       Muslim, food allergies
                                  Accommodation Requirements (*Tick in appropriate box only)

    Single Living In*
    Single Living Out (ie Private Accn)*
    Married Unaccompanied Living In*
    Married Quarters*
    Already occupying RMCS Married Quarters*
    Married Living Out (Private Accn)*
    Smoker/Non Smoker                                                  ID Card Number

    Town of Birth                                                      Country of Birth
                                                                       Expiry Date
    Passport No.                                                                                                /      /

2. Family Details (where applicable)

Date of Marriage                   /   /    Spouse’s Forenames

Spouse’s Preferred Name (and Surname if different from your own)

Children           Gender                        Name                          Date of Birth

Child 1                                                                            /     /

Child 2                                                                            /     /

Child 3                                                                            /     /

Child 4                                                                            /     /

Child 5                                                                            /     /

3. Parent Unit/Organization

Current Appointment and
Pre-Joining Contact Information (1): (Army Students Only Living in RMCS Quarters)

Contact Address

Telephone No                                      E-Mail Address
Date                                              Date
                   /           /                                   /           /
From:                                             To:
Pre-Joining Contact Information (2): (Current Work address)

Contact address

Telephone No                                      E-Mail Address
Date                                              Date
                   /           /                                   /       /
From:                                             To:
Pre-Joining Contact Information (3): (Home Address)

Contact address

Telephone No                                      E-Mail Address
Date                                              Date
                   /           /                                   /       /
From                                              To:

4. Education and Qualifications

   Year                          Education Details (Schools/College/University/Academy)

Do you intend to attempt KCL/MA Accreditation while at the JSCSC?

Educational Qualifications (Degrees, Diplomas, A Levels or equivalent) (since age 16)

                 Subject                           Level                Grade             Year

5. Experience.

   Civilian Appointment            Civilian Organization                From              To

Note 1
British Officers
Operational Experience: Defined as a tour of duty where an operational title has been published e.g.
Operations BANNER, DENY FLIGHT, SHARP GUARD etc or UN Tours.
Combat Experience: Defined as deployments on operations in the Falklands and Gulf wars, Ops
CORPORATE or GRANBY, in-theatre. Non-Combat is involved but out-of-theatre:
eg If on Op CORPORATE deployed to the Falklands – tick Combat experience.
    If on Op CORPORATE but deployed to Ascension Islands – tick Non-Combat experience.
    If on Op GRANBY deployed to Saudi Arabia – tick Combat experience.
    If on OP GRANBY but deployed to Cyprus – tick Non-Combat experience.
International Officers
Operational Experience: For international officers – include UN Operations and local deployments e.g. border
Combat Experience: State location.
Summary of Military Service:                                                                     Non-
                                                                  Op Non-                        Combat
Rank      Year      Theatre            Appt              Unit     *     Op*                      Experience*
                                                                                  (See Note 1)
                                                                                                 (See Note 1)

                                                                         * Tick () above where appropriate

6. Equal Opportunities (EO) Training

Please indicate whether or not you have received   I have received formal EO      No formal EO training
formal EO Training                                 training

Date of most recent formal training
Type of formal training:
5-day EO Advisers Cse (eg JSEOTC,
2-day Defence Management Trg Cse

1-day Defence Management Trg Cse

Local Trg (min ½ day cse - not Induction Trg)


Other (Please specify)

7. Vehicle Details

Car Pass Required
(If ‘yes’ tick box)
Vehicle                           Vehicle 1                                      Vehicle 2





8. Combat Clothing (If ‘yes’ tick box)
   Enter height in both Imperial and Metric

Combat Clothing Required            Height                  Combat Boots
                                   Imperial                 Required           Boot Size
         Other information

9. Civilian and Military Training Record

   Year                           Type of Course                              Place/School

10. Languages

Do you speak any foreign languages other than
English? State whether fluent, fair or slight

Do you know any foreign country well (other than your own)?

11. Sport/Leisure Interests.
   (Which sports do you intend to play at JSCSC and are you prepared to help organize?)

                                            Experience/Standard/Handicap/      Tick () if prepared to
                                            Position                           help organize

   12. IT Proficiency

   How Computer Literate are you?


   Rate your level of knowledge of the following software (1-5, 1=Not at all, 5 = Expert)

   Microsoft Office           Word                          Excel                        PowerPoint

   Other Packages (specify)

   13. Main Pay Bank details (if known)

            Name of Bank
        Branch & Address
            Bank Sort Code
            Account Name                                         Account Number

   14. Additional Details - To be completed by International Students only

   Do you wish your wife to attend English Classes?
   What is the                 Fluent                  Working                   Basic                None
   Standard of your
   Wife’s English?
   Arrival Date in                                    Arrival Date/Time at
   UK                                                 Watchfield
   Family Arrival                                     Family Arrival
   Date in UK                                         Date/Time at
   Details of Domestic Staff (Names/Nationalities/Passport Nos):

   Any other information you would like to make known:

Note: This form is to be returned as soon as possible to Mrs Judy Clarke, ACSC Admin Coord, JSCSC, Faringdon
Road, Watchfield, Swindon, Wilts SN6 8TS or electronically to jclarke@jscsc.org via E-mail. It can be accessed via
our website www.jscsc.org - click on Courses/ACSC/Pro Forma/ACSC 8 PPP

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