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					         Welcome to
   6 th Grade Orientation

at Jack Hille Middle School
       Dr. Courtney Orzel, Principal
     Mr. John Orth, Assistant Principal &
        Tonight’s Schedule
       2 Sessions: Administration/Staff
       Tour of building at end of evening

7:00-7:25: Session 1
7:30-8:00: Session 2
8:00: School Tour
What does JHMS represent?
O High quality, well rounded, world class education for
  every student
   O Safe, supportive, inclusive environment for
     students, parents, and community
   O High expectations for all students
   O Social, emotional, academic, behavioral support
   O Partners with parents and community
        O Open door policy and open communication
         for students, parents, and our community
             High Quality
         Academic Preparation
O Common Core Standards (CCS) provide a
  consistent, clear understanding of what
  students are to learn.
O Robust, relevant, and rigorous standards for
  success in college and careers
O Curriculum maps are aligned to the Common
  Core Standards and can be found online on our
  district website.
        Social and Emotional Learning (SEL)
         and Positive Behavior Intervention
                and Supports (PBIS)
O   Illinois has SEL standards.
O   Connections (Advisory) once/week
O   Topics include: bullying, stress management, conflict resolution,
    organization and study skills, friendship, citizenship, character
O   PBIS teaches pro-social behaviors in all areas of the school.
O   District 142 has adopted 3 key components to the process:
    O Be Respectful
    O Be Responsible
    O Be Safe

O   Parents and students will receive a JHMS Behavior Matrix of
        Student Schedule
O 9 period day
O CORE: Literature & Language Arts, Science,
  Social Science, Math, PE
O ENCORE classes (Art, Applied Technology,
  Computer Science, Public Speaking, Reading
  Strategies, Foreign Language Survey)
O Students do not select Encore classes. They are
  placed into them based on their core schedule
  UNLESS they choose band and/or choir.
O Band or Choir interest? See Mr. Nendza tonight.
Teaming Time
Teams focus on student learning and success.
        Student learning and progress
        Academic, Social and Emotional
        Organize/plan student-related activities
        Meetings with students/parents
        Middle School concept
        Grade level teams
        Teams meet daily
    Communication with

       Vital to student success!
-Parent Portal      - Weebly pages
-Webpage            - Parent E-mail list
   Students should be at school, on time, every day!
   Attendance is VITAL to academic success!!
   Please call the school office no later than 8:30AM and
    ALWAYS leave a message.
   5+ days of absence requires a doctor/ physician note
   Mrs. Young keeps attendance records up-to-date and
    communicates with parents and administration regarding
    attendance concerns or questions.
         Academic Assistance
O Available to students based on individual
O    Teacher, parent and/or self-referrals
O    Organizational skills & goal setting groups
O    Homework completion opportunity after school
    to promote personal responsibility
O    Catch Up Club on Monday-Thursday
O    Math and Reading Interventions during the
    school day and after school

O Student safety             O Currently, buses are
                              contracted through
  is our #1                   Positive Connections
  concern!                    for students who live
                              1.5 miles from their
O Appropriate behavior is     assigned school.
  expected of all students
  that ride the bus.
                             O Student sport buses
O We run a 4:00pm bus
  for students each           are also provided for
  school day.                 all extra-curricular
                              conference sports.
        Lunchtime Expectations

O At beginning of year, students sit with Connections
O   Lunchroom supervisors will teach expectations.
O   Students may bring a lunch or buy a lunch.
O   30 minute lunches
O   Students must know their lunch code.
O   Students bring money in an envelope to Main Office
    with name on it. Parents may deposit money into
    online Mealtime account as well.
      O Mealtime information on separate sheet.
                    “To discipline is to teach”
To discipline a child is to teach life long problem solving skills
 and decision making that provides a framework for positive
                     interactions with others.
          Cell Phone Usage
O   Students may possess cell phones on school property but may use them only
    before or after school in authorized zones (Main hallway only).

O    During the school day and on the bus, cell phones must be out of sight and
    turned off. Cell phones must be kept in lockers during the school day.

O   Cell phone usage is not permitted on school busses or during extracurricular
    activities and events.

O   A student may not take unauthorized pictures of students using a camera

O   All phones taken away by staff for misuse will be placed in an envelope and
    must be picked up by a parent unless the principal or assistant principal
    authorize release to the student. Repeated      offenses will result in a detention
    or further disciplinary action.
O Appropriateness
O Refer to the Student Handbook
O Applies in school and at all after
school activities
O Dances/Sports/Before-After School
           Social Networking
  O Parent education
  O Student education

  O Appropriateness
  O Technology usage
  O Anti-bullying action plan which includes parent and
    student education about cyberbullying
  O Visit the D142 website for the Creating a Caring
    Community Action Plan
 Welcome to Hille!
We are looking forward to a
 great year in 2012-13!!

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