Dear Families,

Welcome to Miller Elementary School! We are pleased that you will be part of our school and look
forward to an exciting school year. Your involvement at Miller Elementary is welcomed and encouraged.
We strive to provide excellent educational opportunities for your children. In order for every student to
learn, it is necessary to know and understand the guidelines set by our school. This handbook should serve
as a guide to Miller Elementary conduct. Please sign and return the bottom portion of this letter.


Miller Elementary Staff

                   I have read and understand the Miller Elementary Student Handbook.

____________________                 _____________________                ___________
Parent/Guardian Signature            Student Signature                    Date
                                          School Improvement Plan
                                          Miller Elementary School

                                                Miller R-II Mission
     The Miller R-II School District shall provide quality educational experiences enabling student to reach
       their full potential as individuals with high standards of character becoming healthy, responsible,
                                     productive citizens, and life-long learners.

                                           Miller Elementary Vision
     Miller Elementary will raise student achievement by: focusing all of our efforts to ensure the academic
      success of each student by emphasizing reading, writing, and mathematics; striving to ensure a safe
          environment, for all students where the qualities of good citizenship are valued; establishing
                        communication that will include all members of our community.

                                           Collective Commitments
         We will improve communication between parents and teachers through: newsletters, grade reports,
          parent teacher conferences, and use of the district website.
         We will provide opportunities for problem solving, decision making, and reflection.
         We will create a safe learning environment through Positive Behavioral Support and Active
         We will analyze assessment data for strengths and weaknesses and use this data to drive our
         We will research and utilize best practices to enhance student learning.
         We will continue to be engaged in professional development through 100% participation in staff
         We will provide a positive work environment to promote staff retention.
         We expect students to do quality work and continually raise expectations by making corrections
          and showing models of quality work.
         We will celebrate our achievements.

                                                    School Goals
1.    The percentage of students scoring proficient and advanced in Communication Arts will meet or
      exceed the percentage required to meet Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) as measured by the Missouri
      Assessment Program (MAP).
2.    The percentage of students scoring proficient and advanced in Math will meet or exceed the percentage
      required to meet Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) as measured by the Missouri Assessment Program
3.    The attendance rate will continue to meet or exceed AYP standards. (93% or greater)
4.    The early identification of students in need of intervention, in the areas of academics and behavior, will
                                                  Admission and Enrollment
 Parents or legal guardians may enroll their school age child in the Miller R-II School District as long as they reside in the
 district and meet all other legal requirements. Requirements for admission (Board Policy 2230) include, but are not limited
 to the following:
      Proof of residency
      Child’s birth certificate
      Current and complete immunization records as required by the State of Missouri.

                                                        Attendance Policy
        Students are allowed 10 absences per semester.
        Before the 11th absence, the student will be allowed to make up work missed only if the absent is marked as excused.
        An excused absence is one that has documentation to support the need of the absence, i.e. doctor note, death in the
        Guardians must contact the school via phone or note no later than one day after the first absence in a row to excuse an
        After 10 absences, no work may be made up.
             o The parent must speak to the school principal to appeal in order for the student to make up the work missed.
             o This process will continue for every absence after 10.
             o The parent must contact the school principal within 5 days of the absence in question for the work to be made

Below the process that the schools will take to ensure parents are contacted about student’s absences.

         3rd Absence – Letter Home from School Office
         5th Absence – Home Visit made by the School Official
         6th Absence – Letter Home from School Office
         9th Absence – Letter Home from School Office
         10th Absence – Letter Home from School Office

After 20 absences, the school counselor may contact the Department of Family Services or Prosecuting Attorneys in reference
to Educational Neglect.

With this policy, credit removal (HS) or retention (Elementary/JH) will not be administered solely on the grounds of attendance.

 Students are not to arrive at school before 7:50 a.m. unless participating in our before school program. Students leaving early
 or arriving late must have their parents or guardians check in at the office. Students will be counted tardy after 8:20 a.m.
 Leaving before 3:00 is also counted as a tardy. 3 tardies is equal to 1 absence. To be eligible for Perfect Attendance
 students must attend every day and not arrive late or leave early.

