Atom Book Project: The Story of the Atom by D5D29A5


									Atom Book
 The Story
of the Atom
460 B.C.— 2009 A.D.
     Make a Book

• Design your own book and create
 an atom scrap book

• Designs chosen for display in the
 library will earn extra credit
        Who Must Be
•   Democritus

•   Dalton

•   Thompson

•   Milliken

•   Rutherford

•   James Chadwick
     Optional for
     Extra Credit

• Large Hadron Collider — CERN
 Research Center

• Other significant contributors to
 atomic theory
What information
must be included?
•   Describe the unique contribution each theorist
    made to advance atomic theory.

•   Describe and include an illustration (provide
    source in caption) of apparatus used, if any by
    each theorist.

•   Describe and illustrate the resulting model of
    the atom each theorist envisioned.

• You may use any credible source including
    science text, encyclopedias, books or articles
    about each theorist.
       Grade and
• Graded as a major project
• Due: Next Friday (date of
 Chapter 4 Quiz)

• Questions?

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