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									The Transport Policy Statement for the Hillingdon Transport
Partnership 2006/7 - Draft
Are the transport statements which constitute this policy finalized?
No. The three main elements of the policy – transport for sixth formers (LEA), transport
for college students (Uxbridge College) and transport for Special Education Needs
students (SEN) are all subject to revision at this time (31.5.2006).

Are EMAs available locally?
They are available, as nationally, for 16, 17 and 18 year olds.

What help by way of transport services and student support is available towards
transport costs for students aged 16-18, and who provides it?
The area of Hillingdon has many London Transport bus services to its various secondary
schools and college in addition to the Metropolitan, Piccadilly and Central underground
lines. Some British Rail travelling is possible.
Help with educational travel can be sought in the following circumstances:
  Where a student qualifies for EMA but has exceptional travelling needs
  Where a student does not qualify for EMA
How do students apply for further information on this help?
If you attend Sixth Form (Year 12-14 in Hillingdon), whether this is a school in Hillingdon or
outside Hillingdon, you should contact the Student Support section at the Civic Centre, Uxbridge
on tel. 01895 250490 fax. 018956 250582 email: studentsupport@hillingdon.gov.uk Contact
name: Paul Elkerton
If you attend Uxbridge College you will need to talk with the Student Support section at the
Uxbridge campus. Ring 01895 853333 and ask for 'Student Support'. Contact person: Cathy
If you attend an out-borough college you should seek help with traveling expenses from that
college. In the event you are refused you can apply to the LEA for assistance.

Please provide details of any concessionary fares, discounts, subsidies, passes or travel
cards available for students in this age group. Please provide details of how much it costs
the student.
From 1st September 2006, students aged 16-17 and resident in Greater London can be
considered for free travel on buses and trams. They can apply for the 16/17 year old
Oyster photocard provided they have at least 12 hours of guided learning per week for a
minimum of 10 weeks on further education courses in school sixth forms, sixth form
colleges and Further Education colleges.
In addition London Transport makes available a concession to 18 year olds in education: the
Student Photocard (18). This offers savings of 30% on adult fares. Other concessions on
bus/tube and rail are offered from time to time.

During what times during the day can students use their travel passes or obtain
concessionary fares?
Assistance via the Partnership is offered as financial help. Students are encouraged to purchase
season tickets - monthly or quarterly travelcards which, of course, can be used throughout the
week including weekends and at all times.
Please confirm that support will continue to be made available to students who reach 19
whilst continuing on a course
Yes. The policies of both college and LEA will support continuing students 'til 19.

How will students be assessed to see if they are eligible for support?
They are means-tested, usually on the income of the students family. The policies of the college
and the LEA have a threshold for help with travelling expenses the same as the upper limit for

When should students start to apply for transport support?
Uxbridge College students should apply when they enrol or make arrangements to join the
course. LEA sixth formers can apply from the start of the academic year (1st September).
Students attending Hillingdon schools can obtain forms from the schools or from the Civic Centre,
Uxbridge. Students attending sixth forms outside Hillingdon will need to ask at the Civic Centre.
The deadline date for applications is: 31 March 2007 and 26th September (Uxbridge College).

What help do you provide for students with disabilities and/or learning difficulties, or
facing other difficulties in their courses?
Most students with disabilities will already be known to the LEA through its arrangements for
Special Educational Needs (SEN).
If a student is 'statemented', the statement will indicate if educational travelling expenses are to
be met for the students period of education. Where this is so the LEA will pay such expenses as
are appropriate. Where no recommendation for travel is present the student may be considered
under the ordinary LEA home-to-School/College travel policy. If no award is possible under this
policy cases are finally referred to the Learner Support Fund policies as detailed above.
Contacts: Special Educational Needs Policy: tel. 01895 250477; Home-To-School/College Travel:
tel. 01895 250473

What transport help can students apply for if they need to attend a course that is beyond
your LEA area?
Under LEA policy eligible students will be provided with full cost of travel subject to available
funds. There are no restrictions against students wishing to go out-borough for their education.
On the whole students attending out-borough colleges should seek travel assistance from their

Please provide information about all points of contact for students seeking transport
support, eg. LEA/College, bus company contact. Please include any websites and email

Paul Elkerton, Principal Awards Officer
London Borough of Hillingdon
Student Support
4 East
Civic Centre
Middlesex UB8 1UW
Tel.: 01895 250490
EMail: pelkerton@hillingdon.gov.uk
Fax.: 01895 250582

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