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					Kayla Carroll
6 Immigration Rules
 Keep your documents up to date
 Maintain “full-time” student status
 Don’t work without permission
 Update your address
 Always have insurance
 Follow all other US laws
Immigration Documents
 I-20 Form for F-1 Visa Holders
 DS-2019 for J-1 Visa Holders
 Passport
 I-94 Card
 F-1 or J-1 Student Visa
Keeping your documents up to
 Don’t let your passport expire
 Don’t let your DS-2019 or I-20 expire
 If you change your major, contact OISP
 If you are graduating early, contact OISP
 If you legally change your name, contact
I-20 for F-1s             DS-2019 for J-1s

   You must extend them BEFORE they expire!

F-1 Visa
   Most students at ISU have F-1 visas.
J-1 Visa
   Exchange Students have J-1 visas.
What Happens If Your Visa Expires?
 Nothing. As long as you stay within the U.S.,
  you don’t need to do anything.
 However, if you leave the U.S.:
     You need to apply for a new visa to come back
     You must apply outside of the U.S.
I-94 Card

   Don’t lose it! It costs $300 to get a new one!
How Long You Can Stay?
   Your I-20 or DS2019 have a start date and an
    ending date. You must leave the U.S. by your
    ending date.
   Your I-94 card should have a red stamp
    put there by a Customs Official.
    Inside the stamp, it should state
    your visa type and “D/S.”
   “D/S” stands for “Duration of Status.”
     As long as you obey Immigration laws and are making
     good progress, you may stay for the duration of your
     study program.
Keep A “Full Time” Course Load
   Undergraduates: You must take at least
   12 credit hours each semester

   Graduate students: You must take at least
   9 credit hours each semester

   Caution: Don’t drop any classes before
      1st talking to Stephanie or Kayla!
Working On Campus Is Okay
   20 hours per week maximum when school is
    in session

   During breaks, you may work unlimited hours
   J-1 exchange students:
    You MUST always receive a
    work permission letter
    BEFORE you start working.
    See Stephanie!
Working Off Campus Usually Not Okay
 In general, working is ILLEGAL if ISU is not
 your employer.
 A few examples of what is not okay and not
   ○ Working in restaurants or businesses outside the
   ○ Giving music lessons or language lessons and
     getting paid by the people you are giving lessons
     to. Self employment is not allowed.
   ○ Baby sitting for your host family and getting money
     or things in return.
Changes in Your U.S. Address
o   Immigration requires you to report your new address
    (or name change) within 10 Days of moving or
    changing your name!
o   To report your new local address:
    o Give your new address to the International Studies Office

    o Change your address in MyISU

    o Give your new address to the Registrar’s Office in 107 Moulton Hall

    o You MUST give the address where you sleep.
      o Not a post office box
    Health Insurance
o    All students must have health insurance while
     attending ISU.
o    J-1 exchange students are required to have
     insurance that meets specific criteria:
    o This is required by Immigration Law.
    o Repatriation of Remains
    o Medical Evacuation
        What Is “Immigration Status?”

   It also relates to whether or not you are in good
    standing with Immigration:

    “In Status” vs. “Out of Status”
Benefits of Your Student Visa
   You can work.
   You will have a Grace Period.
     It is for traveling and getting ready to leave the
     F-1 Students = 60 days
     J-1 Students = 30 days
     You may NOT work during your grace period!
Repeat with Me
   is MY responsibility to know
 It
  and obey Immigration laws for
  my visa type!
Keep Yourself Safe
o   Know your Immigration rules
o   When in doubt, ask us questions!
o   Don’t rely on professors, friends, family or
    academic advisors for Immigration info.
o   Visit our website
o   Read our email newsletters!

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