                                                           Visitor’s Policy
 Visitors are welcome at the Miller Elementary School. The faculty and staff feel that positive working relationships with
 parents, teachers, and the community have a great impact on our schools. All visitors to our building should dress
 appropriately and according to the elementary dress code. Any visitor who enters the building must check in at the office,
 sign a form, and pick up a visitor’s tag. If you do not have this pass, the staff will direct you back to the office. Our goal is
 to provide a safe environment for your child. It is a common courtesy to contact the teacher before visiting the classroom. If
 it should be necessary to talk to a student or teacher, the office will make arrangements for you. Teachers have assigned plan
 times that can be used for conferences or returning phone calls to parents. Our primary focus is learning and it is extremely
 important that classroom activities be interrupted as seldom as possible.

                                                  General Student Information
              Parents or guardians should look in the backpack nightly for notes from school and homework.
              Students are not allowed to have soda pop during the school day.
              Do not send extra money or valuables to school. They may get lost or stolen.
              Send milk and lunch money to school in an envelope with the student’s name, teacher, and an explanation
               about the money.
              All students should wear tennis shoes for PE.
              Students are not to use the phone except for emergencies.
              Do not send party invitations to be handed out at school, unless they are being handed out to the
               entire class. Label all items, including outdoor clothing, with your child’s name.
             Students should not bring toys, video games, radios, tape players, cameras, electronic items, cards, and other
              personal items to school unless specific permission has been secured by the teacher and approved by the
             Students may not sell items to other students at school, except those sponsored by the elementary building
              and PTO.
             Do not bring animals or creatures to school without receiving permission from the teacher and principal.

                                              Transportation Change Notice
The parent or guardian must send a note to the child’s teacher, or make a phone call to the office before 2:30 p.m. when the
child needs to go somewhere after school rather than his/her regular destination. Without proper notification, the child will
be taken to his/her regular drop off point.

                                                          Student Dress
Students should look their best at all times. There is a close correlation between sloppy dressing and sloppy action and
schoolwork. Personal and apparel cleanliness will be required. School schedules do not allow time for grooming at school.
Messages on body, clothing, jewelry, and personal belongings that relate to gangs, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, sex, vulgarity, or
that reflects adversely upon a person because of their race, sex, color, creed, national origin, or ancestry are not permitted.
Clothing must cover the body sufficiently to avoid attracting excessive attention or cause disruptions. Very short shorts or
very tight shorts are not allowed. Shorts of appropriate length may be worn during the school year. (With arms at side, hem
of shorts must not be above fingertip in length to be appropriate.) Spaghetti straps are not to be worn. For health and safety
reasons, appropriate footwear must be worn at all times. Bare feet are not acceptable. Sandals are acceptable if they are
adequately secured to the feet. No caps, hats, or sunglasses are to be worn in the school building. Jewelry, chains, etc., that
are disruptive to the educational process, or that could be considered dangerous and could injure someone if used as a
weapon, or could be damaging to property, will not be permitted at school. Any decision concerning questionable dress will
be made by the administration. All children will go outside for recess whenever possible. Students should be prepared with
sweaters, jackets, coats, etc. for outdoor play each day. Indoor recess is reserved for rain, snow or when the temperature is
below 20 degrees Fahrenheit. All clothing should be labeled with the child’s name. (Board Policy 2651)

                                                      Cell Phone Use
While cell phones are important to many parents to communicate with students, they can also be very disruptive to the
learning environment. Therefore, students are not to use cell phones during the school day without special permission from
the office. Cell phones must be turned off and put away. If a student is handling the phone, it is assumed the phone is being
used for calls or messages and discipline procedures will follow. If a student needs to call a parent, the student must have
permission from the office or classroom teacher. Phones are available in every classroom for teachers to contact parents.

