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									Front Office Systems

 Technology used for front office
  recordkeeping and equipment
3 Stages of Front Office System:

Non – Automated System (Manual)

Semi – Automated System (Electro-Mechanical)

Fully – Automated System (Computer Based)
Non – Automated System

  A system of front office recordkeeping
    characterized by the exclusive use of
 handwritten forms. The elements of non –
automated systems determined the structure
 of many front office processes in even the
    most advanced automated facilities.
        Semi – Automated System

Also called electro – mechanical, front office system
 that uses both handwritten and machine-produced
Advantages of a semi – automated system over a non –
automated system include automatically generated –
and easy-to-read documents that detail the steps of a
transaction. These documents represent what is known
as the audit trail.

The disadvantages of semi – automated equipment are
that equipment may be difficult to learn, complex in
operation, not integrated with other systems, and subject
to maintenance problems.
     Fully – Automated System

 A computer-based system of front office
recordkeeping that eliminates the need for
many handwritten and machine-produced
  forms common in non – automated and
       semi – automated systems.
Front Office Forms
       Pre - Arrival
Reservation Record

Computer-based Reservation File

Letter of Confirmation

Reservation Rack Slips

Registration Card

Room Rack Slips

Guest Folio


   Charge vouchers, allowance vouchers,
    transfer vouchers, paid-out vouchers.

Information Rack Slips

Credit Card Voucher

Transfer Voucher

Guest History Record

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