LESD # 79 - Sixth Grade Science Curriculum Guide and Calendar by tuKkt86


									                       LESD #79 - Sixth Grade Science Curriculum Guide and Calendar
The intent of this document is to provide sixth grade science teachers with a guide and timeline for the major science units that
are required to be taught during the school year. The expected duration of each unit has been given as a close estimate for
the length of time needed to cover each topic. Refer to the Arizona Science Standard for more specific details about the
Performance Objectives (PO’s).

**Please Note: Teachers should embed strands 1, 2, and 3 of the Arizona Science Standards into strands 4, 5, and 6 whenever
the opportunity provides for the inclusion.

 Unit One: Thinking Like a Scientist
 Time Frame: Three Weeks
 This unit will cover:                                          Standards:
 Procedures, Rules and Lab Safety                              S1C2PO1
 Scientific Thinking and Inquiry                               S1C1PO1, S1C1PO3, S2C1PO1, S2C1PO2, S2C1PO3,
                                                                  S2C1PO4, S2C2PO1, S2C2PO2
 Science notebooks                                             S1C2PO5
Activities in this unit:
1. 6th grade Lab Safety LP. Doc                                  S1C2PO1
2. LabPracticalLessonplan.dot                                    S1C2PO4, S1C2PO5
    a. Lab Practical Teacher guide.doc
    b. Lab Practical Student Worksheet #1.doc
    c. Lab Practical Student Worksheet #2.doc
3. Scientific Method Candy lab LP.dot                            S1C1PO2, S1C2PO2, S1C3PO2, S1C3PO6, S1C4PO4,
    a. Scientific Method New Lab Rough Draft Template.doc         S1C4PO5
    b. Scientific Method Lab Format-1.doc

 Unit Two: Scientific Method and Measurement
 Time Frame: Three Weeks
 This unit will cover:                          Standards:
 Scientific Method and Measurement             S1C1PO1, S1C1PO2, S1C1PO3, S1C2PO 1, S1C2PO2,
                                                  S1C2PO3, S1C2PO4, S1C2PO5, S1C3PO1, S1C3PO2,
                                                  S1C3PO3, S1C3PO4, S1C3PO5, S1C3PO6, S1C4PO1,
                                                  S1C4PO2, S1C4PO3, S1C4PO4, S1C4PO5, S2C1PO1,
                                                  S2C1PO2, S2C1PO3, S2C1PO4, S2C2PO1, S2C2PO2,
Vernier technology lesson #1 Hot Hand

 Unit Three: Water and Weather
 Time Frame: Seven to Eight Weeks
 This unit will cover:                             Standards:
 Historical contributors:                         S2C1PO1
    o Jacques Cousteau
    o Thor Heyerdahl
    o William Beebe
 Water Cycle                                        S6CPO4, S6C1PO5, S6C2PO1
 Atmosphere Layers                                  S6C2PO2, S6C1PO1
 Water and Weather                                  S6C2PO3, S6C2PO4, S6C2PO5, S6C2PO6
 Lakes and Rivers                                   S6C1PO2
 Oceans                                             S6C1PO3
 1. Ocean Layers LP.doc                            S6C1PO4
     a. Ocean Layers Travel Brochure.doc
 2. Water Cycle Journey L.P. (2).dot               S6C1PO5, S6C2PO1, also S1C1PO2, S1C2PO5,
 3. Water Cycle Journey LP (2).dot                  S1C3PO1, S1C3PO4, S1C4PO2, S1C3PO5
      a. Water Cycle Journey Stations.doc          S6C1PO5, S1C3PO1,S1C3PO4, S1C4PO2,
      b. Water Cycle Journey Game.doc               S1C3PO5
 4. Water Cycle (WC) Choice Menu LP (2).dot
      a. Water Cycle (WC) Choice Menu-1.doc        S6C1PO5, S6C2PO1
      b. Water Cycle (WC) Choice Menu Gallery
 5. Weather Map LP.doc                                     S6C2PO3, S6C2Po4, S6C2PO5, S1C3PO4,
     a. weathermaps.doc                                      S2C1PO4
Science Kits available for this unit: (call science center 535-6082 to order)
 Earth: The Water Planet
 Oceanography
 Weather and Water
 Science Court activity: Water Cycle
 Cooperative learning activity: Great Ocean Rescue

 Unit Four: Energy
 Time Frame: Four Weeks
 This unit will cover:                                          Standards:
 Transfer of Energy                                            S5C3PO1, S5C3PO2, S5C3PO3, S5C3PO4
Science Kits available for this unit: (call 535-6082 to order)
 Solar Energy—Solar houses
 SRP: Powering Our Future – Windmills
 Vernier technology lesson using UVA and UVB filters. Filters are housed at WSMS with science coach and available upon

 Unit Five: The Environment and You
 Time Frame: Five Weeks
 This unit will cover:                                       Standards:
 Environmental Education                                    S4C3PO1, S4C3PO2
 Natural Disasters                                          S3C1PO1, S3C1PO2
   o Science Seekers activity: Safe Water
1. Natural Disaster Lesson Plan.doc                            S3C1PO1, S3C1PO2, S3C2PO1, S3C2PO2
2. The Lorax Lesson.doc                                        S4C3PO2, S3C2PO1, S3C2PO2
   b. The Lorax.doc
3. Water Pollution Activity Lesson Plan.doc                    S4C3PO2, S3C2PO3

 Unit Six: Cells and the Human Body
 Time Frame: Nine Weeks
 This unit will cover:                                            Standards:
 Historical contributors:                                        S2C1PO1
    o Robert Hooke
    o Schleiden and Schwann
 Cells                                                           S4C1PO1, S4C1PO2, S4C1PO3, S4C1PO4
 Body Systems                                                    S4C1PO5, S4C1PO6, S4C1PO7
 Plants                                                          S4C1PO1, S4C1PO6, S4C1PO7
 1. Candy Cell LP(5).dot                                            S4C1PO2, S4C1PO3, S4C1PO4
    a. Candy Cell Model-1.doc
 2. Cheek Cell LP.doc                                               S4C1PO2, S4C1PO3, S1C2PO1, S1C1PO5
 3. Circ Stations LP.doc                                            S4C1PO6, S4C1PO7
    a. Circul Syst Stat Sudent Instructions.doc
    b. Circulatory System Stations Student Worksheet.doc
 4. Heart Rate LP.dot                                               S4C1PO6, also S1C2PO1, S1C2PO4, S1C2PO5, S1C3PO1,
                                                                     S1C3PO2, S1C4PO1, S1C4PO2, S1C4PO3, S1C4PO4,
5. Intro to Cells LP-1.doc                                          S4C1PO2, S4C1PO3, S4C1PO4
6. Onion Cell LP.doc                                                S4C1PO2, S4C1PO3, S4C1PO4, S1C2PO1, S1C2PO5
   a. Onion Cell Lab.doc
7. Plant Stations Lesson Plan (2).dot                               S4C1PO6
   a. Plant Stations Student Sheet-1.doc
8. Vernier technology lesson # 26 Heart rate and exercise.
Science Kits available for this unit: (call 535-6082 to order)
 Structure and Function
 Microworlds
 Science Court activity: Living Things

 Unit Seven: Science and Technology
 Time Frame: Three Weeks
 This unit will cover:                                            Standards:
 Science and Technology                                          S3C2PO1, S3C2PO2, S3C2PO3, S3C2PO4

Please Note: Refer to the Holt Textbook lab series in the back of the text for additional lab activities.


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