9c AMS Lightspeed by XM46j3gN


									                                     MARE ISLAND TECHNOLOGY ACADEMY
                                      PURCHASE ORDER & ACCOUNT PAYABLE FORM
                                                   2 Positive Place
                                                  Vallejo, CA 94589
                                                    (707) 552-6482
Type of Service:

Purchase Order                X                                                     PO#

                   Vendor: AMS.Net                                               Vendor #

Address                                                                          Phone (925) 245-6100
Address 2                                                                        Fax (925) 245-6150
City, State, Zip

Type of Payable:
Invoice                       X
Personal Reimb.
MITA Credit Card

                                                                                 Unit Price
      Middle/High           Qty.     Unit                    Item Description                      Total Price

Middle/High                  750            2006-1499 -Lightspeed TTC SW V6.0    $ 10.00       $             7,500.00

                                            (0-1499Seats) 1yr. Perp.                           $                  -

                                                                                               $                  -

                                            Renew content filter and antivirus                 $                  -

                                                                                               $                  -

                                                                                               $                  -

                                                                                               $                  -

                                                                                               $                  -

                                            Quote # 62096                                      $                  -

                                            Plus Tax and Shipping                              $                  -
                                                                                 Subtotal      $             7,500.00
        Submitted by: Steven Feller                                              Sales Tax
       Authorized by:                                                            Shipping
                                                                                 Total         $             7,500.00

                                                         Office Use Only

Invoice #                                                                                    Distribution:
Invoice Date:                                                                       MS
Budget Account:                                                                     HS
JL Account/Grant:                                                                  Total
JL Subobject:
Procedure for:
Preparation and Submission of the Purchase Order/Account Payable Form:

 1. Check appropriate box under Type of Service.
 2. Fill in Vendor name. If new, provide complete full name, address, and phone number of vendor.
    You may also provide a fax number and internet address if applicable. Failure to provide complete information
 3. Check appropriate box under Type of Payable, if applicable.
 4. Indicate School.
 5. Indicate quantity and valid unit of measure. Describe each item carefully and completely, providing catalog num
    Provide estimated unit cost if actual cost is not available.
 6. We have provided a space to describe the specific business purpose of the items you are requesting (i.e. Classro
     lab research for (name of) research project, etc.). This is very important for all purchases. This provides the just
    which is needed for audit purposes as well as justification that the items purchased are in compliance with all ap
    so please be specific as possible.
 7. Include requestor’s name.
 8. All forms must be approved by Rick van Adelsber, Leslie Norinsky, or Ryan Wold prior to submission.
 9. Completed and approved forms need to be submitted to Diana Lopez for processing.
 10. Once the order is placed, you will receive an order confirmation with the order number, order date, estimated d
number of vendor.
 to provide complete information may delay orders.

ompletely, providing catalog number(s) model, size, color etc., if applicable.

ms you are requesting (i.e. Classroom instruction for (course name),
 purchases. This provides the justification for the items ordered,
ased are in compliance with all applicable Federal, State, and School statutes,

Wold prior to submission.

er number, order date, estimated delivery date.

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