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									  Announcements for
 Thursday, October 04, 2012
Kelly Lane Middle School

                     Relentlessly Pursuing Excellence
    At KLMS,
Student Learning
is our Top Priority
                            This Week

Tuesday 9/18
   Pep Rally in the Gym at 7:30 am
   Running Club Mtg. for Parents & Students at 3:50 in 321
   Football vs. Benold at 5:30 pm (7th at HHS/8th at Benold MS)
   Band Performs at 7th Grade Football

Thursday 9/21
  Volleyball vs. Benold at 5:30 pm (7th at Home/8th at Benold MS)
   Are you a 7th or 8th grader
interested in being a part of the
     KLMS Running Club?

 There will be an information meeting
      for students and parents
    TOMORROW, September 18
          3:50 in Room 321.
Where everybody
knows your name!
Those who give it, tend to get it.

 Are you a respectful person?
Do others think you are respectful?
  Cell phones at school…

Students may bring cell phones to
  school but MAY NOT use them
      during the school day

     Please, put them away!!!

     It is important that you leave it turned off until
            you leave the building after school.
           Be a PROUD Knight
• Be Safe
(Think Before You Act)

• Be Respectful
(Be Nice)

• Be Responsible
(Do Your Best)
             Attention Knights!

Kelly lane Student Council is starting back up again
         and we want you to be a part of it.
              All grades are welcome!
 If you are interested, pick-up an application from
             Ms. Robinson in room 308.

         Hope to see you!
             - Thanks, Kelly Lane Stu. Co.
Have a great day, Knights!

Work hard today and be very proud that
you are:
Make sure you get a little
   bit smarter today &
a lot smarter this week!
  Be a proud

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