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									Help the MHS PTSA Continue to GROW!                                              COUNT ME IN TO
        Support your ACADEMIC BOOSTER CLUB                                     HELP the MHS PTSA
                                                                                Complete this section, detach and
The MHS PTSA is sponsoring a          Help the MHS PTSA reach its goals:         return with a check in attached
“Write-A-Check Campaign”                                                             envelope to MHS PTSA.
fundraiser for 2012-2013.                •   Support the MD PTA mission
                                                                               Make checks payable to MHS PTSA.
                                         •   Conduct informative programs
                                                                                 Enclosed is my tax-deductible
                                             for students, parents and staff
A successful “Write-A-Check                                                        donation in the amount of
Campaign” is essential to provide        •   Sponsor Teacher Appreciation                (check one):
                                             Events                                ______ $10 ______ $20
the necessary funds for the
                                         •   Support for the academic              ______ $30 ______ $50
functions and events of the MHS
                                             success of MHS students               0r $________ (fill in amount)
                                         •   Advocate for MHS school needs
                                                                               Parent/Guardian Name:
                                         •   Facilitate communication          _______________________
                                             between parents, teacher &
Your donation to “Write-A-Check”
                                             staff                             Student Name(s):      Grade
is TAX DEDUCTIBLE and 100% of
your donation directly supports the                                            __________________________
                                       Keep this portion as a receipt for
MHS PTSA.                                                                      __________________________
                                                  your taxes
                                                                                MHS PTSA is a 501(c) (3) charitable organization.
                                        Amount Donated $__________                        Donations are tax-deductible
Contact Jennie Mettert-Young at          Check Number __________                        to the extent allowed by the law.
                                                                                     Detach and enclose with your donation.
240-446-6156 or
Jenniemettertyoung@yahoo.com                                                    THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT!
for more information.

                                             Middletown High School

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