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Assessment is an integral part of the teaching and learning process. It
enables us to make informed judgements about pupils’ learning and the
impact of our teaching and informs our future planning.

We assess to

      Raise standards
      Maximise progress and improve performance
      Diagnose strengths and weaknesses
      Support pupils’ learning
      Recognise and celebrate achievement
      Evaluate how individuals perform in relation to others
      Inform planning at all levels
      Provide information and overall evidence of what children know,
       understand and can do

Formative assessment

This provides information which allows staff to plan and modify their teaching
and short term planning to ensure progression and improvement in both
individual and group learning. This would include marking, observing,
questioning, discussion work and task setting.

Summative assessment

This provides overall evidence of what pupils know, understand and can
do in both internal and external tests


                     Results from feeder schools
                     Year 5 QCA tests
                     Year 6 SATs
                     Year 7 progress test
                     Year 8 optional tests


             Internal assessments are carried out in all subjects, usually at
             the end of each unit or module of work.
Assessment in any form will only be effective if the results of assessment are
analysed and used to inform planning and influence teaching approaches and
the delivery of the curriculum.

Target setting

We aim to set aspirational targets that, at the same time, are realistic and
attainable, but which offer significant challenge.

Key Stage 2 Target setting

Targets for pupils’ performance at Key Stage 2 are set in November in
discussion with the SIP.
Targets set are for the number of pupils who will reach:-
Levels 4 and 5 in English, Maths and Science
Level 4+ in English and Maths
Level 5 in English and Maths

Targets are also set for the number of pupils who will make:-
2 levels progress in English
2 levels progress in Maths
from KS1 to KS2.

The process is informed by teacher assessment, Fischer Family Trust Data,
value added expected progress and pupil’s prior attainment.

Target setting in all subjects

Individual targets are set and reviewed for all pupils in all subjects in
November each year for achievement in that subject at the end of the key


Marking both helps teachers to assess pupil performance and also inform
pupils of their progress and how to improve and move their learning forward.

Please refer to MARKING POLICY for further details.

Reporting to Parents

   Parents receive 2 reports per year – an Interim report and a Full report.

   For Year 6 pupils the Interim report is in January and the Full report after
   the KS2 SATs results in July.
   For Year 7 pupils the Interim report is in January and the Full report in
   For Year 8 pupils the Interim report is in November and the Full report in
   In addition to this Parents of Year 8 pupils also receive a ‘Leaver’s report’
   in July

Parents Evening

   The following parents Evenings are held:-

   Year 6           Form tutor Consultation Evening November
                    Subject Evening                      End of January

   Year 7           Subject Evening                            April

   Year 8           Subject Evening                            March

   Each year parents receive a ‘curriculum overview’ telling them what their
   child is going to be studying in each term throughout the year.

P A Stockford
Deputy Headteacher

Reviewed : July 2010

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