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					            Marvin Ridge Band Booster Membership Form
   Parent Names:                                     Student(s) Name:

   Home Phone:                                        Instrument:
   Mother’s Cell Phone:
   Father’s Cell Phone :                              Grade: 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th
                                                      Annual Dues: $35 for one child
   Address:                                                       $45 for multiple children

   Mother: UCPS Level IV: Y N
   Father: UCPS Level IV: Y N                         Cash      or       Check #

Does your company have corporate matching funds for donation? Yes_____                      No _____

_______ Yes, I give permission for my student to appear in photographs on the band website
during the 2010-2011 year.

_______ No, I do NOT give permission for my student to appear in photographs on the band
website during the 2010-2011 year.

   FALL/MARCHING BAND                                        CONCERT BAND/OTHER EVENTS

       Dinner for Band Camp                                    Spring Band Awards
       Home Game Concessions                                   Spring Trip Chaperone
       Outback Dinner Night                                    Cheesecake/Cookie Dough
       Chaperones (Competitions)                               Concert Stage Set Up
       Chaperones (Home/Away)                                  Fruit Sales
       Pit Crew (Most of the time)                             Festival Chaperone
       Pit Crew (Sometimes)                                    Help w/6th Grade Band
       Drivers (transport Equipment)                           Newsletter
       Middle School Night                                     Publicity
       MB Preview Committee                                    Winter Guard
       Meal Organizer                                          Hospitality
       Prop Committee                                          Patron Donations
       Video Recording (all Football games, etc.)              Volunteer Coordinator
       Senior Recognition                                      Chair a Committee
       Marching Band Banquet                                   Spirit Wear
       Union County Preview (everyone)                         Parent Liaison 6th Grade
       Band Camp Volunteer                                     Parent Liaison 7th Grade
       Sewing                                                  Parent Liaison 8th Grade
       Just call me (year around)                              Parent Liaison High School

Notes from potential volunteer: (ie - availability, other ideas, questions, professional skills, etc)
                                  Description of Volunteer Opportunities

The Outback Dinner is one of the main fundraisers for the band as a pre-game meal to the community.

Home Game Concessions assists the Athletic Booster Club by volunteering our folks to help run a concession

The Pit Crew involves parents who help to bring the `pit' equipment onto the football field for the half time show
for both Fridays and Saturdays!

Chaperones are needed to accompany students to games and to competitions - duties include supervising
students, helping to carry items, assisting with uniforms, water, etc. (Dress Warmly!) Chaperones need to be
level four volunteer.

The Props Committee helps build and paint the props and keeps them in working order during the football

Video Recording is just that. Video tape the band marching and at other times so that we have a great Video
collection for the banquet and is very helpful to all students to see how they are doing.

Drivers are always needed to help transport the equipment to and from events.

Meal organizers will help getting the meals together for Friday nights and some Saturday competitions. Just take
orders and serve.

Uniform assistance is needed during band camp and fall marching band season to help size and assign uniforms
for students, hand out uniforms for home games, assist with placing plumes into hats before home performances,
and providing any forgotten items before performances

Concert Band Volunteers from each band are needed to assist the director’s with any issues/activities for that
band, assist with various concert needs, general coordination, and supervision. You will work closely with Mr.
James and Mrs. Isenhour. Some concerts may include concessions or receptions. Assistance with the 6 th grade
band is needed in producing, copying, and assembling programs, and assisting Mrs. Isenhour at the Middle
School. A coordinator is always needed!

Fundraising/Other: Many volunteers are needed with the various fundraising events, especially Fruit and
Cheesecake/Cookie Dough. On this day, many parents are needed to assist and supervise of those students
helping. We also need volunteers to tally orders, unload trucks, sort merchandise, and fill and check orders. We
still need a few Fund raiser Coordinators to plan and manage individual fundraisers - bring your ideas!

Marching Band Banquet/Concert Band Banquet occurs at the completion of marching band season and
concert season, respectively. Mr. James and Mrs. Isenhour will need an organized person to assist with the
coordination/ordering/tracking of band awards for those evenings.

Newsletter and Publicity helps promote the band through the media and at school.

Patron Donations coordinator is needed to collect donations, write follow up thank you notes and prepare a list
of patrons for concert programs.

Hospitality volunteers are needed to bake and bring cookies to the winter or spring concerts along with any other
event. Help collect and organize snacks for students before practice and when traveling to and from events.

             (MWILLIAMS4232@CAROLINA.RR.COM OR 704-841-8174).

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