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                                                                                  September 2010 issue-1

             Message from Dr. Charles Marqua, Principal of Woodrow Wilson Middle School
Woodrow Wilson Middle School is off to a great start! Students have their schedules, have met their
teachers and are back to school. Each morning, the students arrive and begin their day in Pride Advisories.
After attendance, the Pledge, and a moment of silence, this period is dedicated to building relationships
between advisors and students. Each day your child checks in with their special advisor. This adult will
function as an advocate and coach for your student in the larger school community. Your child’s advisor
will also be a communications contact. He or she will inform parents of celebrations and also help students
and parents with issues and challenges - thus keeping all of us working together on the same page. Pride
Advisory will encourage positive respectful student to student, and adult to student behaviors that will
promote a positive climate and academic excellence for Woodrow Wilson Middle School.
The renovations to the cafeteria went well and children are now able to go to recess after eating their lunch!
This has been a big hit with the middleschoolers and promotes better attention and focus for academics. As a
learning community we are dedicated to high expectations for all and will help your children build a positive
vision for their future!

The record turn-out for Open House shows us just how much you care! I want to apologize for any
inconvenience or crowding at the assembly. Next year, we’ll find a larger space or hold separate Open
House nights for the grade levels. I am including the Open House Message here for anyone that missed it:

                                                                 Open House Message
                                            Middleschoolers and Families - Welcome to Woodrow Wilson
                                            Middle School. On behalf of the entire learning community of
                                            dedicated Faculty and Staff, we welcome you all to the 2010-11
                                            school year! My name is Dr. Charles Marqua, the proud, new
                                            principal of WWMS.
               Excellence                   First, let me congratulate all the middleschoolers on their
   DaltonShermanSpeaks@dallasisd.org        impressive performance on the CMT’s. Your wonderful teachers
                                            from both the Keigwin and Woodrow Wilson Faculty and Staff
                                            are very proud of you! All groups are improving and gaps
                                            between groups are diminishing. Keep up the good work!
                                            This year we will go from good to great! We are focusing on
                                            Positive School Climate to help us get there. (Note: Try the
                                            active link that your children viewed.)
                                            We believe in your child!
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                                          At this point I want to extend a special thanks to all the
                                          individuals that worked with such determination to prepare the
                                          school for your students. Many of these people gave hours and
                                          days of their own time to ready the school. I would have been at
                                          a substantial disadvantage without them. I want to extend my
                                          sincere thanks to the facilities team, our tireless custodians, our
                                          Woodrow Wilson Beautification Committee, the Climate
                                          Committee, our PTO, our amazing secretaries, and the many
                                          individuals who assisted. Thank you all! Parents, I hope you
                                          will have an opportunity to check out the Cafeteria, the Library,
                                          the Courtyard, and the new exterior landscaping.
                                          Now I would like to introduce you to Diane Niles, the new
                                          Assistant Principal.
                                          “I am very happy and proud to be here. I feel like I have returned
                                          home. I taught here in this very building as a chemistry teacher
                                          years ago and due to a family illness I relocated to Region 4. I
                                          am back now and feel at home!
                                          This year we are working on Positive School Climate. As you
                                          have been told by Dr. Marqua we are starting Pride Advisory. In
                                          addition, we are taking the next steps in positive behavior
                                          supports. We will follow the Pride Matrix. It can be found in the
                                          Parent/Student Handbook on the third page. Please review this
                                          with your child and sign where indicated and return the tear off.
                                          The first thirty-three pages are the critical part of the handbook;
                                          the rest consists of the Board of Education Policies for your
                                          review and reference. We want to remind and redirect while
                                          issues are small and change behavior before a serious infraction
                                          occurs. Of special emphasis this year is mutual respect between
                                          students and mutual respect between staff and students.
                                          Procedurally, we want students at the right place at the right time.
                                          All students must use passes! We are bringing the Keigwin
                                          traditions of waiting to enter a classroom and silent fire drills to
                                          WW. Please be aware of the information fair in the cafeteria and
                                          the refreshments. Have a pleasant evening meeting the teachers.”

 News and Upcoming Events
 Watermelon on The First Day of School
 The seventh graders had a safety walk; a team photo shoot; and watermelon on the first day of school. I
 want to extend a big thank you to the PTO for their great job cutting and serving all that melon! Originally,
 we had hoped to shoot the eighth grade team photos the same day but the dangerous heat caused us to
 reschedule and have “cool down breaks” instead. The eighth graders did enjoy their watermelon in the
 cafeteria that afternoon. The PTO has posted photos on the school website.

 Remember : Half day Sept. 16th
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‘Make a Splash’ with Summer Reading
Remember to have your child log their summer reading. Logs will be collected from Sept. 7th-September 10th. Every student
who read at least one book and turns in their list will receive blue award bracelets. Also, students will be talking about a summer
book they read during their language arts classes this same week. We anticipate that all students will participate in the book
talks. The secondary school with the highest percentage of students turning in a book list will be displaying a banner in front of
the school for the year- go W.W.M.S. students! Additionally, there will be an award for the most minutes in each team; and one
overall winner for the school. Dr. Frechette, the Superintendent, will have an award breakfast on October 1st for the top winners
from schools across the district.

