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									                                                                                15 Elmer St.
                                                                     East St. South, N-2233
                                                                          Nassau, Bahamas
                                                                     Home: (242) 393-6789

                                                                        November 10, 2011

John Shaw
General Manager
Action Company
18 Gladstone Road
Nassau N-2468

Dear Mr. Shaw:

I'm looking for a position as a full-time cashier in a restaurant/cafe so when I saw your
listing on for such a worker, I decided to contact you immediately with
this cover letter.

I have experience as a cashier in the retail and food service professions. I'm fast on my
feet, good with money and making change, working the credit card machine, and talking
with customers as they pay their bills.

May I please drop by your restaurant next week on a day (and time) that best fits your
calendar, to discuss the duties of this job? I appreciate your taking time to consider me as
one of your cashiers.


Moree Johnson

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