KALKASKA PUBLIC SCHOOLS

                    Board of Education Special Meeting - Workshop

                                  September 28, 2009

Board of Education Room
315 S. Coral Street
Kalkaska, Michigan 49646

Members Present: Jim Peters, Terry Thomas, William Hardy, Mike Gaylord, Larry
Fields, Lawrence Barber (arrived at 6:43 p.m.)

Absent: Jennifer King

Others Present: Superintendent Lee Sandy, Principals Dale Kasza, Brian Harbour, Diane
Swoverland, Melissa Heller, Greg Webster, Rik Ponstein, Dean of Students/At-Risk
Coordinator John Sattler

President Jim Peters called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.

               Discussion Regarding          The Board, Superintendent Lee Sandy, and
               Student Achievement           administrators discussed strategies to
                                             increase student achievement throughout the

                                             Principals provided reports on initiatives to
                                             improve academic assessment scores, school
                                             environment and parent/community
                                             relations. In addition to the administrative
                                             presentations, several staff members
                                             presented reports on programs. Middle
                                             school science teacher Ryan Moore
                                             illustrated the use of new technology in
                                             classrooms, and Lisa Wyzgoski presented
                                             information regarding early childhood
                                             programs. Instructional coaches Marie
                                             Strong and Arica Swoverland informed the
                                             Board about how they help staff. Bill
                                             Watson from the SEEDS program, a five-
                                             year, federally funded project, explained
                                             how the program assists at-risk students.
              Discussion Regarding    The Board discussed the hiring
              Hiring of KHS Dean of   of a new Dean of Students/At-Risk
              Students/At-Risk        Coordinator at the high school.

(910-039)     Hiring of KHS Dean of   Terry Thomas moved, Larry Fields
              Students/At-Risk        supported that the Board approves the hiring
              Coordinator             of Mr. John Sattler for the position of Dean
                                      of Students/At-Risk Coordinator, based
                                      upon the recommendation of KHS Principal
                                      Mr. Dale Kasza and the interview team.

                                      AYES: Larry Fields, Lawrence Barber,
                                      Mike Gaylord, Jim Peters, Terry Thomas

                                      NAYS: None

                                      MOTION CARRIED (6-0)

(910-040)     Adjournment             Larry Fields moved, Bill Hardy supported
                                      that the meeting be adjourned.

                                      MOTION CARRIED (6-0)

The meeting adjourned at 7:53 p.m.

                                             Terry Thomas, Secretary

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