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									  Provision of Support and Development Services to
     Third Sector Organisations in Herefordshire



To assist the Third Sector Support Services Review Working Group to
achieve its desired outcome, namely to achieve a consensus over future
services, resources and delivery, which will lead to:

       Comprehensive, high quality support services that meet the identified
        and anticipated needs of front line third sector organisations.

       Inclusive and flexible support services that are available, accessible
        and affordable to all front line third sector organisations across the
        county, and meet the varying support needs of different organisations.

       Sustainable and effective delivery of support services that reflects good
        practice, eliminates duplication, fills gaps and provides value for

To achieve this outcome, the Group wishes to commission a piece of work
which will outline the principal options for the future shape and resourcing of
support and development services to third sector organisations in
Herefordshire, for implementation from April 2011.

  1. An analysis and interpretation of the results of a survey of third sector
     organisations into their support needs, (being carried out in July and

   2. An analysis of the mapping information collected from the current
      providers of support services.

   3. An Options Paper providing 3 or 4 main options for change for the
      future, building on the best of local provision and tested against the
      existing arrangements.

   4. Presentation of the key findings and options to the Working Group, to a
      Members’ seminar and to the Third Sector Strategic Board and Forum.

Volume and Timescale
Up to 20 days’ work, with the first three outputs to be delivered by mid
October 2010.
The fourth output will be delivered by 31 October 2010.

14 July 2010                                                                   1
Contextual information
All services within Herefordshire, whether public or third sector, need to be
delivered in the context of the future shape of service delivery in the county.
The key features of this are the integration of Herefordshire Council and
Herefordshire Primary Care Trust into Herefordshire Public Services, the
creation of a new, integrated, public sector health and social care provider
organisation, the establishment of an overarching Third Sector Strategic
Board and Forum, and the move to locality working, (Total Place). In addition,
there are significant budgetary constraints and the drive towards efficiency

Uniquely, the fact that this review encompasses the support services provided
by the local authority as well as those provided in the third sector, lends itself
to radical thinking and the potential for innovative structures/ways of working,
and a new delivery model that others may wish to follow.

Further contextual information is contained in the attached Terms of

Development of the Options Paper
The Options paper is expected to cover Nos 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 of the ‘Key
Areas of Activity’ of the Working Group’s Terms of Reference.

In order to develop the Options Paper, the contractor will need to:

      Conduct the analysis as detailed above (Outputs 1 and 2)
      Interview principal players under review
      Interview commissioners
      Interview / hold focus groups with selected beneficiaries to follow up on
       any issues raised by the analysis
      Gather the views of other principal interested parties identified in
       Appendix C of the Terms of Reference
      Gather evidence of developments, innovation and good practice from
       Herefordshire and elsewhere
      Produce models of delivery which are then tested with the beneficiaries
       and other key stakeholders

The contractor will also need to review the following to understand the context
of the Review:

      The Key Documents listed as Appendix D of the Terms of Reference
      A paper prepared by the third sector support and development
       organisations that are subject to review
      The priorities for public sector funders
      The moves to locality planning and delivery of public sector services in
      Relevant unfolding national policy
      Current and future constraints arising from the economic downturn and
       the pressure on national and local budgets.

14 July 2010                                                                    2
                        INVITATION TO TENDER
Three hard copies of the tender, together with an electronic copy should be
submitted no later than 9.30am on Monday 2nd August 2010 to:

Carrie Wright,
PA to Director of Resources
Chief Exec's Office, Brockington, 35 Hafod Rd, Hereford, HR1 1SH

Email: cwright3@herefordshire.gov.uk


Circulation of tenders                        From 14 July
Deadline for return of tenders                2 August
Shortlisting                                  By 5 August
Interviews for shortlisted tenders            16 August
Contract awarded                              By 1 September
Inception meeting                             Week beginning 6 September
Mapping information available (Output 2)      Beginning September
Survey results available (Output 1)           17 September
Report on progress to TSSSR group meeting     14 September (3pm);
                                               7 October (2pm)
Final report                                  14 October 2010
Presentation to TSSSR group meeting           21 October 2010
Presentations to Third Sector Strategic Board By 31 October 2010
and Forum and Herefordshire Council

Herefordshire Council will retain ownership and responsibility for all data
collected during this evaluation.

