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Christmas Mass Times 2006 by n6csJ6


									              Christmas Masses – 2011
  Christmas Eve - Saturday 24th December
06.00pm            Children’s Mass           St Mary Magdalene’s
08.00pm            Christmas Mass            St Martha’s
Midnight           Midnight Mass             St Mary Magdalene’s
 (All evening Masses are preceded by Carols that commence 30 mins before each Mass)

    Christmas Day - Sunday 25th December
            The Nativity of our Lord Jesus Christ
08.00am            Dawn Mass                 St Mary Magdalene’s
09.00am            Children’s Mass           St Martha’s *
10.00am            Christmas Mass            Our Lady of the Rosary
11.00am            Christmas Mass            St Mary Magdalene’s

        Christmas Collection is the Clergy Offering

               Feast of St Stephen – 2011
                        Monday 26th December
10.00am            Mass                      St Mary Magdalene’s

    Crib Offering for the “Cabrini Children’s Society”

Please note the 6:00pm Children’s Mass is always extremely crowded – please
 allow time to park and be prepared to stand (or choose an alternative Mass)!

    * The 9:00am St Martha’s Mass on Christmas Day includes children’s

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