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Departmental Card Transaction Log by OJQ8j901


									                                                                  TEXAS FOREST SERVICE
                                                             Departmental Card - Transaction Log

                    Cardholder Name: _______________________________________________                        Statement Date: _________________________________

                    Voucher Preparer:________________________________________________                       Date Submitted to Voucher Preparer: ______________

                                              Circle method of submitting Log to Voucher Preparer:                  Mail              Hand Deliver

                    Cardholder Signature: ________________________________________________________________________________________________

I certify that the expenditures listed below were/will be incurred in the conduct of official business on behalf of the Texas Forest Service and, to the best of my knowledge,
represent valid claims for reimbursement, advancement, or payment. I understand the incident numbers listed on this form are to be charged in the amounts so indicated.

Explanation for non-compliance to Credit Card SAP:

                                                                                                                               If necessary, please continue on Back

   Transaction      Merchant/Vendor                    Description of Expenses / Incident                        Transaction               Incident           Review by
      Date               Name                    (Ex: Hotel Fees for fire in East Texas 11/1-5/02)                 Amount        √         Number          Voucher Preparer

       Total                                                                                                 $

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