MIDDLE SCHOOL LEVEL
       2008 Bible Quizzing Toss-up Questions
              Genesis Chapters 32 thru 37, KJV

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  1.    Identify             Identify the speaker(s) in      Jacob and the man that he
                             this verse and to whom          wrestled with are
                             he/she is speaking: “And he     speaking in this verse.
                             said, let me go, for the day    (32:26)
                             breaketh. And he said, I will
                             not let thee go, except thou
                             bless me.”
  2.    Content              And Jacob sent messengers       Esau his brother. (32:3)
                             before him to whom?
  3.    According to…        According to Genesis            Divide the people, flocks
                             chapter 32, verse 7, Jacob      herds, and camels that
                             became very afraid that his     were with him into two
                             brother Esau would kill him,    bands. (32:7)
                             so he did what?
  4.    Finish this verse…   Finish this verse: “Deliver     “…For I fear him, lest he
                             me, I pray thee from the        should come and smite
                             hand of my brother, from        me, and the mother with
                             the hand of Esau:…”             the children.” (32:11)
  5.    According to…        According to Genesis            A present. (32:13-15)
                             chapter 32, verses 13-15,
                             what was Jacob preparing
                             for Esau?
  6.    Situation            Explain what is happening       Jacob asks his servants to
                             in Genesis chapter 32, verses   deliver his present to Esau
                             16-20. Who is it happening      and to tell Esau that the
                             to and why?                     gift is from Jacob. He
                                                             hopes that Esau will
                                                             accept the gift and forget
                                                             his anger. (32:16-20)
  7.    According to…        According to Genesis            He sent them over the
                             chapter 32, verse 22-23,        brook. (32:22-23)
                             what did Jacob do with his
                             wives, women servants, and
8.    Quote this verse…    Quote this verse, Genesis       “And Jacob was left alone;
                           chapter 32, verse 24.           and there wrestled a man
                                                           with him until the
                                                           breaking of day.” (32:24)
9.    Fill in the blanks   Fill in the blanks: “Thy        Jacob, Israel. (32:28)
                           name shall be called no more
                           ____, but ____:…”
10.   Content              And Jacob lifted up his eyes,   Esau came, and with him
                           and looked, and behold,         four hundred men. (33:1)
11.   Content              What did Jacob do seven (7)     Bow himself to the
                           times as he came close to his   ground. (33:3)
                           brother Esau?
12.   According to…        According to Genesis          He ran to meet him,
                           chapter 33, verse 4, what did embraced him, fell on his
                           Esau do to Jacob?             neck, and kissed him.
13.   Content              And Dinah the daughter of     Went out to see the
                           Leah, which she bare unto     daughters of the land.
                           Jacob, did what?              (34:1)
14.   Content              What did Shechem the son      He saw her, took her, lay
                           of Hamor do to Dinah?         with her and defiled her.
15.   Situation            Explain what is happening     Shechem asked his father,
                           in Genesis chapter 34, verses Hamor to get Dinah so he
                           4-12. Who is it happening     can marry her. Jacob and
                           to and why?                   his sons discovered that
                                                         Shechem defiled Dinah.
                                                         Hamor asked Jacob to give
                                                         Dinah to his son Shechem
                                                         as a wife. (34:4-12)
16.   Content              And the sons of Jacob         Deceitfully. (34:13)
                           answered Shechem and
                           Hamor his father, how?
17.   According to…        According to Genesis          Get circumcised. (34:14-
                           chapter 34, verses 14-17. The 17)
                           sons of Jacob told Shechem
                           and Hamor his father, that
                           they would give them the
                           daughters of Jacob and take
                           their daughters if they
                           would do what?
18.   Content              In Dinah’s defense, what did Came upon the city boldly
                           her brothers Simeon and       and killed all the males.
                           Levi do?                      (34:25)

19.   Content           After Simeon and Levi killed    They took Dinah out of
                        Shechem and his father          Shechem’s house. (34:26)
                        Hamor, what did they do?
20.   According to…     According to Genesis            Because Shechem defiled
                        chapter 34, verse 27, why       their sister, Dinah. (34:27)
                        did Simeon and Levi kill all
                        the males and spoil the city?
21.   Identify          Identify the speaker in this    Jacob made that comment
                        verse and whom he/she is        to his sons, Simeon and
                        speaking to: “Ye have           Levi. (34:30)
                        troubled me to make me to
                        stink among the inhabitants
                        of the land, among the
                        Canaanites and the
22.   Identify          Identify the speaker(s) in      Simeon & Levi. (34:31)
                        this verse: “And they said,
                        should he deal with our
                        sister as with an harlot?”
23.   Content           And God said unto Jacob,        Up to Bethel. (35:1)
                        arise go where?
24.   According to…     According to Genesis            Put away the strange gods
                        chapter 35, verse 2, Jacob      that are among you, and
                        said unto his household, and    be clean, and change your
                        to all that were with him,      garments. (35:2)
25.   According to…     According to Genesis            All the strange gods in
                        chapter 35, verse 4, what did   their hands, and all the
                        the people give unto Jacob?     earrings in their ears.
26.   Content           Jacob and his sons were on      Because the terror of God
                        their way to Bethel. Why        was upon the cities. (35:5)
                        did the people in the cities
                        not pursue them?
27.   Content           What did Jacob call the         Bethel. (35:15)
                        name of the place where
                        God spoke with him?
28.   Multiple Choice   As they journeyed from          (B) Benjamin. (35:18)
                        Bethel, Rachel died giving
                        birth to whom?
                            A. Reuben
                            B. Benjamin
                            C. Judah
                            D. Dan

