SALFORD CITY COUNCIL
                                           LANGWORTHY WARD
                                            NOTICE OF POLL
                                          ELECTION OF ONE COUNCILLOR

                                       Notice is hereby given that:-
1. A poll for the Election of ONE Councillor for the above-named Ward will take on Thursday the 5 May 2011 and will
   commence at Seven o’clock in the morning and be kept open until Ten o’clock in the evening

2. The candidates nominated at this Election, and the names of the persons who have signed the Nomination Paper of
   each candidate are as follows :-
   Names of Candidates              Places of                Description            Names of Persons who have signed the Nomination Paper
     (surname first)                Residence
BEHAN                           2 Everard Close          Trade Unionists and       Allison Taylor, Anthony Taylor, Carl E Steadman, Clare
Andy                            Walkden                  Socialists Against        Steadman, Arthur Palmer, Brenda Neill, David Neill, Joseph P
                                M28 7TY                  Cuts                      Ryan, Irene K Mitchell, Jacqueline Williamson
DARLINGTON                      24 Grange Road           The Conservative          Brian Boyland, Claire Croft, Nicola Twynham, Gary G Knox,
George Andrew                   Eccles                   Party Candidate           Brendan J Whelan, Margaret A Whelan, David A Spink, Kenneth
                                M30 8JQ                                            J Walker, Marion Walker, Rachel Gilluley
FAIRHURST                       92 Gerald Road           British National Party    John Norwood, Mark A Norwood, Ann Pritchard, Michael
Keith                           Salford                                            Wilkinson, Barbara Wilkinson, Raymond B Dix, Jean M Smith,
                                M6 6DF                                             Norma Lambert, Julie E Callaghan, Michelle Callaghan
HULSE                           24 Aylesbury Close       UK Independence           Donna Bolton, Pauline Sumner, Harry Kelly, Frank S Preston,
Graeme                          Langworthy               Party                     Joan L Coulson, James Coulson, Vera Aitken, William V Royle,
                                M5 4FQ                                             William Blundell, Jean Blundell
LOVEDAY                         74 Linen Court           The Labour Party          Harold Shorrocks, Kenneth H Derbyshire, Joan P Derbyshire,
Gina Claire                     Salford                  Candidate                 Paul A Shaw, Geraldine M Stone, Rebecca Fitzpatrick, Stuart W
                                M3 6JG                                             Antrobus, Jean Antrobus, Roy Marsh, Shelley Butler
MIDDLETON                       56 Seedley Park          Liberal Democrats         Katriona J Middleton, Lynn E Drake, Raymond K Drake, Andrew
Steve                           Road                                               Hough, Stacy Morris, Matthew P Simpson, Ciara Flood, Chantelle
                                Salford                                            Mellor, Emma Drake, Anastasia Parker
                                M6 5NU

3. Each elector must vote in the Polling District in which he or she is registered and entitled to vote as a Local
   Government Elector.
4. The Polling Districts, the situation of each Polling Place and the description of the persons entitled to vote thereat
   are as follows:-
Situation of Polling Stations                                                        Polling Station     Description of Persons entitled to Vote
                                                                                     No                    (being Local Government Electors
                                                                                                                entitled to vote thereat)
Langworthy Cornerstone, 451 Liverpool Street, Salford, M6 5QQ                              117                        (QA)     1 - 1102
Fit City Clarendon, Liverpool Street, Salford, M5 4AY                                      118                        (QB)     1 - 711
Fit City Clarendon, Liverpool Street, Salford, M5 4AY                                     118/1                       (QC)     1 - 754
Temporary Building Visitors, Car Park, Willow Tree Primary School, Salford, M6             119                        (QD)     1 - 1235
Temporary Building, Lower Seedley Road, Salford, M6 5PP                                    120                        (QE)     1 - 864
Pendleton Gateway Centre, 1 Broadwalk, Salford, M6 5FX                                     121                        (QF)     1 - 185
Pendleton Gateway Centre, 1 Broadwalk, Salford, M6 5FX                                    121/1                       (QH)     1 - 2088
St. Paul's Primary School, Cross Lane, Salford, M5 4AL                                     122                        (QG)     1 - 265
William Sutton Trust, Community Centre, Doveridge Gardens/Seedley Road,                    123                        (QI)     1 - 627
Salford, M6 5NQ
Community Room, 15 Springbank, Brentwood, Salford, M6 8RH                                  124                        (QJ)     1 - 622
Halton House, 36 Eccles Old Road, Salford, M6 8RA                                          125                        (QK)     1 - 754

5. The Poll for the above election is to be taken together with the poll for the Referendum on the Voting System for
   UK Parliamentary Elections

DATED: Friday 8 April 2011                                                                                       Barbara Spicer
                                                                                                                 Returning Officer
Printed & Published by RETURNING OFFICER, SALFORD CITY COUNCIL                 .

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