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									                                        Mill Creek High School
                                         HIGH SCHOOL COURSE SYLLABUS

         COURSE TITLE .....AIG                                                   TERM .........................Fall 2012
         TEACHER .............Chris Williams                                     ROOM #.......................1.604

 Email Address
 Teacher Web Page
 Teacher Support               I am available for help every morning at 6:30 except for Mondays. A tutoring schedule is also posted on
 (Help sessions etc.)          the bulletin boards in my classroom and in the math hall.

This is the second in a sequence of mathematics courses designed to prepare students to enter college at the calculus level.
The course incorporates 1½ years of content in the standard math sequence. It includes exponential and logarithmic
functions; matrices; polynomial functions of higher degree; conic sections; planes and spheres; and population means and
standard deviations and normal distributions. With this course, students complete full content of Geometry and Algebra II.

Prerequisites: Accelerated Integrated Algebra

The entire list of Academic, Knowledge and Skills for each of the following curriculum strands in this course can be accessed through the
district web address at www.gwinnett.k12.ga.us

                        AKS STRANDS                                                            UNITS/TOPICS
    A.   Process Skills                                                     1.   Geometry: Special Right Triangles
                                                                            2.   Geometry: Right Triangle Trigonometry
    B.   Geometry
                                                                            3.   Geometry: Lines and Circles
    C.   Algebra                                                            4.   Geometry: Planes and Spheres
    D.   Data Analysis and Probability                                      5.   Statistics: Population Means and Standard
    E.   Reading Across the Curriculum                                           Deviations
                                                                            6.   Statistics: Probability Histograms using
                                                                                 Experimental and theoretical probabilities
                                                                            7.   Statistics: Difference between Experimental and
                                                                                 Observational Studies
                                                                            8.   Algebra: Exponential Functions
                                                                            9.   Algebra: Inverses of Functions

                   Published Materials                                                 Instructional Supplies
McDougal Littell: Mathematics 2                                         1) Pen and Pencil
McDougal Littell: Mathematics 3                                         2) Graph Paper
                                                                        3) Calculator

The syllabus may be updated as needed throughout the semester.
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             Assignments                                  Grade Weights                        Grading Scale
Tasks, Classwork, Quizzes & Homework            Class Assessments          35%       A:    90 and above
Midterm Exam                                    Summative Assessment       45%       B:    80 – 89
Unit Tests                                      EOCT                       20%       C:    74 – 79
End of Course Test                                                                   D:    70 – 73
                                                                                     F:    69 or below


Expectations for Academic Success                                Additional Requirements/Resources
 1) Think                                                         classzone.com
 2) Be persistent                                                 millcreekhighschool.org
 3) Do your homework daily
 4) Ask questions
 5) Participate constructively as a team member
 6) Review multiple sources of information.

After the 12 week progress report is issued, any student with an average grade below 74 will have the
opportunity to retake one unit test. The highest grade that may be earned on this retake is 70. A
schedule of days available for the retake will be posted after the 12 week progress report is issued.

The syllabus may be updated as needed throughout the semester.
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