29.   According to…        According to Genesis           Lay with Bilhah his
                           chapter 35, verse 22, what     father’s concubine.
                           did Rueben do?                 (35:22)
30.   Content              Who were the sons of           Joseph, Benjamin, Dan,
                           Rachel and her handmaid,       and Naphtali. (35:24-25)
31.   Quote this verse     Quote this verse, Genesis      “And the days of Isaac
                           chapter 35, verse 28.          were an hundred and
                                                          fourscore (180) years.”
32.   Content              Who buried Isaac?              His sons Esau and Jacob.
33.   According to…        According to Genesis           The daughters of Canaan.
                           chapter 36, verse 2, Esau      (36:2)
                           took his wives from where?
34.   According to…        According to Genesis           Because the land was too
                           chapter 36, verses 6-7, why    crowded and could not
                           did Esau take all his          support Esau and his
                           possessions and move away      brother with their flocks
                           from Jacob?                    and herds. (36:6-7)
35.   Content              And Jacob dwelt in the land    The land of Canaan. (37:1)
                           wherein his father was a
                           stranger, which is what?
36.   Content              Joseph was how old when        Seventeen (17) years old.
                           he was feeding the flock       (37:2)
                           with his brethren?
37.   Fill in the blanks   Fill in the blanks: “Now       Joseph, children, old age.
                           Israel loved ____ more than    (37:3)
                           all his ____, because he was
                           the son of his ___ ___…”
38.   Finish this verse    Finish this verse: “And        “…They hated him, and
                           when his brethren saw that     could not speak peaceably
                           their father loved him more    unto him.” (37:4)
                           than all his brethren,…”
39.   Content              What did Joseph see in his     His brother’s bundles of
                           first (1st) dream?             wheat bowing down to his
                                                          bundle of wheat. (37:5-7)
40.   Identify             Identify the speaker(s) in     The sons of Jacob are
                           this verse and to whom         speaking to Joseph. (37:8)
                           he/she is speaking: “Shalt
                           thou indeed reign over us?
                           Or shalt thou indeed have
                           dominion over us?”
41.   Content              What three (3) things          The sun, moon, and eleven
                           bowed down to Joseph in        (11) stars. (37:9)
                           his second (2nd) dream?
42.   Finish this verse   Finish this verse: “And when    “…They conspired against
                          they saw him afar off, even     him to slay him.” (37:18)
                          before he came near unto
43.   Situation           Explain what is happening       Joseph’s brothers are
                          in Genesis chapter 37, verses   conspiring to kill him.
                          19-22. Who is it happening      Rueben suggests that they
                          to and why?                     throw him in a pit, but not
                                                          hurt him. Rueben planned
                                                          to rescue Joseph later and
                                                          return him to Jacob.
44.   According to…       According to Genesis            They stript Joseph out of
                          chapter 37, verse 23-24,        his coat and tossed him
                          what happened to Joseph         into a pit. (37:23-24)
                          when he met up with his
45.   Content             What was the condition of       The pit was empty, there
                          the pit Joseph was thrown       was no water in it. (37:24)
46.   Identify            Identify the speaker(s) in      Judah is speaking to his
                          this verse and to whom          brothers about their
                          he/she is speaking: “Come,      younger brother, Joseph.
                          and let us sell him to the      (37:26-27)
                          Ishmeelites, and let not our
                          hand be upon him; for he is
                          our brother and our flesh.”
47.   Content             What did the Midianites         They drew and lifted up
                          and merchantmen do?             Joseph out of the pit.
48.   Content             Into what land did the          The land of Egypt. (37:28)
                          Ishmeelites bring Joseph?
49.   Content             After seeing Joseph’s coat      Rent his clothes, put on
                          covered in blood, what did      sackcloth and mourned
                          Jacob do?                       for his son many days.
50.   Content             Who rose up to comfort          All his sons and daughters.
                          Jacob?                          (37:35)

              BONUS QUESTIONS:
         {All bonus questions are worth 20 points!}

1.   According to…       According to Genesis            This is God’s host. (32:2)
                         chapter 32, verse 2, what did
                         Joseph say when he saw the
                         angels of God?
2.   According to…       According to Genesis            Reuben, Simeon, Levi,
                         chapter 35, verse 23, what      Judah, Issachar, and
                         are the names of Leah’s         Zebulun. (35:23)

3.   According to…       According to Genesis            Gad and Asher. (35:26)
                         chapter 35, verse 26, what
                         are the names of the sons of
4.   According to…       According to Genesis            A coat of many colors.
                         chapter 37, verse 3, what did   (37:3)
                         Jacob make Joseph?
5.   Finish this verse   Finish this verse: “And the     “…An officer of Pharaoh’s,
                         Midianites sold him into        and captain of the guards.
                         Egypt unto Potiphar, …”         (37:36)


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