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					                                        Expression of Interest
                                  Housing and Homelessness Projects

Developed through extensive consultation with our community, the United Way London & Middlesex
Community Impact Agenda outlines the following intended outcomes related to poverty in London and
Middlesex County:

                                                    LONG TERM OUTCOME
                                                 Everyone’s basic needs are met
                                                   SHORT TERM OUTCOMES
                               More residents can
   More residents have          maintain heat and
                                                          More residents can      More residents have      More residents have
enough safe, healthy and       hydro services that
                                                       obtain and maintain safe   access to appropriate      access to health
culturally appropriate food   ensure the health and
                                                        and affordable housing    and essential clothing    related resources
           to eat                safety of their

In order to achieve these outcomes, United Way is looking to build increased investment in the following:
     programs that prevent homelessness,
     programs that ensure everyone is able to maintain safe affordable housing.

United Way’s Poverty Impact Council is interested in hearing from service provider partners who can help
us to achieve this increased impact. This may include existing United Way funded agencies or
organizations that do not currently have a funding relationship with United Way.

     Applicants must be registered charities with a Board of Directors, and have a demonstrated
         history of sound fiscal responsibility.
     Projects that do not clearly fall within the scope of maintaining safe affordable housing or
         homelessness prevention will not be considered.
     United Way will not consider applications for festivals or events, or requests for capital costs.
     United Way will not consider applications for crash bed support, core shelter funding, subsidized
         housing or programs that do not embrace a prevention model.
     Submissions must align with the issues identified by the community in the London Community
         Housing Strategy and/or the London Community Plan on Homelessness.
     Services must be provided within London and/or Middlesex County.

Please note:
     Expression of interest (EOI) submissions will be reviewed by members of United Way’s Poverty
       Impact Council with support of United Way staff.
       Organizations that are successful during the EOI process will be invited to submit a full
        application during United Way’s 2013 - 2014 funding review cycle (please refer to timelines
       Submission of an EOI to United Way or invitation to submit a full proposal does not guarantee
       United Way values projects that embrace partnership and collaboration.

Process to submit
    An information session will be held after the London Homeless Coalition meeting June 4, 2012 at
       11:30 am on the second floor of City Hall. All other questions should be directed to Kate Cowan.
    Submissions must be no longer than three pages in length.
    Submissions must articulate your organization’s expertise and proposed activity or activities,
       clearly noting:
           o proposed activity
           o alignment with United Way’s poverty impact area as outlined above
           o alignment with the London Community Housing Strategy and/or the London Community
                Plan on Homelessness
           o demonstration of need
           o relationship to current service delivery (i.e., is this a new or existing service?)
           o existing/ potential partners
           o intended program outcomes and high level evaluation plan
           o anticipated high-level budget

All submissions must be received electronically in Microsoft Word format no later than July 13, 2012 to
the attention of:

                Kate Cowan, Community Planning Specialist
                519.438.1721 ext. 249

Key timelines

       May 25, 2012: invitation for expression of interest extended
       June 4, 2012: information session held after the London Homeless Coalition meeting
       July 13, 2012: deadline for all expression of interest submissions
       Organizations invited to submit a full proposal will be asked to do so no later than September 13,
        2012, with a deadline of no later than November 2, 2012.

Resource materials
For more information about United Way’s Community Impact Agenda, please refer to United Way’s
website at www.uwlondon.on.ca

For more information about the London Community Housing Strategy, please visit

For more information about the London Community Plan on Homelessness, please visit:

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