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					                        OUR LADY OF VICTORIES

                                MIDDLE SCHOOL

Welcome to Our Lady of Victories Middle School! We hope the following information
will be helpful in assuring a successful school year for all sixth, seventh, and eighth grade


In addition to the core curriculum, students also attend classes in physical education,
computers, library, art, music and Spanish. All are encouraged to also take part in extra
curricular activities such as: student government, school newspaper, chess club, ping
pong club, track club, yearbook and altar servers.


Homework is important and it is the responsibility of the student. Students must
complete assignments/projects by the due date to avoid a late grade. Should an
assignment be one day late 10 points will be deducted, on the second day a grade of 50%
would be the highest achievable grade. After three days, late assignments will not be
accepted and a “0” will be entered on Power School. Three missing assignments in any
subject in one marking period will render the student ineligible for the Honor Roll or
Principal’s List

Students are encouraged to keep a homework assignment pad and record notes and
homework for each class. In addition, homework is also listed on Power School.


In the Middle School grades are weighted     Tests    50%
                                             Quizzes  25%
                                             Projects  15%
                                             Homework 10%

Parents should check Power School regularly to keep informed of grades.

It is each student’s responsibility to return all papers that require a parent’s signature in a
timely fashion. Absent notes are required by law and should be sent into school on the
day a student returns to class. If a student is going to be absent for an extended period of
time, please notify the office. Please check Power School for homework assignments and
if textbooks are needed to complete homework contact the office.

Power School will list all grades as well as teacher comments. In addition, parents
are encouraged to contact teachers by school phone, school e-mail or note throughout the
year. Students may not e-mail teachers by school e-mail. Only parents may use school


Students are expected to be organized and ready for class each day. Once students leave
homeroom to follow their schedule, they may not return for forgotten items. This does
not mean that students are required to carry all of their books and school supplies around
all day. Usually when students change classes, their schedule will bring them back to
homeroom a few periods later; therefore they should only be carrying the books they
need until they are back in homeroom.


Detentions will be assigned for matters of misbehavior and repeated infractions. This will
result in the student not being eligible for Honor Roll. Students and parents will be
notified in advance of detention. Detentions are from 2:00 -2:45 p.m.
If a student cannot be picked up at this time Latchkey is available.


In the Middle School all cell phones are collected in the morning and picked up at
dismissal. No other electronic device is permitted in school. If a student uses an
electronic device during school at any time it will be confiscated and sent to the office.
Only a parent can pick up the cell phone/device after a one week waiting period.

Please adhere to all uniform requirements. All clothes should be labeled with student’s
name. School sweaters (not sweatshirts) can be worn in the classroom.
       Gym socks should cover the ankle.

MAKE UP - no make up should be worn to school
NAILS -   no nail polish or artificial nails or tips
JEWELRY - religious medals and crosses may be worn under the shirt.
           earrings must be small studs for boys/girls and only one set
HAIR -     natural hair color only / boys’ hair should be worn in a neat
           above the shirt cut
NUT DAYS - (no uniform today) – modest and appropriate clothes for a
                                   Catholic School

The dress code will be monitored and dress code violations issued. Should a student be
out of uniform three times, it will be noted on his/her report card. This can result in not
being eligible for the Honor Roll.

Your cooperation throughout the school year is greatly appreciated by all of us who are
involved in the daily operation of the Middle School.

                         Thank you, The Faculty of the Middle School

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