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Class sitter request by tuKkt86


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The Student Assistance Team (SAT) is a committee that works with teachers, parents, pupil appraisal
representatives, speech therapists, and any other professionals necessary to help students who need
help academically or behaviorally. Our teachers are a critical component of this process and it is so
important that they be able to attend these meetings. The meetings are on Tuesday mornings and
typically last an hour.
That is why we are asking for your help. As the Chairperson for the committee I try to arrange for class
sitters so the teachers don’t have to. I only ask parents to class sit for their own child’s homeroom or
switch teacher. If anyone is willing to class sit for other teachers, of course we would welcome that too!
I need to compile a list of names of potential class sitters for each teacher. This is not a weekly or even
monthly commitment. I would call you the week before the meeting to see if you are available. If you
think this is something you can help with, please send your name, email address, phone numbers, and
your child’s name to me by email or you can call me at school. If you are interested in class sitting for
other teachers as well, please include that information.
Thank you so much for your help and support for our students and teachers.
Susan Brocato
SAT Chairperson
Tchefuncte Middle School

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