The Four Alphabets by deathadderprateek


									                      The Four Alphabets

There was one boy in the KG grade his teacher told him to learn
the first four letters of the alphabet. A,B,C,and D. While going home
he forgot them.

He went to his mother, she was making a pudding but was very angry
for something and the boy asked her, "Mummy, Mummy, what's the
first letter?' Shut up !'' shouted his mother. He wrote shut up! on a

Then he went to his sister, she was talking to her boyfriend, her
boyfriend said "Let's go on a date,'' at the same time the boy asked
her, "Didi, didi what's the second letter?'' She said, "Let's go quickly!''
The boy wrote let's go quickly on the paper.

Then he went to his brother, he was watching T.V. and superman was
coming the boy asked him, "Bhaiya, bhaiya what's the third letter?''
His brother said, "Superman!'' The boy wrote superman on the paper.

Then he went to his Father, he was working on the Internet and the
topic was municipality garbage, the boy asked his father, "Papa, papa
what's the fourth letter?'' His father said, "Municipality garbage,'' The
boy wrote municipality garbage on the paper.

The next day the boy went to school. The teacher asked him, "What is
the first letter?'' the boy said, "shut up!'' the teacher got angry and
said, "I'll take you to the principal. ''The boy said, "Let's go quickly!'' He
was sent to the principal, the principal asked him, "Who do you think
you are?'' the boy spread out his arms and said, "Superman'' Then the
principal asked him, "What do you think the school is?'' the boy said
boringly, "Municipality garbage.''

Simarleen Sekhon
XI - F

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