                                               Moving or Change of Information
Please notify the school at least two (2) days in advance if you are moving from the district. This will insure that all bills will
be paid and all school property will be returned. Please immediately update your child’ information card if there are changes.
It is essential that we have a current address and phone number so we can contact you as necessary. Updates during the year
can be done over the telephone or by stopping by an elementary office.

                                                         School Closings
During inclement weather, there are times when school must be dismissed early. The school will send a form home at the
beginning of the school year. Please fill this out and return to the school immediately. This tells us who can pick up your
child in case of an emergency or natural disaster. It also informs us where your child is to go in case of an early dismissal.
Please talk to your child about alternatives should he/she arrive home and you are not there. Listen to the local radio and
television stations to hear the current school cancellations.

                                                   Parent Teacher Conferences
Parent-Teacher conferences are an annual event that is held at the end of the first quarter. Parents or guardians receive their
child’s first grade card of the year at this conference. Other conferences can be scheduled as necessary during the year.
Please contact the teacher to set an appointment.

                                               Report Cards/ Progress Reports
Report cards are issued four (4) times per year. Weekly reports are sent home. Mid-quarter grades are sent mid-term to
parents. Parents of students in grades 4-6 will be given access to PowerSchool for current grade information.

                                             Parent-Teacher Organization
Miller Elementary has a Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO), which is very active and has regularly scheduled meetings
during the school year. We encourage you to actively participate in the many activities sponsored by the PTO.
                                              Privacy Rights of Students and Parents
 In developing and carrying out discipline policies, Miller Elementary School will make every effort to respect the privacy
 rights of parents and students. Students or student property may be searched based on reasonable suspicion of a violation of
 district rules, policy or state law. The privacy and dignity of students shall be respected. The school will also adhere to the
 provisions of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.

                                                  Release of Directory Information
 The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act allows for the release of directory information, in regards to certain student
 data, unless there are parental objections. The Miller R-II School District considers the following information to be directory
 information: Name, Address, Telephone Number, Date/Place of Birth, Grade Level, Photograph, and Dates of Attendance. If
 there is any objection to the release of the listed information to outside sources, please contact the Principal’s Office.
 (Board Policy 2400).

                                                            Field Trips
Parents and siblings are not allowed to ride the bus during school field trips. Chaperones are not to bring siblings on field trips.

                                                         School Website
 The Miller R-II Schools’ website is www.millerschools.org. The school will post information on the school’s website and
 may send pictures or newsworthy items to local newspapers. If a parent wishes for his or her child to NOT be included in
 this type of public forum, the school principal must be notified in writing within 10 days of enrollment.

                                                  Placement of Students
 Room placement is made by the building principal. Many factors go into the decision to determine each child’s classroom

                                                     Positive Behavior Support
 Positive Behavior Support is used at the elementary to promote a safe learning environment for students, teachers, and staff.
 The elementary has 3 expectations for all students. CARDS is the acronym that stands for Cardinals are respectful,
 dependable and safe students. Students are taught school-wide routines and expectations throughout the first weeks of school
 and teachers will continuously review behavior expectations throughout the school year. Students are shown how to behave
 appropriately in all school settings, such as in assemblies, the bathroom, the cafeteria, the classroom, in the hallways, at
 recess and on the bus. This approach to managing behavior is a positive one. Students are recognized for demonstrating
 respect, being dependable and being safe. When students do not demonstrate these expectations, the teacher intervenes and
 reteaches the expected behavior. If the incident can not be corrected through reteaching, and is considered major, the student
 will be referred to the office for administrative review, conference, or action according to the district’s disciplinary code.
 The severity of the incident will determine the penalty assigned. These can include, but are not limited to: phone call to
 parent, principal/student conference, in-school suspension, out of school suspension, detention, and corporal punishment.
 These and other options are allowed by the Miller R-II Board of Education, the State of Missouri and the Safe Schools Act.
 Parents or guardians will be notified in writing, by phone, or in a conference when disciplinary action is necessary.

