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									                           The life of Kennedy

Early Life

       In Brooklyn Massachusetts on May 29, 1917 a great person by the name of John

Fitzgerald Kennedy was born. He was one of the nine children of Joseph Patrick

Kennedy and Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy. The father, Joseph Kennedy, was a self-made

millionaire and his mother was from a political family. As the Kennedy family grew,

their lives also grew. They moved to bigger homes and to better neighborhoods as

Joseph Kennedy’s wealth grew. In their childhood, the Kennedy kids were encouraged

by their parents to develop their own talents and interests. They were taught that loyalty

is important and were always competitive with each other.


       John f. Kennedy attended elementary school in Brookline and Riverdale. When

he was 13 his father sent him to the Canterbury School in New Milford, Connecticut.

The year after he was transferred to Choate Academy in Wallingford Connecticut where

he graduated in 1935 at the age of 18. In 1935 he enrolled at Princeton University but left

school after Christmas. In 1936 he entered Harvard University where he majored in

government and international relations. In 1940 he graduated Cum Laude. Then he

enrolled in Stanford University Graduate Business School but dropped out six months

later. Finally, he enlisted as a seaman in the U.S. Navy. Kennedy was at sea duty right

after the Japanese attack of Pearl Harbor. After learning how to command a small craft,

at 1942, he was assigned to one. His boat was cut in half and for his heroism and
leadership, Kennedy received the Navy and Marine Corps Medal. Also for being

wounded he received the Purple Heart and he is also considered a war hero.


       John Kennedy’s brother, Joe was going to be a politician and because of his death

Kennedy’s future had changed his career in congress. He had said, “Just as I went into

politics because Joe died, if anything happens to me tomorrow, my brother Bobby would

run for my seat in the senate. And if Bobby died, Teddy would take over for him.” In

1946 he ran for U.S. House of representative with the help of his mother and brothers and

sisters he took seat in congress. In Jan. 1947 he was reelected to the House at 1948 and

1950. In 1951 at dinner party in Washington D.C. he meet his wife Jacqueline “Jackie”

Lee Bonrier, the daughter of a wealthy Wall Street. On September 12, 1957 they got

married. At August 23, 1956 their first child a daughter was born. And on November 27,

1957 their second daughter was born. And on November 25, 1960 their son John F. Jr.

was born. And Patrick Boveir died on August 9, 1963.

The presidency of Kennedy

       In June 1956 a movement nominated him for Vice President but he lost. In 1958

he won the re-election to the senate by a majority of votes. In 1959 he was badly

defeated in presidential nominations. The 1960 campaign was a hard fought race,

Kennedy’s good looks, wealth, and attractive wife made him a popular subject. Kennedy

promised to lead Americans to a “New Frontier.” On January 20, 1961 he defeded

Nixon. As a president, Kennedy was faced with problems such as racial tension,

unemployment and a sluggish economy. In April of 1961 legislators approved aid to

economically depressed years. In May, congress increased the minimum wage from $1
to $1.25. One of the most successful was the U.S. corps. In March 1962 the major

steelworkers union which increased workers benefits. At April 10, the U.S. steel

corporation led a move to raise steel prices to $6 a tar, but Kennedy denounced the move

as causing needless inflation and companies canceled it. At 1961 riots broke out about

civil rights and 2 people were killed. On August 28, 1963 as more than 200,000 people

staged a freedom March in Washington D.C. to demonstrate their demands for equal

rights for blacks. Kennedy said “The time has come for the congress of the U.S. to join

with the executive and judicial branches in making it clear that race has no place in

American life or law.” These are only some of the great accomplishments of one of the

U.S. presidents.

The death

       On November 22,1963 he was shot to death on the streets of Dallas Texas. His

purpose was to heal a spirit in the Texas Democratic Party before the 1964 presidential

campaign in which Kennedy planned to run again. At November 21 they left

Washington and flew to San Antonio, Houston and Fort Worth. After leaving the plane,

Kennedy entered an open limousine for the trip to Trade Market. The president sat in the

rear seat on the right side of the car, his wife sat on his left, governor John B. Connally

sat on his in front of the president and Mrs. Connally sat to her husbands left. At 12:30

the car approached an express way for the last part of the trip and 3 shots were shot and

the president was hit in the neck and head and Connally got a bullet in his back. The

limousine went to Parkland Hospital and at 1:00 p.m. it was announced that the president

had died. Connally was seriously wounded but later recovered. As the world heard
about the death of President Kennedy on radios and TV’s, everyone was shocked to see a

great man die.

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