02a - Learning to Read Music 2 Lesson 1 by deathadderprateek


									                                         Learning to Read Music 2: Lesson 1
                                         By Christopher Schlegel

The ability to read music notation is an invaluable skill for any musician. Music notation is an ingenious system of graphic
symbols that efficiently combine all the information needed to play a piece of music.

In the first tutorial series Learning To Read Music Tutorial Part 1 we covered the essentials:

1.   What notes to play.
2.   When to play those notes & how long they last.
3.   How to count the rhythm; the time signature.
4.   What speed to play the piece; the tempo.

Now we will focus on the other characteristics:

5. What scale is being used; called the key signature.
6. How loudly or quietly to play those notes; called dynamics.
7. What qualities those notes should have; such as staccato (sharp & disconnected) or legato (smooth & connected); called
phrasing & timbre.

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