                                                         School Property
 All students will take responsibility for school property. Any student who defaces, loses, or damages school property will be
 required to pay for damages or loss. (Board Policy 2654)

                                  Weapons, Guns, Alcohol, Drugs, Tobacco, Pornography
 All of the above are prohibited. Items will be confiscated and turned over to the principal. Disciplinary actions will be taken.
 (Board Policy 2610 & 2620)

                                                 Equal Education Opportunity
 The Miller R-II School District will provide a free and appropriate education to students with disabilities. (Board Policy

                                                Nondiscrimination and Harassment
 The Miller R-II School District prohibits any and all forms of unlawful harassment and discrimination because of race, color,
 sex, national origin, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, or perceived sexual orientation in its educational programs
 or employment policies. (Board Policy 2130)

                                              No Child Left Behind
NCLB compliant procedures can be found on the district website and will be distributed at the beginning of the year.
                                                         Illness at School
In the event a student should become ill while at school, proper care will be given to him/her to the best of the school
official’s ability. Children who are seriously ill will be sent home. Students with contagious diseases are not allowed to
come to school. These include ringworm, impetigo, chicken pox, influenza, scabies, pink eye, head lice, among others. A
fever of 100 degrees or higher will require a child to go home. A child must be temperature free for 24 hours before
returning to school. (Board Policy 2860)

If a child is recovering from an illness and should remain inside for a day or two, it is necessary that the student bring a note
from home stating the need for them to remain inside. In the case of a long term need to remain inside it is necessary to
obtain a written statement from a physician to this effect.

The district has a NO NIT head lice policy. Parents/guardians will be notified and students will not be allowed to return
to school until cleared by a designated school official. A parent or guardian must accompany students to re-enter school.

Medication at School (Board Policy 2870)
The Miller R-II Schools does not diagnose and treat illnesses nor prescribe drugs and medications for children. We do not
provide aspirin or any other medications. The school follows these procedures:
1. Over- the-counter-drugs must have a signed parent or guardian permission slip. It must be in the original container. The
    parent must bring in medication in person.
2. Prescription drugs must have a doctor’s authorization and signed parent or guardian permission slip. Directions for
    administration must be on the bottle. Medication will only be given to the person the doctor prescribed it for. Medicine
    must be in original bottle.
3. Medication cannot be sent on the bus.
4. Any unclaimed medicine will be disposed of at the end of the school year.
5. The school can request information from a doctor concerning medications that are taken over ten days.
6. All medications will be administered and logged by trained personnel.
7. In the administration of medication, the school’s employee shall not assume to himself /herself any other legal
    responsibility other than acting as a duly authorized employee of the school district.
8. Self-administration of medications must be approved through the school health director.
    More specific information about illness and medication can be found in the Miller R-II School District Board Policy.

                                                         Due Process
Due Process, as required by law, will be guaranteed to all students especially in situations requiring suspensions and

                                                        In Loco Parentis
In the situations not covered by the scope of the policies, dealing with students, school officials shall act reasonably and
prudently in terms of the alternatives available to them.
                           Discipline Code (Board Policy 2610)
 NATURE OF OFFENSE                      FIRST OFFENSE                                         SUBSEQUENT OFFENSE
                                        10 -180 Days O.S.S., notification to law              Expulsion, notification to law
 Arson                                  enforcement                                           enforcement
                                      Principal/student conference, I.S.S., 1-180 days        10-180 days O.S.S., notification to law
 Assault                              O.S.S., or expulsion, possible notification to law     enforcement officials
                                      enforcement officials

 Biting                                Principal/student conference, I.S.S., or 1-10 days     I.S.S. or 1-180 days O.S.S.
                                                                                              3 days off bus, 5 days off bus, no bus
 Bus Misconduct                         Notification to Parents                               privilege
                                                                                              I.S.S; 3   Incident confiscation of phone
 Cell Phones Use                        Cell Phone returned to Parents
                                        Principal/student conference, I.S.S. or 1-10 days
 Defiance of Authority                  O.S.S.                                                I.S.S. or 1-10 days O.S.S.

