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									                                  Conference Financial Aid Application
                                (Deadline: Rolling through Thursday, September 20, 2012)

Guidelines for Applicants
Who May Apply
Staff of non-profit, community-based arts education organizations with budgets no larger than $750,000 may apply for
financial assistance to attend the conference and pre-conference institutes. The budget restriction does not apply to staff from
organizations in Pennsylvania.
Financial aid will be awarded on a rolling basis until Thursday, September 20, 2012 or until funds are exhausted. You are
encouraged to apply early to increase the likelihood that funds will be available. Applications must be received at the Guild’s
office by 5:00 pm EDT on the 20th.
Amount You May Request
The National Guild will consider requests for up to 50% of the total cost of your conference/pre-conference registration fees
(not including tickets for roundtable luncheons or site visits). Staff members of organizations based in Pennsylvania may be
eligible for additional funding and can request up to the lesser of $500 or 100% of tuition. We cannot underwrite travel,
lodging or other expenses.
 Register for the conference online at When you reach the
    payment screen, do not enter payment information. Instead, select “Generate Invoice,” then select “Email Invoice” to
    receive an emailed copy. Please forward the invoice with your completed financial aid application form attached to
 You will be notified within three weeks of submission whether funding has been awarded. Awards may be made in the
    amount requested or less.
   o If funding is awarded, you will be informed of the balance due for your registration and will have five (5) business days
       to pay by credit card via the online registration system, or to send a check. You may also decline funding and withdraw
       your registration.
   o In order to receive the early registration rates, your complete financial aid materials (registration invoice and financial
       aid application form) must be received by 5 pm EDT, August 8, 2012. Your payment must be received by 5pm EDT,
       August 15, 2012. Extensions will not be granted. After August 15th regular registration rates will apply.
 If registration payment (or proof of check request) for the balance due is not received within five (5) business days after
    notification, funding will be forfeited and returned to the pool of available support for other applicants. In addition, your
    registration reservation will be cancelled.
 Please note that due to space limits on certain items, such as Site Visits and Peer to Peer Roundtables, we cannot
    guarantee your spot in any event until payment is received.
Application Check List:
     A completed financial aid application.
     A completed conference registration invoice.
     Nonmembers Only: A letter certifying that your organization is a non-profit or government agency. Full and
      Educational Affiliate Members do not need to submit this material.
     Nonmembers Only: A link to the page of your organization’s website describing its educational offerings. Full and
      Educational Affiliate Members do not need to submit this material.
                        For questions or to submit your application materials, please contact
                  National Guild Business Manager, Traci Horgen at
                                            Application for Financial Aid

Name                                                         Job Title                              Amount Requested

                                                                                                          Y N
Organization                               Operating Budget (must be <$750k unless PA)                   Guild Member?

Street Address

City                                                         State                                       Zip

Email                                            Phone
1.     For which event(s) are you seeking assistance?  ENGAGING ADOLESCENTS PRECONFERENCE                            (Nov 14)
                                                      FUNDRAISING PRECONFERENCE                                      (Nov 14)
                                                      PARTNERS IN ARTS ED PRECONFERENCE                              (Nov 14)
                                                      FULL CONFERENCE                                             (Nov 15-17)
                                                      SINGLE DAY(S) Please specify # of days:                  (Nov 15, 16, 17)

2. Is your organization tax-exempt (e.g. a non-profit organization or government agency)?  Yes  No
3. Have you attended a National Guild conference in the past five years?                         Yes  No
4. Does your organization seek to provide high-quality, community-based arts education
   so that all people may participate in the arts according to their interests and abilities?    Yes  No
5. Preference is given to applicants that have sought support for technical assistance / professional development or travel
   assistance from a local arts council, foundation or board member(s). Please tell us about your efforts in this respect, what
   results you have had, and if not, why not?

6. If your organization is not a member of the National Guild, briefly describe arts education programs offered by your
   institution. Include a link to the portion of organization’s website describing its education programs.

7. How to do you hope to benefit by attending? How will your organization/community benefit by your participation??
   (Feel free to include an additional page as needed.)

Signature                                                                                       Date

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