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					Mar.Su-Candidate number 28

Engineering Professional

An accomplished team spirited professional with a blend of leadership, business, technical knowledge
and sustained curiosity for learning. Strong problem solving and troubleshooting skills complimented by
knowledge of the latest Information Systems and Engineering Technologies. Besides being accomplished
in these areas Im also interested in maintaining an entrepreneurial spirit that’s vital in developing new
business opportunities and is a catalyst for creativity.

Key Strengths and Competencies:

Hardware Design/Integration
Strong problem analysis and troubleshooting skills
Engineering Documentation
Strong verbal, written and interpersonal skills
Research and Development
Ability to work independently and/or with a team
Accounting and Economics
Digital & Analog Design Principles
VHDL & Verilog
Advanced Electronics
VLSI Principles
FPGA and PCB design
Familiar with Java, C, C++ and other languages
Advanced Cisco LAN, Router, Switch configuration

Technical Skills:

Languages: C, C++,C-Sharp(C#), Java, Java2E, ASP.NET, PHP, Perl, Python
Databases: MySQL, MSSQL
Graphical User Interfaces: Java, OpenGL, C-Sharp, C++
Operating Systems: UNIX (IRIX, Solaris), Linux (Centos, Fedora, Redhat, Ubuntu, Suse), Windows (XP,
Vista, Windows7)
Embedded Software Development using Xilinx ISE, modelsim and Aldec HDL Designer
Digital & Analog Circuit Design
Entry level OpenGL
Altium PCB designer, PCB123 PCB designer
Spartan-3E FPGA Starter Kit(Embedded Projects)
Experienced in interpreting system drawings, electronic schematics, oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers,
multi-meters, power meters and DC power supplies
Linux Kernel Performance Optimization.
Extending and Embedding Python.

Software Projects:

Integrated MATLAB with open source 3rd party GPU library. Was able to control whether code was
executed on CPU or GPU.
Setup advanced ALTIUM PCB designer environment for embedded FPGA project.
Optimized Linux Kernel to maximize bandwidth for inter-node, inter-storage cluster I/O.
Developed Multi-Threaded Windows .Net C# network application. Interfaces with Python Server.
Developed Windows .Net C# control application using .Net SSH library to control Linux High
Performance Compute Nodes.
Developed Windows .Net C++ database application using MySQL.
Developed Windows .Net C# OpenGL application that reads and displays 3D volumetric data.
Application displays, rotates and zooms on all 3-axis.
Developed generic event driven Java GUI. Used Net-Beans IDE.


2010 Present
Columbia, Maryland

Embedded development, low-level programming and operating system internals.
Malware Analysis. Attended Malware Analysis and Reverse Engineering class at Blackhat 2010.
Developed Linux kernel modules for IA32, ARM and MIPS architectures.
Assembly Language Programming (x86, ARM and MIPS).
Network Programming using C and Python.
Vulnerability Discovery and Analysis using IDA Pro, and various Linux tools.
Cross compilers development for MIPS and ARM.
Android application and embedded development.
Primary development languages and tools: Java, C, IDA Pro, GDB, Wireshark, Eclipse, Subversion and
Binary Reverse Engineering.
Developed Android applications using Java, JNI and C.
Developed interfaces using IOCTL commands for embedded applications.
Virtualization and Development tools: Qemu, VirtualBox, Vmware, Linux Debian, Linux Ubuntu, Linux

Senior Systems Engineer
Columbia, Maryland 2008 2010

Senior Systems Engineer
Columbia, Maryland 2003 2008

Experience configuring VLANS, DMZ, NAT and access lists for Cisco 4500, 3500, 2400.
Responsible for administering backups using VERITAS Netbackup and Backup Exec.
Participated On-Call to provide after-hours assistance.
Developed shell scripts for ground based deployable cluster.
Experience with Firewall configurations, preferably with Cisco ASA, PIX and Juniper.
Data Center experience (racking, cabling, install and configuration, configuration management).
Ensure systems are kept in required configuration profile; including patch maintenance, changes in
software or hardware upgrades.
Developed second generation Multi-Band Radar control board.
Mixed Signal Board prototyping, multi-layer
VHDL code Development
Modelsim Simulation
Design Verification
Embedded Hardware - Software design
RF control/power measurement
High Speed Data stream sampling
Tri-FPGA design
Switch control
DAC/ADC, power supply monitor, low pass, high pass filtering
Seven Segment Display control
Developed C-Sharp (C#) applications for ground based deployable cluster and LAN automation.
Implemented LAN, WAN, and VOIP infrastructure for one of my companys largest government projects.
Architected and implemented Fiber installations and related communications infrastructure for
Enterprise connectivity.
Responsible for implementing companys wide area network.
Managed 10-site wide area network based on MPLS and point-to-point protocols.
Assisted in company growing from 75 to 800 employees over 5 years.
Designed and Implemented Web Farm for hosting business.
Managed 100TB Data Storage.
Played primary role in standing up secure and unsecure data centers.
Portable ground station architect.
Developed Linux Clustered nodes with high performance file system.
Configured High speed Gigabit and Infiniband interconnect.
Performed Linux Kernel performance optimization and tuning.