                                        Principal/student conference, I.S.S., or 1-10 days    I.S.S. or 1-180 days O.S.S. or
 Disrespectful Conduct                  O.S.S.                                                expulsion
                                        Principal/student conference, I.S.S., or 1-10 days    I.S.S. or 1-180 days O.S.S. or
 Disruptive Behavior                    O.S.S.                                                expulsion

                                        1-180 days O.S.S., notification to law                Expulsion, notification to law
 Drugs/Alcohol                          enforcement officials                                 enforcement

                                        Principal/student conference, I.S.S., or 1-10 days    I.S.S. or 1-180 days O.S.S. or
 Extortion                              O.S.S.                                                expulsion
                                        Principal/student conference, I.S.S., or 1-10 days    I.S.S. or 1-180 days O.S.S. or
 False Alarms                           O.S.S.                                                expulsion

                                        Principal/student conference, I.S.S., or 1-10 days    I.S.S. or 1-180 days O.S.S. or
 Fighting                               O.S.S.                                                expulsion

                                        Principal/student conference, I.S.S., or 1-10 days    I.S.S. or 1-180 days O.S.S. or
 Harassment                             O.S.S.                                                expulsion
                                        Principal/student conference, I.S.S., or 1-10 days    I.S.S. or 1-180 days O.S.S. or
 Improper Language                      O.S.S.                                                expulsion

 Inappropriate Sexual                   Principal/student conference, I.S.S., or 1-10 days    I.S.S. or 1-180 days O.S.S. or
 Conduct                                O.S.S.                                                expulsion

Theft                                   I.S.S., 1-180 days O.S.S., or expulsion, possible     11-180 days O.S.S. or expulsion,
                                        notification to law enforcement officials             notification to law enforcement officials

Threat of violence                      Principal/student conference, I.S.S., 1-180 days      11-180 days O.S.S. or expulsion,
                                        O.S.S., or expulsion, possible notification to law    notification to law enforcement officials
                                        enforcement officials
                                      Principal/student conference, I.S.S., or 1-10 days     I.S.S. or 1-10 days O.S.S.
Tobacco                               O.S.S.
                                        Principal/student conference, I.S.S., or 1-10 days   I.S.S. or 1-10 days O.S.S.
 Truancy                                O.S.S.

                                        Principal/student conference, 1-3 days               1-10 days I.S.S.
 Vandalism                              I.S.S.

Weapons (Any instrument)                I.S.S., 1-180 days O.S.S., or expulsion, possible     11-180 days O.S.S. or expulsion,
                                        notification to law enforcement officials             notification to law enforcement officials

                                                                                              One calendar year suspension or
                                        One calendar year suspension or expulsion,            expulsion, notification to law enforcement
                                        notification to law enforcement officials             officials
                                                     Bus Regulations
Riding the school bus is a privilege. Students must follow rules of proper conduct for the safety of themselves and others.
Buses are allowed to stop only at regular route stops to load or unload children. Unauthorized stops are not allowed unless
approved by the director of transportation. It is the parent responsibility to see that his/her children are at assigned bus stops.

                                                  Rules and Regulations
Students will:
1. Not stand in the roadway while waiting for the bus.
2. Be on time-The bus will not wait for you.
3. Respect and obey the bus driver.
4. Behave and follow the rules as if at school.
5. Not tamper with the bus or equipment.
6. Stay in seats and keep all body parts and objects in the bus.

