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					                                             The Bandmaster

WO1 Ian Mitchell
The present bandmaster is WO1 Ian Mitchell, late bandmaster of the Heavy Cavalry band
at Catterick. WO1 Mitchell joined the army in 1985 as a trombonist, and pianist, serving
in the Band of the Blues and Royals until 1997. Following the Bandmaster’s course at
Royal Military School of Music, he was appointed Bandmaster of the King’s Division
Normandy band in 2001, serving with them in Canada, the Falklands, Bosnia, and
Northern Ireland. Appointment as Bandmaster Irish Guards followed from 2004 to 2008,
during this time, Ian had the honour of conducting the band on the forecourt of
Buckingham Palace, St James Palace and Windsor Castle. His final regular army
appointment was as bandmaster of the Heavy Cavalry & Cambrai band based in
Catterick, before he accepted his current position in 2010.

Mr Mitchell has had a number of his compositions performed at prestigious events,
notably, ‘The Irish Guards’ and ‘Princess Royal’ on Trooping the Colour; ‘Horse Guards
500’ on Beating the Retreat, plus the overture ‘Music on Fire’ at the RMA Sandhurst.
More recently, in December 2010, Mr Mitchell was the winner of a competition to hoose
a new ‘regimental’ march for the Corps of Army Music.

In September 2006, he was chosen by the Directorate Corps of Army Music to travel to
Ghana, to work for two months as musical advisor and training officer for the bands of
the Ghanian Armed Forces, this work culminated in several large-scale and important
parades celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Independence of Ghana. Just prior to
retirement, in October, Mr Mitchell traveled to Ethiopia as part of the Corps of Army
Music short term training team to spend some time training their army and police bands
                                              The Band Sergeant Major

WO2 Band Sergeant Major Dave Turner
He joined the Army in November 1973, and enlisted into the RAMC Band. In 1979, he
transferred into the bands of The Royal Green Jackets and remained within the Light
Division until retirement in August 1996. This period saw many tours throughout the
world including Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Cyprus, North America, Jordan and Europe.
On many occasions he performed the role, at different levels, of rear party guard whilst
the Battalion were on operational tours, these included armed guard, guard commander
and orderly officer. Responsibilities varied from armed patrolling to welfare officer, to
daily and weekly arms checks.

In 1994 he successfully completed the Band Sergeant Majors course at Royal Military
School of Music, and was promoted to the rank of WO2. Shortly after retirement from
regular service in 1996, WO2 Turner secured his present position as band Sergeant Major
to the Lancashire Artillery Volunteer Band.

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