705341 Aeronca L 3C Project engines and parts by Fp05N61


									                                  Aeronca L-3C Project

                                   Engines and Parts

Rare Aeronca L-3C project FAA registration N59812 military serial # 43-1612. Complete FAA
records on CD are included along with the military aircraft card, data plates and research
documents. This aircraft last flew in the 1940s and has no damage and the fuselage frame is in
excellent condition. The L-3C is different from the L-3B in that it has rear brakes and came from
the factory with a fixed wire antenna for use with portable Army field radios. This aircraft still has
the remnants of the original mast antenna mounted on the front spar carry thru tube. It also has
the antenna attachment bracket still welded to the vertical fin. The Aeronca L-3A and L-3B did not
have the fixed antenna provision, and did not have the mast antenna or fin fitting. The A and B
had the civilian pre war RCA reel antenna and radios designed for control tower communications.
The RCA radios were not used for communication with Army ground forces. This L-3C was
accepted by the Army 9-3-1942 and flew a total of 287.7 hours before being sent to Tinker AFB.

Project includes several dozen factory drawings in PDF format, fuselage frame, original AAF
under panel compass bracket, control torque tube, rudder and brake pedals, throttle plates,
throttle push rod, elevator push rod, firewall, door, pilot seat, Rudder, elevators, stabilizers,
Aeronca tail wheel, one complete set of wings with metal ribs and all fittings and hardware,
plus jury struts, a second set of wings disassembled with spars for good patterns, metal ribs, tip
bows leading edges rib jigs and some hardware.

Two military engine cores with data plates and logbooks and one excellent L-3 engine mount,
stromberg carb and nice airbox.

Package does not contain cowlings, landing gear or wing struts.

Contact me for several dozen photos and copies of documents.

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