Outlook migration � Smoothing out the rough edges by 3avw32z


									Outlook migration — Smoothing out the rough edges
Adding Public Folders (formerly Group Mail) to your Favorites list
Adding the Public Folders you use regularly to your Favorites list puts them at the top of
your Navigation Pane, and you won't have to navigate through the long list of public folders
every time you need to check your group mail.
1. In the Mail view, click the Folders icon at the bottom of the Navigation Pane.
2. At the bottom of the Folder List, open Public FoldersAll Public
   FoldersUniversityLibrary, then open the folder
   for the Library or Department you need.
3. When you get to your list of public folders, right
   click the one you want to make the shortcut to, and
   select Add to Favorites from the pop-up menu.
4. A dialog box will open; click the Options button.
5. You can give the folder a different name for your
   favorites list if you want. If your department uses
   subfolders to organize its group mailboxes, click the
   Add Subfolders of this folder and Automatically add new subfolders checkboxes. It's
   probably most useful to Add all subfolders for both of these. Immediate subfolders means
   you will only have shortcuts to the folders one level below the main folder, but not any
   below those.
6. If you are adding several folders, do them all at
7. After you have added these to your Favorites, they
   still won't actually show up where you want them.
   Scroll back up to the top of the Public Folders list.
   Now there should be a Favorites folder directly
   under Public Folders. That's where all your
   shortcuts went. Open that Favorites folder, right
   click the names you just added, and select Add to
   Favorite Folders.
8. Now click the Mail option at the bottom of the Nav
   Pane, and you should see the folders you just added
   up at the top of your mail list. You can right click
   these folders and move them around in the
   Favorites list, rename them, remove them, or
   search them. They are actually shortcuts to the
   folders below, so any changes you make to the
   name or order of the shortcuts won't be reflected in the Public Folder. Any changes you
   make to the actual messages, though, will be, so if you delete a message through the
   shortcut, you'll be deleting it in the actual folder.

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