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									Middle School Curriculum – Art

I – Introduce
M – Master
R – Reinforce

Middle School Benchmark                                             Grade 6                 Grade 7              Grade 8
1. Analyze personal, family and community connections that          R                       R                    R
involve work by visual artists.
2. Describe and compare skills involved in arts related and         I                       I                    I
visual arts careers.
3. Compare the characteristics of work in two or more art           I                       I                    I
forms that share similar subject matter, historical periods, or
cultural context.
4. Describe ways in which the principles and subject matter of      I                       I - M – Create an    I - M – Create a
other disciplines taught in the school are inter-related with the                           Ancient Greek        metamorphosis
visual arts.                                                                                Vase out of clay     drawing from a
                                                                                            and be able to       non-living object
                                                                                            identify the         to a living
                                                                                            difference between   creature, and be
                                                                                            red figure vases     able to identify
                                                                                            and black figure     with the process
                                                                                            vases as well as     of metamorphosis
                                                                                            identify time        using prior
                                                                                            periods.             knowledge.
5. Describe how personal experiences influence the                  I                       M – Create           R
development of specific artworks                                                            reproduction
                                                                                            paintings of
                                                                                            Georgia O’Keeffe
                                                                                            and be able to
                                                                                            describe her
                                                                                            influences behind

1. Select materials, techniques, and processes to effectively       R                       R                    R
communicate ideas.
2. Employ organizational principals and analyze what makes          I – M – Use only        I                    I
them effective or not in the communication of ideas.                geometric shapes
                                                                    and complimentary
                                                                    colors to create an

1. Form and defend judgment about characteristics and               R                       R                    R
structures to accomplish commercial, personal, communal or
other purposes of art.
2. Observe and compare works of art that were created for           R                       R                    R
different purposes.
3. Describe how materials, techniques, technology and               I                       I                    I
processes cause responses.
4. Describe and compare.                                            I                       I                    I

1. Select materials, techniques, media technology and processes     I – M – Select          I                    I – M – Using a
to achieve desired effects.                                         materials and be able                        variety of painting
                                                                    to demonstrate their                         techniques the
                                                                    use in a piece of                            students create a
                                                                    artwork.                                     landscape.
                                                                                                                 materials and
                                                                                                                 problem solving
                                                                                                                 on how to mix
2. Use art materials and tolls safely and responsibly to            R                      R                  R
communicate experiences and ideas.
3. Select and use the visual characteristics and organizational     I – M – Create a       I                  R
principles of art to communicate                                    bookmark using a
                                                                    variety of shapes,
                                                                    colors, and patterns
                                                                    to promote reading.
4. Be involved in the process and presentation of a final product   I                      I                  I
or exhibit.

1. Know and compare the characteristics of art works in various     R                      I                  I
eras and cultures.
2. Describe and place a variety of art objects in historical and    I                      I                  I
cultural contexts.
3. Analyze, describe and demonstrate how factors of time and        I                      I                  I
place (such as: climate, resources, ideas, and technology)
influence visual characteristics that give meaning and value to a
work of art.

3. Integrate the visual, spatial, and temporal concepts with        I – M - Design an      I – M – Create a   M – R – Create a
content to communicate intended meaning in artworks.                advertisement for a    futuristic city    mask out of paper
                                                                    product using only     perspective        mache and paint.
                                                                    shapes, colors &       drawing, after
                                                                    symbols no workds.     going through
                                                                                           worksheets and a
                                                                                           rough draft.
4.Use subjects, themes and symbols that communicate intended        I – M – Create a       I                  I
meaning in artworks.                                                family flag with a
                                                                    coat of arms
                                                                    representing things
                                                                    the family likes or
                                                                    does together,
5. Integrate organizational structures and characteristics to       I                      I                  I
create art for different purposes.
6. Organize information and ideas for media productions.            I                      I                  I

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