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									NAME: ______________________________                          Period B, Room 621

                             GUIDELINES FOR YOUR CIVICS CLASS - MRS. MARZIK

                         1. One-half credit (one semester) of Civics is required to graduate from
                           Londonderry High School.
                           2. Organization is essential. Because there is no text book in this class,
                           I recommend a three-ring binder to keep your materials organized. A
                           three-hole punch is available in the classroom.
                           3. We will use the assignment notebooks you were given. You are
                           expected to have these with you each day and to keep them current.
4. Tests, quizzes and homework should be done in blue or black ink or pencil.
5. Assignments which are to be collected need to be done on paper with straight edges (not
paper torn from a spiral notebook).
6. If you encounter difficulties on quizzes, tests or class assignments, it is your responsibility to
make sure you obtain clarification - either in class discussion or by seeing me individually. I will
be available after school on most days here in room 621.
7. If you have an excused absence on the day of an announced test or quiz, you need to arrange
to make up the work. Unless this is an extraordinary case, the work must be made up within five
school days. If this is not done, the grade will be recorded as a zero.
8. Assignments should be completed on the due date to receive full credit. Late homework is
accepted, but earns less credit, relative to neatness, completeness, and timeliness. Long-term
project grades are reduced by 10% (one letter grade) for each day late. Make-up work is the
student’s responsibility and must be completed within five school days of the student’s return to
9. Field trips or other school-sanctioned absences are excused, but you must notify me prior to
any absences of this type.
10. Assignments will be on the board in advance. Therefore, if you are absent, you are
expected to stay caught up. Written assignments will be on the board the day before they’re
due. If you are absent, the written assignment is due the following school day.
11. Be on time. Participate in class. Bring your materials to class.
12. Review the homework and grading policies in your student handbook; these will be followed
in this class.
13. No food is to be consumed in the classroom. Drinks with screw-top caps are permitted.
14. Expectations consistent with common courtesy apply at all times.
15. All school rules apply in this classroom.
16. Success is a choice; I hope you will all make the choice to succeed!
17. There is a difference between working together on assignments and sharing your
    work with another student. Work that has been copied from someone else will
    receive a zero.
These are the X2 Codes for this class:

                                           X2 Codes
                                AB – Absent, counts as a zero
                     EX – Excused from the assignment, counts as no score
                           MI – Missing assignment, counts as zero
                            BG – Being graded, counts as no score
                               OP – Optional, counts as no score
                     PASS – Student has passed the competency assessment
                      FAIL – Student has failed the competency assessment
                         ANC – Assigned, but not collected / corrected

Contact Information:
Mrs. Marzik’s Phone: 432- 6941, Voice Mail 2827;

Web Page:
              All teacher pages can be accessed through the school district website. Go to the
High School’s tab and click on “Teacher Pages”. I am listed in the Social Studies Department.
You will find useful documents and links here as well.
                The full course outline can also be found on the school district website. At the
District tab, under “Documents,” there is a section called “Curriculum Information”. There you
will find the High School Civics Curriculum.

Please sign and return on or before Tuesday, September 4, 2012.

We, the undersigned, understand the expectations for Civics.

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