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									                                               BREAKSPEAR JUNIOR SCHOOL
                                                       Bushey Road, Ickenham, Middlesex, UB10 8JA
                                                                          Telephone: 01895 671971
                                                                                Fax: 01895 622749

                                                         Headteacher: P Rutter MA(Ed), PhD, Dip Ed

                         EXCEPTIONAL LEAVE REQUEST FORM

If it is necessary for you to take EXCEPTIONAL LEAVE during term time, please
complete the following form and return it to the school office.

Child’s name:                                            Class:



Reason for

Signature:                                               Date:

Relationship to pupil:

Regular attendance is essential for sound academic progress. Absence, other than on
grounds of illness, can be permitted only in special circumstances, which must be
explained to the Head teacher in writing beforehand. Exceptional leave taken in term
time which is not authorised by the Head teacher will be referred to the Education
Welfare Service who may issue a Fixed Penalty notice. We continually stress the
importance of not taking exceptional leave during term time in newsletters. The
Government is also reinforcing this message.

Exceptional leave during school time must be authorised by the head teacher.
The School does not authorise absence for exceptional leave for pupils during the
first two weeks of the Autumn Term or during test week in May.
     SATs week in 2009 for Key Stage 2 (Juniors) will be 11 – 15 May 2009.
     SATs week in 2010 for Key Stage 2 (Juniors) will be 10 – 14 May 2010.
     SATs for Infants take place during most of the Summer Term .

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