Skills required
The Third Sector Support Services Review Working Group, as
commissioners, wish to appoint an independent, external professional, with
relevant recent or current experience of the third sector, and with no current or
previous affiliations to the organisations being reviewed, to bring an objective
and fresh approach to this piece of work.

The main factors which will be taken into account are set out below.

Knowledge and Understanding of:
   The principles and values of the third sector and how third sector
      organisations work
   The local authority role and practice in supporting third sector
      organisations and local communities

14 July 2010                                                                   3
       The diversity of the third sector and the full range of organisations and
        groups within it
       The range of solutions available to deliver the specified outcome
       The nature and challenge of delivering services to a largely rural
       Demonstrable wealth of experience in the field, especially from other
        areas of the country;
       Track record of developing innovative approaches and creative
       Face to face/telephone interviewing
       Quantitative and qualitative analysis
       Engaging stakeholders utilising good people skills
       Succinct, Plain English report writing
Ability to:
       Complete projects on time, within specification and within budget
       Commit to confidentiality
       Demonstrate and give confidence to all parties of an independent
        approach to the brief

Terms of Payment
    Payment will be made in 3 staged payments
       25% payable on acceptance of the contract
       25% following successful review of progress at meeting on 14th
       50% payable following delivery of satisfactory final report and

Tender Evaluation
    Proposals will be judged on the proposed approach to achieving the
    outcome of the brief set out above, meeting the skills required, value for
    money, past performance on similar contracts and ability to meet the brief
    within the timescales.

14 July 2010                                                                     4
                      TEMPLATE FOR TENDERS
In order to aid comparisons and promote fair competition, please ensure that
any tender return follows the format outlined below.

1.    Contact Details
      Provide contact details for the person within your organisation who will
      act as first point of contact during the tendering process. You should
      include: title; name; position held; telephone and fax numbers; email
      and postal addresses.

2.    Background
      Outline your understanding of the context for this piece of work and
      your perception of the key issues / challenges.

3.    Proposed Approach / Methods
      Provide a detailed methodology of your approach to achieving the
      desired outcome.

4.    Programme Timetable and Budget
      Provide a timetable for the programme of work, outlining time periods
      for each element. You should also include a table that identifies the
      number of person days allocated to each key task (see Table 1 below).
      This chart should inform the total budget costs to include all costs
      incurred such as mileage and stationery. The budget breakdown
      should be included in this section (see Annex A – Schedule of Firm

      Table 1: Person Days per Task
      Task          Person Days                                   Total
                    Person 1      Person 2        Etc.
      Task 1
      Task 2

5.    Proposed Team
      You should name all the members of the proposed team, including the
      nominated lead, and outline their respective roles and relevant
      expertise and provide evidence of how the team fulfils the contractor
      requirements (outlined on pages 3-4). You are also required to submit
      short CVs (no longer than 1 pages) for each member of the proposed
6.    Insurance
      Please state the current level of insurance cover you hold in respect of
      Employer’s Liability; Public Liability; and Professional Indemnity,
      together with the insurer and current insurance certificate number.
      Should your bid be accepted, you may be required to provide a copy.

14 July 2010                                                                   5
7.    References
      Names and contact details of two organisations which can provide
      references for similar services which have been supplied. The
      references should relate directly to the work of the lead consultants –
      not the organisation in general.

For more information please contact either:

Nina Bridges                           Helen Horton
Community Regeneration Manager         Chief Executive
Herefordshire Council                  The Alliance

Tel no. 01432 260624                   Tel no.01432 265856
Email: nbridges@herefordshire.gov.uk   Email:HelenHorton@allianceherefordshire.org.uk

14 July 2010                                                                6

The Total tendered Firm Price for all work to be carried out under this contract
 PRICE = £                     VAT = £                      TOTAL = £

The breakdown of the total price is;
 Staff Category,               Name            Daily Rate     Number          Cost
 Grade or Title                                     £         of Days          £

 Capital Items
 Printing and Production
 Other (Specify)

                                                             TOTAL        £
                                                             VAT          £

 14 July 2010                                                                 7
 STAFF COSTS       £
VAT                £
VAT                £

14 July 2010           8

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