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									Kathy Shoenfelt                                                            Chagrin Falls Middle School
Band Director Grades 7-12                                                     440-247-5500 Ext. 4359

                                                 September 2012
Dear Band Parents and Students,

       Welcome to grade 7 Band Class! I am looking forward to a great year with this group of band
students. The first few days have been very busy. Thank you if you and your family were able to
attend the Navy Band concert—what a great night! This is the first year that all band students will
meet as a full ensemble everyday. At this point in the musical development of your child it is expected
that he or she will demonstrate daily a high level of self control and self motivation.

        The BASIC PHILOSPHY of the Middle School Band program relates well to the MS Mission
Statement. In band the students are expected be responsible musicians and to be prepared on a
daily basis. Each student must think independently and look ahead to solve musical problems
within the ensemble. This requires band students to be kind and respectful as others work through
the playing skills. Playing an instrument requires many skills that will be fostered throughout the year.
These skills range from the student being aware of how their individual tone/articulation/style must
blend with all members of the ensemble to being able to fully support their tone. Band is very much a
‘team sport” just as much as it is an individual effort. It has been said that an ensemble is only as
good as it’s weakest member. The goal is to develop each individual student into a musician who
loves to perform for themselves and for others. Music is such an important facet of our daily lives and
you are giving your child a fabulous opportunity.

      In class we will continue to perform basic expectations in the format of a music check off
           All requirements and due dates will be posted on the web page and students will earn
             letter grades this school year.
           Individual at home practice will need to be worked into each child’s schedule as your
             family time permits.
           When a student practices at home for 20 minutes and brings in a signed note they will
             receive credit in my book. This credit can be used to augment their grade in band.

       As in any SKILL oriented class we will be reviewing as we are learning new material. The
students are responsible for rhythms in the 101 Book, scales/exercise, and examples in our lesson
books, as well as our concert music. As your young musician matures it is important to begin to
have the goals/expectations laid out so they can meet and exceed them. Students are expected to
use the correct posture and playing position with the correct embouchure, air support and
hand position when they perform. This should result in a nice tone quality that is pleasing to hear.
Correct rhythms, pitches and articulations are also expected of a musician at the grade 7 level.
Students will also receive weekly points for having the correct supplies and being ready to play as
well as demonstrating appropriate ensemble behavior on a daily basis.
                This we I am excited to announce that Mr. Peter Haubert will be directing the Middle
school Jazz Band. This group will meet after school and will be open for students in gr 7 and 8 and an
audition will be required. More information will be posted midway through the first quarter.

       Our CONCERT DRESS will be new this year. All middle school performing ensembles will
wear the same uniform. Students need to wear black dress slacks, black socks, black shoes, and the
white music polo shirt. The shirt will be $ 25.00 and checks should be written to Chagrin Falls Music
Lovers and are due by Sept, 26. If you have any questions are concerns please let me know ASAP.
Information went out already in the handbook.

        Please note the two CONCERT DATES on your family calendars and note that your child is
expected to be present at both of these concerts as part of their grade and commitment to the
ensemble. Wednesday, December 19 at 7:30 in the PAC will be our first performance. This concert
will showcase the 7th grade band, 8th grade band, and the high school band. It will be a fantastic
opportunity for the students to hear each other and to see and hear the various levels of musical
development. Solo and Ensemble sponsored by OMEA will be held Saturday, April 13—students
taking private lessons are encouraged to perform. Students not taking private lessons may perform.
In the spring on Wednesday, May 15 at 7:00 pm in the PAC will be the final concert. At this time you
will hear the 7th grade band and the 8th grade band.

               This we I am excited to announce that Mr. Peter Haubert will be directing the Middle
school Jazz Band. This group will meet after school and will be open for students in gr 7 and 8 and an
audition will be required. More information will be posted midway through the first quarter.

       My goal for your child this year is to continue to develop their musical skills and their love of
music so they will be lifelong performers of music. They all have a wonderful gift and talent that I hope
we can fully develop together. I want them to feel like they are contributing to the world of music
while sharing the joy of music with others.

Should you have any questions are concerns please contact me via email at or by phone 440-247-5500 ext 4359.


       Kathy Shoenfelt

Music Lovers—the support group for our music program in the Chagrin Falls Schools—meets on the
second Monday of the month. (see the PTO calendar for exact meeting dates). Please plan to join us
for our meetings. The next meeting is Monday, Sept. 10.

Performances/Events at a Glance:

Wednesday, December 19 at 7:30 winter concert
Saturday, April 13 OMEA Solo and Ensemble contest 8-4 time range
Wednesday, May 15 at 7:00 pm spring concert

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