Other Responsibilities:

Senior Systems Architect
Active Directory configuration and administration.
Real-Time Site Replication.
LAN/WAN design based on Active Directory technologies.
Windows scripting.
Developed Web based collaboration and Intranet content using Microsoft SharePoint Moss 2007.
Architected, implemented and managed Microsoft SharePoint MOSS 2007 portal to disseminate group
information and manage project deliverables.
Relied heavily on Web Part content editors to customize SharePoint portal.
Implemented customized Front-end to portal based on ASP.NET 2.0 Master pages.
Made significant modifications to basic SharePoint Master Pages in order to change look-and-feel of
Used ASP.NET 2.0/3.5 to help reduce the complexity of developing SharePoint C# code.
Used SharePoint designer to help with basic SharePoint management and design.
Used Visual Studio 2005, Visual Studio 2008 and Visual Studio 2010 Beta as IDE of choice for my .NET

Systems Engineer.
DHCP, NIS, NFS, Samba, SSH configuration.
Heterogeneous systems integration and management.
SGI and SUN systems configuration and administration.
Responsible for architecting and managing small high-performance Linux clusters.

Assured compliance with DCID 6/3 regulations.
Evaluated ISS aspects of information technology hardware, software, networks and communications
Recommended measures to maintain compliance with government regulations.
Developed and maintained security plans for assigned Information Systems.
Administer customer required configuration management of HW and SW on assigned IS.
Provided basic IS security training and guidance to internal customers.
Knowledgeable of Sun Solaris/Unix/Linux/Windows operating system security controls.
Formal government ISS/IA training classes completed.
Backup to communications security manager (COMSEC cleared).

Information Assurance/Security Engineer
Determined network security requirements and controls against various industry guidance and
practices, including FIPS, NIS 800.53, DCID 6/3 and DIACAP.
Test security against network attached platforms Solaris/IRIX/Linux and Windows.
Performed vulnerability testing on standalone and networked systems
Performed risk management, analysis, certification and accreditation (C&A) activities.
Supported the operation and management of network and security information management systems.
Supported the definition and execution of information security policies.
Supported disaster recovery and mission assurance practices and principles.
Responsible for multiple IT security program areas including Incident Remediation, External Intrusion.
.Detection, Internal Intrusion Detection, Virus Management and Security Event Notification.
Developed and tested Security Policies for IDS, Proxy Servers, Firewalls, Email, and ACL.

Senior Network Engineer
Responsible for daily monitoring, troubleshooting and repairing of Enterprise LAN/WAN.
Responsible for architecting and implementing large scale MPLS WAN.
Responsible for architecting and implementing large scale Voice over IP network.
Responsible for architecting, implementing and monitoring both unsecure and secure networks.

Research Assistant/Bio-Medical Engineer
Baltimore, Maryland 1999 - 2003

Assisted with cadaver dissection to better understand vocal mechanics of human speech.
Analyzed 3-dimensional data using MATLAB signal/image processing.
Designed control programs for Bio-Medical instrumentation (used micro-controllers, FPGAs, and NI-DAQ
Automated bio-medical processes using custom designed applications (Used Matlab Instrument control
toolbox and custom designed C++ and Visual Basic applications).
Assisted Professors and medical doctors with their medical research studies.
Utilized ultrasound and MRI equipment to collect research data.

Senior Information Systems Consultant
Baltimore, Maryland 1997 - 1999
Part of team responsible for medical office software development and support.
Medical office Local Area Network (LAN) design and implementation.
Supported Mid-Atlantic region with occasional support outside region.

Electronic Calibration/Engineering Technician
Maryland 1995 - 1997
PCB Layout for small scale test instrumentation projects.
Excellent bench level skills.
High reliability military spec. soldering skills.
Component level troubleshooting, calibration and repair of test instrumentation. Normal routine
required component level repairs and circuit modification.
Electronics design, layout, wiring and repair of internally engineered test racks.
Team member responsible for maintenance and repair of engineering test equipment used in various
design projects.
Primary technician for newly created Computer Monitor Depot for entire Electronic Systems sector.


Electrical and Computer Engineering, Bachelor of Science
University of Maryland, Baltimore County, Maryland
GPA 3.5/4.0
Tau Beta Pi Honor Society
Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society
IEEE, Student Chapter - Treasurer

Studies focused in Hardware design, Basic electronics, VLSI design, Micro-electronics, Software
Engineering principles. Held position as Treasurer of local IEEE student chapter and along with other
student members, instituted learning sessions and national competition projects to highlight
Computer/Electrical Engineering principles.

Information Systems, Bachelor of Science
University of Maryland, Baltimore County, Maryland
GPA 3.7/4.0

Studies focused on the applications and implementation of information technology with an emphasis on
modern distributed applications, their design and implementation, and theoretical models and the
networks through which computer-based technologies travel.

Computer Science, Bachelor of Science
University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland
GPA 3.4/4.0
Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society

Electronics Engineering Technology, Associates of Science
Anne Arundel Junior College, Annapolis, Maryland
GPA 3.6/4.0

Studies focused on basic and advanced engineering electronics. Studies included basic circuit theory,
RF theory and digital & analog circuit design. Courses were project driven requiring demonstrated
knowledge of course work.


Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE)
Cisco Certified Network Administrator (CCNA)
SharePoint Saturday 2009, Ellicott City, Maryland
Bio-Medical Conference 2003, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania
Windows Internals 2009, Fifth edition
Blackhat and Defcon 2010

University of Maryland Entrepreneurial Program
Private Pilots License, Single-Engine Land, Present
Investment Advisor, Securities Trader (Futures and Commodities), Present
NSA Graduate Training Program, Accepted (decided to explore other opportunities), 2005
************** Academy, finalist (decided to explore other opportunities), 2002
Member, IEEE Computer and Electrical Engineering, Present
Radio Controlled (RC) Cars, Trucks and Airplanes, Present
Sablerock Investment Group, LLC Founder, President and Chief Investment Strategist, Present
Organized and managed company softball teams Home Brewer (Beer, Wine, Soda), Present

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