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									                                        Champlain Valley AHEC
                                     Health Career Activities during
                             Health Career Awareness Month – October 2009
                                    As of Monday, September 28, 2009

Date                        Event                                 Location
Panels and individual       There’s a Health Career for           Community College of Vermont-
exploration activities on   EVERYONE at Vermont Adult             Burlington
several dates in October    Learning/CCV “Transition to College
and November                & Career”
Sept. 25, 2009              There’s a Career in Health Care for   Patricia A. Hannaford Career Center’s
                            EVERYONE! Presentation- in            Health Careers Class & Middlebury
                            classroom                             Union High School Health Class
October 2009                Community Professionals give input    The 2007 edition is available online at
                            to the 2009 Edition of “Cultural at Cultural
                            Competency for Health Care            Competency and highlights the
                            Practitioner” manual. The 2009        exciting opportunities in health care
                            edition will be published online in   to work with people from many
                            November 2009.                        cultures and parts of the world.
Oct. 1, 2009                There’s a Career in Health Care for   Enosburg Falls High School w/UVM
                            EVERYONE! Presentation- in            Nursing Student- Science Classes
Oct. 3, 2009                Martin H. Wennar Scholarship Walk-    Toolkits from health careers
                            a-Thon (held at Northwestern          presentation used to educate
                            Medical Center)                       participants on opportunities in
                                                                  health care-as they walk along the
Oct. 7, 2009                Vermont Recruitment Day               Information about Champlain Valley
                                                                  AHEC & resources available for
                                                                  health care professionals and students
Oct. 13, 2009               Health Career Display (beginning at 7 Essex CHIPS & Teen Center
                            am and remaining at Essex Teen        Breakfast Club, 2 Lincoln Street, 2nd
                            Center for the rest of the week)      Floor, Essex Junction, VT
Champlain Valley AHEC Health Career Activities
October 2009 – Health Careers Month! As of 9/28/2009                                 2
Date                      Event                                 Location
Oct. 15, 2009             There’s a Career in Health Care for   Women Can Do! Conference, VTC,
                          EVERYONE! Presentation-promoting      Randolph. This conference is for high
                          the VT AHEC’s presentations and       school girls interested in learning
                          programs                              about non-traditional careers for
                                                                women. A female translational
                                                                researcher will be joining us as well.
Oct. 21 & 22, 2009        Health Careers & VT AHEC Network VT NEA Conference, Champlain
                          Display                               Valley Fairgrounds
Oct. 22, 2009             Health Careers Exploration Shadow     A one-day Health Careers Exploration
                          Day Program at Northwestern           Program for selected high school
                          Medical Center, St. Albans (for 10-12 students. Held at Northwestern
                          grade Franklin County & Milton High Medical Center, St. Albans, VT.
                          School students)
Oct. 23, 2009             Health Careers Exploration Shadow     A one-day Health Careers Exploration
                          Day Program at Porter Medical         Program for selected high school
                          Center, St. Albans (for 10-12 grade   students. Held at Porter Medical
                          Addison County students)              Center, Middlebury, VT.
Oct. 23, 2009             Vermont After School Conference       A workshop for school, activity and
                          workshop - “Making Health Careers     youth professionals at the annual
                          Real with Middle Schoolers” (an       conference co-sponsored by VASCN,
                          experience for educators and program Vermont’s 21st Century Learning
                          staff)                                Centers Program and Vermont Center
                                                                for Afterschool Excellence at Sheraton
                                                                Conference Center, Burlington
Oct. 26, 2009             Health Careers Awareness – Tribute    At Innovation 3.0, an event sponsored
                          to Innovation in Vermont (career      by Seven Days & Lake Champlain
                          exploration fair booth for adults and Workforce Investment Board at the
                          high school youth – open to the       Sheraton Hotel & Conference Center
                          public)                               from 10 am – 6 pm
Champlain Valley AHEC Health Career Activities
October 2009 – Health Careers Month! As of 9/28/2009                                      3
Date                         Event                                  Location
Nov. 2, 2009                 Mt. Abraham Union High School-         Assisting with finding health care
                             Career Day                             panelists to speak during the
Nov. 7, 2009                 Focus on Health Careers Conference.    A one-day conference for Champlain
                             Held at the UVM College of Medicine.   Valley 9-12 grade students.
Nov. 16, 2009       and Mental Health         University of Vermont, Burlington,
                             Career Display at “Bridging the        Vermont
We continue to book          For High School classes/events,        Eligible schools are high schools and
appearances for Health       contact:                               middle schools in Addison,
Careers Month. To            Kylee Ryan            Chittenden, Franklin & Grand Isle
inquire -                    For Middle School classes/events,      Counties
                             Karin Hammer-Williamson
To sign up for our e-        Contact Tammy Johnson,                 Our next edition will be released in
newsletter that includes a   Public Relations Coordinator           October!
profile of a health
occupation, news about
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