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									                                       September 2012 – Middle & High Schools Lunch Menu
                                                   White Plains City Schools                                                                                  Nutrition Corner

        MONDAY                    TUESDAY                     WEDNESDAY                    THURSDAY                        FRIDAY                 The White Plains Schools Food and
                                                                                                                                                  Nutrition Department welcomes you back
        Daily Specials: Assorted Main Dish Salads
           Cheese/Hamburger, Veggie Burger                                                                                                        to the new school year!
     Beef Hot Dogs, Turkey Hot Dogs, Deli Sandwiches
               Cheese Pizza/Soup of the Day                                                                                                                     General Information
                                                                                                                                                  -Please visit district website at
 3                           4                            5                       A    6                       B    7                     C       under the menus tab for food services
        Labor Day             Superintendent’s                Baked Chicken Tenders                                    Breaded Mozzarella         information such as menus, SNAP payment
      Schools Closed           Conference Day                 Seasoned Green Beans     Turkey BLT Sandwich               Sticks w/Sauce           forms, Free & Reduced meal forms, and
                               Schools Closed                   Wheat Dinner Roll         Cucumber Salad               Baby Spinach Salad         healthy snack ideas. Also you can find info
                                                                Macintosh Apple           Chilled Peaches              w/Cherry Tomatoes          on new meal regulation that are in effect for
                                                                                                                    Fresh Nectarine or 100%       this new school year.
                                                                                                                           Fruit Juice
 10                      D   11                    E      12                    F      13                      A    14                    B       -New Free & reduced meal
     “Breakfast For Lunch”    Main Dish Chef Salad           Cuban style turkey            Cheese Raviolis            Crispy Fish on a Bun        forms (12-13) must be filled out
 Cinnamon French Toast        w/Choice of Dressing         Served over Brown Rice          w/marinara sauce              w/Tartar Sauce           for all students – last year’s
 Turkey Canadian Bacon          French Bread Slice         Herbed Tomato Wedges            Mixed Vegetables          Carrot & Raisin Salad
    Sweet Potato puffs                                                                                                                            status will be valid until Oct. 1,
                              Granny Smith Apple              Water Melon slice              Fresh Plum             Pear Slices or 100% fruit
  Sliced melon or 100%                                                                                                        juice               2012 - then they will expire.
        Fruit Juice
 17                          18                           19                    C      20                 D         21                    E       -Take advantage of to
                                                           Beef Meatloaf w/Brown         Teriyaki Chicken              Vegetable Frittata         pay for meals by credit card online– see info
  Schools closed for          Schools closed for                   Gravy                w/Seasoned Noodles               Tossed Salad             below.
   Rosh Hashanah               Rosh Hashanah                     Dinner roll               Sliced carrots             w/Balsamic Dressing
                                                               Seasoned Peas             Cantaloupe Slice                Garlic Bread             -Charging of meals is not allowed!
                                                          Mixed Fruit Cup or 100%                                   Cinnamon Applesauce or
                                                                 fruit juice                                            100% fruit juice          -Questions or concerns can be directed to
 24                      F   25                   A       26                           29                      B    30                    C       each individual school or to our central
    Chicken Poppers           Tuna Salad on French                                                                                                office: Phone 914-422-2054.
  w/Ranch Dressing for               Bread             Schools closed for          Lasagna Roll-up             BBQ Meatballs                             __________________________
        Dipping                 Creamy Cole Slaw          Yom Kippur              Green garden salad       Baked Vegetarian Beans                    Parents: Make payments on
   Oven Baked Sweet                 w/Pickle                                          w/dressing                  Dinner roll                         your child’s meal accounts
      Potato Fries             Peach Crisp Dessert                              Cinnamon applesauce         Fresh Orange Slices or                                  online!
  Green Grapes or 100%                                                                                         100% fruit juice
       fruit juice                                                                                                                                  For more information call 800-479-
                                                                                                                                                               3531 or visit
***Choice of non-fat & low-fat milks served with all Lunches***If you have a food allergy please speak to the manager, chef or server
 Please call your school manager be more objective,ifyou have questions
   Please your questions. They tend to after 1:00 p.m. you have
Write downcallyour school manager after 1:00 p.m. if and you questions                         Breakfast served daily - $1.00
   Eastview -
  Church St. Laura Ackerly - 422-2418
                              Sadie Tatum                  422-2406                                  Lunch - $1.00Lunch
                                                                                    Breakfast served dailyPrice - $2.00 Price - $2.25                                               *Choice cold cereals, bagels, yogurt, muffins, and breakfast bars
                                                                            *Choice ofof cold cereals, bagels, yogurt, muffins, breakfast bars
  George Washington           Amera Wiese
   Highlands - Linda Vecchiolla - 422-2130                 422-2275         *Choice ofof canned or fresh fruits
  Mamaroneck Ave.             Roz Keys                     422-2166           *Choice canned or fresh fruits                                            *Choice low fat milks
                                                                            *Choice ofof low fat milks
                              Juanita 422 -2139
  Post Road - Melanie Monteleone –Banks
   High School                                             422-2078         *Daily side choices for lunch: Tossed salad, alternate vegetable
                                                                              *Daily side choices for lunch: Tossed salad, alternate vegetable
  Ridgeway                    Grace Cipollaro                       422-2077           choice, assorted fresh fruits 100% juices
                                                                            choice, assorted fresh fruits && 100% juices

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