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                         Pill Bugs and the Scientific Method

In this activity you will use the steps in the scientific method to help you answer a
question about pill bug behavior. You may come up with a question of your own, or use
one of the suggestions below.

1) Question:
      a) Do pill bugs prefer an environment that is light or dark?
      b) Do pill bugs prefer an environment that is dry or moist?
      c) Do pill bugs prefer an environment that is made of sand or soil?

2) Research: With your group, come up with a list of things that you might research to
help you form your hypothesis and answer your question. Each person in your group
should be responsible for researching at least one topic for homework.

      Topic #1: _______________________________________________

      Topic #2: _______________________________________________

      Topic #3: _______________________________________________

      Topic #4: _______________________________________________

      Topic #5: _______________________________________________

3) Hypothesis: State a hypothesis based on your research and previous knowledge




4) Experiment: Given the materials listed below, figure out each part of the experiment
listed, and devise a specific procedure to test your hypothesis.

      A) Materials: 2 dissecting trays          10 pill bugs
                paper towel                     stopwatch / clock
                water                           flashlight
                sand                            construction paper

      B) List the following parts of the experiment:
      Independent Variable; _____________________________________

      Dependent Variable: ______________________________________

      Control Group: ___________________________________________

      Other variables you want to control (keep the same: List all you can think of)

      C) On a separate sheet of paper/ or directly on the computer, neatly write out
      your procedure in a sequence of numbered steps?

5) Analyze Data: Using a piece of graph paper, graph your results.

6) Draw Conclusions : On a separate sheet of paper, write good paragraphs with topic
sentences which explain if your hypothesis was supported by your data. Use specific
data to back up your conclusions. You’ll also include information we go over in class.

7) Share Results: FInd another group which had the same question and compare your
results with theirs.

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