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									                                Tri-Star Industries, Inc.
                         Customer Profile – Credit Card Purchases

To: Tri-Star Sales Department                           Fax: 860-828-7475
From:                                                   Fax:

In order for us to set up your account and ship your order, please complete this form and fax it to
860-828-7475. Your prompt response will be appreciated.

Company Name:
Main Address:
City, State & Zip
Main Phone:                                                   Main Fax:
Purchasing Contact:
Payable Contact:

Ship to Address:*        *If this is a residential address please check box 


Other Key Personnel:
Contact Name:            Title:           Phone:                  Ext.      Email:

Business Type: Please check one of the following:
 Automotive        Distributor    Engineering     Manufacturer         Molder     OEM      Other

Sales Tax I.D. #                                Referred to Tri-Star by:

Most shipments are made via UPS on a “prepaid & add” basis. If you prefer “UPS Collect” please list your
UPS Account Number below. Also, if applicable, please identify a trucking company as an alternate carrier.

UPS Account No.:_____________________ Common Carrier/LTL: ______________________

                           * Thank You – Tri-Star Industries *

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