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									                                                    Revive our Wetlands 2007-2009

                                                      Activity monitoring sheet

Revive site name:                      Point Cook Coastal Park
Common or local name for site:         Cheetham Wetlands

Partner agency details:
Agency:                                Parks Victoria
Contact persons                        Bernie McCarrick (Ranger) and John Argote (Ranger in Charge)
Contact details:                       Telephone: 03 9394 9100 mobile: 0419 880 575 Email:

Supporting agency details:
Contact person:
Contact details:                       Telephone: Mobile phone: Email:

Indigenous contact details:
Contact person:
Contact details:                       Telephone:                Email:

To be completed by the person filling in this form:
Name: Bernie McCarrick
Agency: Parks Victoria
Contact details: Telephone: 9394 9100                 Mobile 0419 880 575         Email:
Date form completed: 10 Dec 07

Once completed please email this form to:
Sarah Brittle (
                                                      2007 performance monitoring
1.       Volunteering details:
Dates, days and numbers of Revive/CVA volunteers that worked at the site during this monitoring period:

Dates                               Days                                Volunteers                                Total volunteers-days
25 Jan 07 to 06 Dec 07              36 days covering 1897 hours         Locals & international                    36

2.       Activities information:
Management issue –        2007 targets              2007 achievements                 Assessments
baseline condition
Weed control or eradication
Weed mapping to           Photo point(s) taken by   Photo point(s)                    ● Target achieved
understand full extent of CVA to identify           Established:
weed problems.            infestation of weeds      Photo sent to Revive
Incomplete mapping of                               Coordinator by CVA.
Boxthorn and other                                  Boxthorn mapping input on
weeds                                               Parks Victoria Environmental
                                                    Information System after
                                                    boxthorn removal.
Pest plant (mostly        1.5 hectares of           Area of 3 hectares of boxthorn    ● Target achieved or exceeded
Boxthorn) invasions       boxthorn to be            removed
reducing habitat of       removed.
native species                                      Native species of vegetation      ● Target achieved or exceeded
flora/fauna (covering                               returning over 60ha area of
area over 50ha )                                    boxthorn removed.
                                                    Rabbit harbour eliminated
                                                    where boxthorn has been
Erosion control sedimentation management
De-silting of water     3 water channels de-        No channels had silted up.        ● Not done
channels to improve     silted as shown by          Water flow unrestricted at this
flows                   achieving free flow of      stage.
                        water in these
                        Photo point(s)              Photo point(s)                    ● Not done
                                                    Photo(s) sent to Revive
                                                    Coordinator :
Surveys and monitoring
Monitoring bird        5 bird counts.               9 bird ID surveys carried out     ● Target achieved or exceeded
populations            Monitoring bird              during the year.
                       populations at
                          Cheetham Wetlands.
                          This is seasonal
                          depending on migratory
                          patterns, but approx
                          Sept –March; OBPs
                          March to October.
Gross pollution cleanups/management
Growing litter problem    3 litter surveys to be   15 Litter collections conducted   ● Target achieved or exceeded
from nearby urban         undertaken and           during the year.
expansion                 collections done
Education and awareness raising, community/stakeholder empowerment
Community involvement Involve local schools        Local residents participated in   ● Target almost achieved (>75% of numerical target)
in practical conservation and residents from       regular Thursday work.
of the park.              Point Cook and           No schools involved during the
                          Sanctuary Lake in        year
                          regular Thursday work
                          Carry out letterbox drop No relevant information details   ● Not done
                          to 300 residents in area to letterbox drop
                          Photos taken              Photo point(s)                   ● Target achieved or exceeded
                                                    Established by CVA
3.      Co-funding and in-kind support:
Details of cash or in-kind resources that were generated to support, or value-add to the Revive efforts.

Source of               Business,                Form of contribution           Estimated value ($) of resources provided
resources               organisation,
Regional-catchment      Parks Victoria           Tools & educational support    $1500
TOTAL                                                                           $1500

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