Rachel’s Challenge—October 5th—Save the evening—This special program for middleschoolers and later
parents is to honor the first victim of Columbine. Rachel's Challenge is dedicated to empowering students
to take action against bullying and encouraging kindness and compassion. On Thursday, September 30 the
WWMS community will take part in our 2nd Chain Reaction of Kindness Day. There will be a special
schedule for the day which will include a parent session in the evening.

National Junior Honor Society
The National Junior Honor Society Induction Ceremony will be on Thursday September 23rd from 7 p.m. to
9 p.m.

Locks for Sale
Locks are for sale in the main office between classes and cost $1.00

PTO – meeting Sept 13th @ 6:30 PM
The topic: What is an Advisory Program? How is an Advisory Program being incorporated into WWMS?
Principal, Dr. Charles Marqua and Assistant Principal, Diane Niles will be presenting on the topic.
We have business items to discuss as well and they are:
The business portion of the meeting will cover:
       Budget
       Fall Fundraiser
       Ongoing Fundraisers: Cartridge World, Stop and Shop A+ School Rewards and Price Chopper Tools for
       Schools Programs, Clothing Drive
       Student Assistant Counselor – Felicia Goodwine (more to come once she reaches out to us)

PTO – Bring in your Innisbrook Fundraiser

Cartridge Recycling Program at Woodrow

Team 7M
The teachers on 7M want parents to know that we have been impressed during the first week of the school year by
the students preparation and readiness to learn. The classrooms were at times uncomfortable. However, very few
students complained or used that as an excuse to not try. Congratulations.
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   We will schedule our first outing in late October . It will be a trip to Camp Ingersoll in Portland. It will help
students to meet all members on the team, and work together in small groups to solve problems. The staff at
Ingersoll are trained to work to achieve these goals. If any parent would like to act as a chaperone, please have your
child let us know when the permission slip comes home.

  Please contact us by e-mail or phone if the need arises , or just to say hello. Thank you.

Team 7M
Harold Panciera Social Studies
Mary Grace Cianci Math
Dr. Elisa James   Language Arts
Kate O 'Keefe     Language Arts
Tiffany Haley     Science
Peter Van Vliet   Resource / Support

Team 7A Newletter
Team 7A is ready for an exciting year! We are hoping your student will not only learn but have fun in
school! In order for your student to have the best year possible, a strong school / parent relationship is
crucial. Please don’t hesitate to contact with any concerns:

fentressk@mps1.org : Kim Fentress, Team Leader and Social Studies Teacher
brandis@mps1.org: Language Arts
salamonec@mps1.org: Language Arts
matzek-cookk@mps1.org: Science
ellisk@mps1.org: Math
wall@mps1.org: ParaProfessional
mckeeverk@mps1.org: Learning Specialist

Please take some time to check your student’s binder occasionally. Each student has been given a
homework agenda to record both short and long term assignments. Additionally, your student’s binder
should be organized with a section for teach subject. Two pocket folders are recommended for easier
organization. We look forward to providing the optimal learning experience for your student.

Team 7A Teachers

ENCORE EXPLORATORY ROTATION                                                                    2010-2011

Each ENCORE Exploratory course is 45 days long (one quarter of the year). Ending dates will be same as
the TERM ending dates for core classes.


Block A and K students will take 4 of the following classes during the course of the year:

BLOCK A                                                  BLOCK K:
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Art-Ms .Buckley-Room 303                            Art-Ms. Buckley-Room 303
Facs-Mrs. Harris-Room 502                           Facs-Mrs. Harris-Room 502
Health-Mr. Oszurek-Room 406                         Health-Mr. Oszurek-Room 406
Educational Technology-Mrs.Johnson-Room 701         Art-Ms. Dunn-Room 302
Construction-Mr. Chandler-Room 304                  Construction-Mr. Chandler-Room 304

Block B and FG students will rotate through all four of the following courses:

BLOCK B:                                            BLOCK FG:

Art-Ms. Buckley-Room 303                            Art-Ms. Buckley-Room 303
Facs-Mrs. Harris-Room 502                           Facs-Mrs. Harris-Room 502
Health-Mr. Oszurek-Room 406                         Health-Mr. Oszurek-Room 406
Construction-Mr. Chandler-Room 304                  Educational Technology-Mrs. Johnson-Room 701


BLOCK C students will rotate through all four of the following courses:

Art-Ms. Buckley-Room 303
Facs-Mrs. Harris-Room 502
Health-Mrs. Byrd-Room 507
Educational Technology-Mrs. Johnson-Room 701

BLOCKS DE, HI,and L students will take four of the following classes during the course of the year:

BLOCK DE:                                           BLOCKS HI AND L:

Art-Ms. Buckley-Room 303                            Art-Ms. Dunn-Room 303
Facs-Mrs. Harris-Room 502                           Facs-Mrs.Lockard-Room 502
Health-Mrs. Byrd-Room 507                           Health-Mrs. Byrd-Room 507
Educational Technology-Mrs.Johnson-Room 701         Educational Technology-Mrs.Johnson-Room 701
Construction-Mr. Chandler-Room 304                  Construction-Mr. Chandler-Room 304

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