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									                                      Basic Math Guide Lines
                                      Assessment: Basic Math Facts

Test Purpose
Mastery of the basic facts is critical to students' success in mathematics. Students must pass the High School
Exit Exam where the use of calculators is not permitted.

Test Description
Basic Facts test will be given throughout the year and the highest duplicated score for each operation will be
recorded. Students must meet the percent correct and the amount of time allowed for each category.

Mathematics Performance Standard Criteria

                                 Math Application Tests - Sample Items

Math Facts Application Tests
          • Each assessment for each operation (add, subtract, multiply and divide) will have 5 problems.
          • Students must correctly solve 4 of the 5 problems in order to be Advanced Proficient in the operation.
          • Each operation’s assessment is grade-level appropriate.

Sample Items:
          • Addition (Grade 2 example)
                      44 + 55
          • Subtraction (Grade 3 example)

                       108 – 59
           • Multiplication (Grade 4 example)

                       22 × 76
           • Division (Grade 5 example)

                       744 ÷ 6
                                          Basic Math Facts and Math Application Guidelines
                                                     2007-2008 Implementation

Math Application skills have been added to the Basic Math Facts Assessment.
For a student to be considered Advanced Proficient the student must:
        • complete the math facts 70 question test in less than five minutes
        • get 97% correct on the math facts test (miss only two)
        • take the un-timed math application test for each operation and work at least 4 of 5 correctly. Students must
            show their work to get credit.

If the student does not meet all three                                               Percent   # Correct    Time       Math Application
requirements for Advanced Proficient, then                                                     out of 70                No Time Limit
the highest level a student can attain is
Proficient. Proficiency Level
Advanced Proficient                                                                   97%       68 - 70    ≤ 5 min.      4 of 5 correct
Proficient                                                                            93%       65 - 67    ≤ 10 min.     0 to 5 correct
Partial Proficient                                                                    90%       63 - 64    ≤ 15 min.      Do not take
Not Proficient                                                                       < 90%       < 63      Any time       Do not take

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