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									SNC 2D0

The case of the “Bad Beverages”

                                               CSI Agent Name: __________________

You and your CSI team arrive at a homicide scene where 2 individuals, Bob and Betty,
are found dead. One man, Bill, is hospitalized due to mild intoxication but he will survive,
and Brittany is alive and well. All 4 individuals were at a party and had consumed
various types and amounts of beverages. Apparently, somebody contaminated the
beverages with highly toxic chemicals containing sulfates, chloride and iron ions. You
need to determine which drinks were contaminated and with what type of chemical ions.
Remember, Bob and Betty died. Bill is ill and Brittany is fine. Also, Bob never drank fruit
juice because he is allergic to citrus fruits. Consumption of all 3 chemical ions lead to
death. Consumption of at least one will lead to mild intoxication. The following drinks
were served at the party: orange juice, ginger ale, sprite, lemonade and water.

 You will work in pairs only. You will submit ONE mini-lab report per pair, typed!

There are 3 special testing solutions that can be used to help detect the presence of
those toxic Sulfates, Chloride and Iron Ions:

       Testing Solution A detects for Chloride
       Testing Solution B detects for Sulfates
       Testing Solution C detects for Iron

First you must determine what a positive test result will look like for each ‘toxic’ ion. Use
the chart below to help guide you with this.

Table 1: Positive tests for Toxic Ions – What will the toxic ion look like when it
reacts with the testing solution. Indicate what happens – (3 Marks)

                        Testing Solution A      Testing Solution B      Testing Solution C
Chemical with
Chloride ions
Chemical with
Sulfate ions
Chemical with Iron


No eating or drinking in the lab at all times
Chemicals are harmful, toxic and poisonous
Wear Safety goggles at all times
Keep pipettes in the correct containers and do not squirt
Dispose all chemicals in the WASTE BEAKER
PURPOSE: To determine the presence of ions in 6 unknown solutions/drinks

QUESTION:     Which beverages did Bob, Betty, Bill & Brittany consume at the party?

Beverages (Bottled water, Club Soda, Orange Juice, Kool Aid, Coke, 7 Up;
pipettes; Microwell Plates; Safety Goggles; Testing Solution A: Silver Nitrate,
Testing Solution B: Barium Chloride, Testing Solution C: Potassium Thiocyanate

METHOD: Design a fair and safe procedure that effectively helps you to solve the
crime (without wasting chemicals). (10 Marks)

Include a diagram (of your spot plate) to demonstrate how you will set up your
“tests” (2 Marks)

OBSERVATIONS: Create a proper chart to record your results. It must have a table
title (Table 2: …) and be drawn neatly with a ruler and in pencil. Describe any changes
when you react the beverages with the testing solutions. Use + / - signs to show your
results as well as any colour changes (10 Marks)

Conclusion & Discussion: Answer the following questions (8 Marks)

   1. Which possible drinks did Bob, Betty, Bill and Brittany consume? Organize your
      answer clearly in a chart (4 x 2 marks = 8 Marks)

Lab Skills (set up, clean up and safety) (4 Marks)

Your mini - lab write up for this investigation will be simple and short. It must
include the following information:

   a.   Title page (Full name, course, Purpose & Scientific Question)
   b.   Procedure (12 marks)
   c.   Observation Tables (Positive Ions test & Testing of drinks) (10 Marks)
   d.   Conclusion table (8 marks)
   e.   Skills (4 marks)

Do not include any more information than required please -- 2 typed pages
maximum excluding title page. Thank you!

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