                                         Discipline on the Bus (Board Policy 2652)
 Step 1-Warning-Driver will warn misbehaving student
 Step 2-Driver can assign student to a seat.
 Step 3-Issuance of Blue Card

                                                    Blue Card System
 First Blue Card-Warning-Parents or guardians will receive letter from principal.
 Second Blue Card-3 day suspension from bus and letter from principal
 Third Blue Card-1 week suspension from bus and letter from principal
 Fourth Blue Card-Suspension from bus for remainder of school year

                                                      Bus Misconduct
Any offense committed by a student on a bus owned by the district shall be punished in the same manner as if the offense had
been committed at the student’s school. In addition, bus riding privileges may be suspended or revoked.
   MILLER R-2 SCHOOLS                        2012-2013 SCHOOL YEAR CALENDAR

                                           AUGUST ‘12                      SEPTEMBER ‘12
TBD New Tea Orient               S    M      T   W    Th   F    S    S    M     T    W    Th   F    S
13    Teacher training/stipend                   1    2    3    4                                   1
**14,15 PD/Mtgs                  5    6      7   8    9    10   11   2    X     4    5    6    7    8    3   Labor Day/No school
16     First Day of School       12   13    14   15   16   17   18   9    10    11   12   13   14   15   *24 No school - PD
30     Early out
                                 19   20    21   22   23   24   25   16   17    18   19   20   21   22
31     Festival-no school
                                 26   27    28   29   30   X         23   X     25   26   27   28   29
                                      2                                                             9

                                           OCTOBER ‘12                     NOVEMBER ‘12
                                 S    M      T   W    Th   F    S    S    M     T    W    Th   F    S
12 1st QT ends (39days)
                                      1      2   3    4    5    6                         1    2    3
@16 P/T conf (evening)
                                 7    8      9   10   11   12   13   4    5     6    7    8    9    10   21,22,23 Thanksgiving
@18 Early out –P/T conf
                                 14   15    16   17   18   X    20   11   12    13   14   15   16   17            No school
19 No school
                                                                                                         *26 No school- PD
*22 No school - PD               21   X     23   24   25   26   27   18   19    20   X    X    X    24
                                 28   29    30   31                  25   X     27   28   29   30

                                          DECEMBER ‘12                         JANUARY ‘13
                                 S    M      T   W    Th   F    S    S    M     T    W    Th   F    S
21 2nd QT ends (44 days)
                                                                1               X    X    3    4    5
21 Early out
                                 2    3      4   5    6    7    8    6    7     8    9    10 11     12   1-2   No school
24-31 Christmas Break No
        school                   9    10    11   12   13   14   15   13   14    15   16   17 18     19
                                 16   17    18   19   20   21   22   20   21    22   23   24 25     26
                                 23   X      X   X    X    X    29   27   28    29   30   31
                                 30   X

                                           FEBRUARY ‘13                        MARCH ‘13
                                 S    M      T   W    Th   F    S    S    M     T    W    Th   F    S
                                                           1    2                              1    2
*4     No school - PD                                                                                    *4 No school – PD
                                 3    X      5   6    7    8    9    3    X     5    6    7    8    9
15,18 Feb break no school                                                                                8 3rd QT ends (43 days)
                                 10   11    12   13   14   X1   16   10   11    12   13   14   15   16   29 Good Friday-no school
                                 17         19             16
                                                           22   23        18              21   22
                                      X          20   21             17         19   20             23
                                 61         20             3    4         17
                                                                          25         27   22
                                                                                          28   21   30
                                 24   25    26   27   28             24         26             X
                                  8                                       22         26   20
                                                                                          2         29
                                                                     30   64

                                             APRIL ‘13                          MAY ‘13
                                 S    M      T   W    Th   F    S    S    M     T    W    Th   F    S
1    Easter no school                 X      2   3    4    5    6                    1    2    3    4    17     4th QT ends (45 days)
*8    No school - PD             7    X      9   10   11   12   13   5    6     7    8    9    10   11   17    Last day –early out
26,29 No school                  14   15    16   17   18   19   20   12   13    14   15   16   17   18
                                                                                                         19    HS Graduation-tentative
                                 21   22    23   24   25   X    27   19   20    21   22   23   24   25
                                 28   X     30                       26   27    28   29   30   31

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